Russian cities climate Anapa

Russian cities climate Anapa

The climate of Anapa

Anapa - a place where you can treat climate.

Did you know that the climate can be treated?
Climate resorts - these islands ecologically pure nature - not for nothing attracts inhabitants of megacities, weakened endless bustle, stress and poor environment. Climatotherapy as part of balneology - the science of treatment at the resorts, has formed a long time and is based on scientific knowledge, noted by in ancient times.
Climate and weather are able to heal the human body, which was noticed in ancient times. Atmospheric pressure, precipitation, humidity, intensity of sunlight, atmospheric composition, the content of oxygen in it, ions (electrically charged particles) - all in one way or another affects the person.
Doctors treat health resort and climate on HIV prevention using a variety of weather factors. To this end, they develop a special dosage climatic procedures, which are then released into leisure spas.
The impact of climate change on human health is very large - it activates the metabolism, soothes and tones the nervous system, improves respiration, digestion, circulation, increases resistance to infections and unfavorable factors.
What primarily characterizes the climate in Anapa? Clean and fresh air of the beautiful! The sea gives it a high content of gidroaeroionov, ozone, and sea salt. Also characteristic of the climate of Anapa intense radiation of the sun, intensified by reflection from the sea surface, the absence of extreme temperatures and, of course, the warm sea, where you can swim six months of the year. In short, the coastal climate of Anapa perfectly toned and hardened body!
Let's see, what does is interesting science - climatotherapy? Here are its main direction.
Aerotherapy-healthy open air. Stay in the healing maritime environment, including fresh air, field trips, games and tone treated children and adults. Special kind of aerotherapy are air baths. The gradual cooling of the body increases the resistance to low temperatures, thus hardening occurs. And plenty of oxygen in the sea breeze positive effect on the recovery of the organism and shown to all patients in the recovery period. Particularly effective sea air for lung disease, cardiovascular and nervous systems.
Heliotherapy treatment is solar heat and light. Ultraviolet light our lights are extremely useful for the organism, but it requires a special dosing and monitoring. Probably many anapchane and resort guests have experienced the negative effects of excessive sun exposure - sunburn and a headache. Thus, the sun as it warns the unwary fans sunburn - it is not safe to play with!
Under the influence of literate man sunbathing operability and increase immunity. So, "YES - the right tan!" And "NO - colds!"
Thalassotherapy - treatment of sea bathing. It turns out that just splashing in the emerald waves of the Black Sea, the climate is a valuable procedure, which has on the body of multilateral action. Water affects the immersed human body temperature, dissolved salts and mechanically - as a result of pressure. Swimming is also a kind of physical therapy, giving the necessary load all the muscles of the body.
Thalassotherapy trains the body, improves breathing, ventilating the lungs, increases vitality and promotes hardening of the body. Swimming in marine waters is especially useful in diseases of the central system, fatigue, chronic lung disease and heart.
Thus, the city of Anapa is also a natural sanatorium in the open air, where nature is concerned about the health of citizens.

Anapa climate - mild winters and hot summers.

Climate - is something that literally makes the resort spa. It means a lot for the organization of sanatorium treatment of patients and frail people who come to Anapa to correct depleted resources of the body. In Anapa nature helps to restore health - the salty sea breeze, the hot air coming steppes, aromas of juniper forests, hot sun, warm sand and clear sea water ...
Anapa region lies in the temperate zone, near the 45th parallel, just halfway between the north pole and the equator. Swept by the warm frost free all year round the Black Sea. To the north-east of the town lie vast prairie plains. Anapa is not closed completely, in contrast to Sochi and Gelendzhik, mountain ranges, there are sometimes cold winters with heavy snowfalls and strong winds. However, these winds are a godsend for fans of surfing, which in the autumn and winter come to Anapa to catch the wind in your sail and pokuvyrkatsya on the board in the stormy waves of the sea.
A large number of these areas of sunlight and heat due to the unique geography of the city. According to experts Anapa - the sunniest resort in Russia, where the sun shines at least 286 days a year. Another Anapa on the Black Sea coast Caucasus - is the "nedozhdlivaya" territory. In contrast to the more humid and harsh climate of Sochi and Gelendzhik, here, breathing the fresh sea air, instantly feels like home. In mild climates Anapa can easily adapt to every Russian, from whatever quarter it may come.
Anapa climate is very similar to the Mediterranean: warm-temperate, with mild winters and hot, sometimes dry summers. It is an interesting combination of three microclimates: the steppe, mountain and sea. Here almost every day, meet with each other dry air of the Kuban steppe and sea breezes.
In contrast to the more southern areas (Gelendzhik and Sochi) Anapa district well "ventilated" throughout the year. Here the air is clean and dry. And in the summertime excessive dryness softens steamy lagoons and marsh. Bring relief and a night breeze from the sea, and ionized iodine.
Not far from Anapa in the hole and did great Utrish can find a piece of the Mediterranean subtropics - relic woods juniper and pistachio, in the Red Book. Juniper into the air volatile - special substances that kill microbes. By the way, juniper allocates 20 times more of these useful volatile than the well-known garlic. Needless to say how good it is for health anapchan?
During the year, the city basically blowing westerly winds. About the famous local sea breeze should be discussed separately. No wonder the founder of the resort of Anapa doctor Budzinskaya its first resort built on the rocky shore of Anapa, open-sea wind. Savvy doctor already knew that the sea air, saturated with air ions of iodine, bromine and other marine trace elements better than any medical engineering heals diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, including asthma and insidious.
The people of Anapa Quay is not for nothing called "sanatorium" - a thoughtful walk in the fresh air is able to naturally improve your health and return to their senses after a long stay in a stuffy office. Here, along the Quay, lies one of the routes of 22 km of trails health. Terrenkur - it's healthy walks in the fresh air, walking the dosage, which is widely used at the resort before the Revolution. At the present time Anapa health resort, resurrected the perfect way to stay healthy in shape, and there have been numerous in Anapa path, with information stands and notation kilometers.
They do in Anapa weather in the summer - hot and dry, and winter - dry and cold, arctic anticyclones and Atlantic cyclones. Warm air from the west and southwest of the city brings the overcast clouds and rain. It is noteworthy that in Anapa precipitation is much smaller than in Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Sochi. This is explained by the fact that the height of the Caucasus Mountains from Anapa and further along the Black Sea coast increases, and the mountain ranges off delay humid air streams.
As a result, it is the nuances of the beautiful climate Anapa allowed to become in the past, union-wide children's health resort, and now become a popular family resort, where they feel comfortable as citizens and numerous guests ...
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