Vaz 1111 Oka - a small car

Vaz 1111 Oka - a small car

Vaz 1111 Oka history of the car

VAZ 1111 Oka began to develop in the late 1970s at the Serpukhov Car Factory SeAZ to replace outdated motokolyaski CPAs. Then transferred to the development of "AvtoVAZ", where the project from motokolyaski turned into a complete car.

The prototype of the Oka is Japanese microcars Daihatsu Cuore model 1980 car, and powertrain and chassis, and a number of technical solutions has been developed from scratch.

Originally Oka as Daihatsu Cuore, would be equipped with three-cylinder engine, new design, but because of its unavailability and the complexity of manufacture, at the beginning of the production car was used dveh-cylinder engine, as it was much easier to make. This is half of a 1.3-liter engine VAZ-2108 is equipped with two balancing shafts and counterweights on the flywheel and the pulley. The basic units are unified by the engine VAZ 2108.

The first new car models were created in October 1982. Were then made three experimental series car. In early 1987, was released on an experimental industrial batch of VAZ-1111. Series production began in Oka in 1988.

Oka was the full range of tests. One of the last took place in the mountains on the Georgian Military Highway.

Design features of VAZ 1111

Body VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113 bearing design, 3-door hatchback.

Engine VAZ-1111 (11113) half engine VAZ 2108 (21 083). Pistons move synchronously in it, but working cycle occurs in only one of them. Feature of the engine VAZ-1111 (11113) is a pair of counterbalancing shafts located in the crankcase, and is a comic designed to compensate for the moment of inertia of the synchronous movement of both pistons up and down simultaneously. Counterbalance shafts are rotated through the helical gear on crankshaft, flywheel starter and make a turn at every turn a crankshaft. Such a mechanism was applied to the V-shaped engines MeMZ, which were installed on the car Zaporozhets.

The cooling system of VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113 is similar to the system of VAZ-2108 and incorporates a thermostat that blocks the movement of fluid through the radiator core before it reaches operating temperature. Coolant pump is used also by the engine VAZ-2108, which ensures good cooling of the engine even at high ambient temperatures. At low temperatures, it is possible underheating engine up to operating temperature due to the strong selection of heat from the heater compartment.

In power system VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113 is used carburetor an original design. In hot weather, can form vapor lock in the fuel line from the high temperatures in the engine compartment and the absence of reverse circulation fuel line. Nevertheless, the carburettor VAZ-1111 (11113) has not originally used on the cover of a rush fitting for installation in return line to allow lay the tank on their own, than completely solve the problem of fuel supply.

Chassis VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113. Front suspension - such as "McPherson" with stabilizer bar. Rear suspension - a flexible transverse beam.

Brakes VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113 hydraulic, with front disc and rear drum brakes. The pressure regulator in the rear brake is under the hood, in contrast to most domestic cars, in which it is located at the rear axle. The gap in the rear brake mechanism is manually adjusted.

Wheels VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113 12-inch and mount their drive to the wheel hubs all done with 3 nuts.

The interior of VAZ-1111 / VAZ-11113. The front panel is simplified, the combination of instruments used by the VAZ-2101. Glove box is missing. Inside, a lot of metal, not covered up by what or decorative overlays. Some machines staffed improved instrument panel and additional elements of interior decoration.

The design has a very high degree of commonality with other cars VAZ. More than a third of details borrowed from the VAZ-2101 VAZ-2103 VAZ-2108 VAZ-2121 and others.

The history of Vaz 1111

Initially the car was produced at the Volga Automobile Plant, so designated VAZ-1111, then VAZ-11113. Later production Oka was also transferred to Serpukhov to SeAZ and Naberezhnye Chelny on ZMA - is KamAZ automobile division. AvtoVAZ production Oka was halted in 1995 due to low Around the same time was developed 0.75-liter twin-cylinder 33-hp engine instead of 0.65 liter 29.7-strong. The new 33-hp engine VAZ-11113 also was a half of a more powerful 1.5-liter engine VAZ-21083.

In late 1998, after the default and devaluation of the ruble, the Eye was one of the cheapest means of transportation, which sharply boosted his popularity in the domestic and export markets. Prior to 2005, ZMA and SeAZ constantly increase production only domestic model of segment A, but in the future demand for morally outdated Oka began to fall due to the revaluation of the ruble and the influx of more modern cars. In addition, AvtoVAZ production of the engine turned off for Oki, considering it unprofitable further adaptation to Euro-2 standards imposed in the country since 2006, which required the replacement of cheap carb for expensive injection system and the use of a catalyst in the exhaust system.

In 2006, production at Oka was ZMA. On the only manufacturer Oki SeAZ in 2006 launched production of its modification SeAZ-11 116 with imported Chinese 3-cylinder 1.0-liter fuel-injected engine (motor license from Daihatsu Charade G10), and in 2007 attempted to release (produced only experimental batches), pickups and vans subfamily SeAZ-11 116-50, and developed enhanced version of the pickup SeAZ-11 116-60 poluramnoy design capacity of 400 kg. Shortly thereafter, SeAZ proizvodststvo stopped cars with a domestic engine, completely going to the Chinese plant.

During the years of release Oka regularly upgraded: changed the instrument panel, heating and ventilation body, as well as some body parts, especially the plastic body kit, including front grille and bumpers. Began to use wheels larger dimensions (13 "instead of 12"). Mounted SeAZ-11 116 Chinese 3-cylinder engine produces half as much power (53 hp to 35 hp) at a much lower noise and vibration, together with 5-speed gearbox has improved the dynamic acceleration, increased top speed and ensure compliance with environmental standards Euro-2, and from January 2008 - Euro-3.

In November 2008, issue of the Oka SeAZ stopped due to its unprofitability.

Modifications Vaz 1111

VAZ-1111 - the base model with a 2-cylinder petrol engine VAZ-1111 volume of 0.65 liters. From 1988-1996 he was released. the WHA and SeAZ ("Eye"), Kamaz ("Kama");

SeAZ-1111-01-free for the disabled in both legs;

SeAZ-1111-02-one for disabled people without legs;

SeAZ-1111-03-for people with disabilities without one leg and one arm;

VAZ-11113 LADA OKA - modification with 2-cylinder carburetor engine VAZ-11113 of 0.75 liters.

SeAZ-11113-01-free for the disabled in both legs. In 2000 on the basis of this modification was shown a prototype of "Oka Prestige" with a soft canvas roof on the left and swivel driver's seat;

SeAZ-11113-02-one for disabled people without legs;

SeAZ-11113-03-for people with disabilities without one leg and one arm;

SeAZ-11 116 - modification of the Chinese three-cylinder fuel-injected engine TJ FAW volume of 1.0 liter, produced in 2007-2008. SeAZ;

SeAZ-11 116-01-free for the disabled in both legs;

SeAZ-11 116-02-one for disabled people without legs;

SeAZ "Oka Junior" - small-scale version of the sport for novice racers Oka. Equipped with protective arches, a sports steering wheel and seats with four-point safety belts;

SeAZ "Sport" - psevdogonochnaya version of the Oka with the arcs of safety seats Sparco four-point seat belt, fastening the hood of the "sport" and disable the "masses" of the cabin;

"Oka-Astro-1130" - small-scale version of the Oka issued in 2002-2006. Chelny small firm "Astro-kar" (later "Kamsky car assembly plant") and is equipped with a carbureted engine Ukrainian MeMZ volume of 1.1 liters of Euro-0. Different long-wheelbase (version 11 301) and an extended track the front wheels. Spare tire was relocated to the trunk.

"Astro-113 011" - tuning version of the Oka issued in 2006-2007. Naberezhnye Chelny on individual orders by a small "Kamsky car assembly plant" on the basis of Serpukhov body and is equipped with Ukrainian fuel-injected engine MeMZ volume of 1.1 liters of Euro-2. Differed only extended track front wheels;

VAZ-17013 "Toima" - small-scale business model based on the Kama River Oka. Equipped with a body such as a van with an increased rear overhang and a plastic superstructure increases the useful volume of the cargo bay to 1.5m ³. Capacity - up to 250 kg (without passengers). "Toima" produced by small Chelny "Astro-kar" (later "Kamsky car assembly plant") in small batches in 2000-2007. In addition to the basic model commercials "Toima" existed following specialized version of the "militia", "ambulance" and "social", with glazed superstructure and layout of various shops, however, beyond the pilot-production models they came out;

VAZ-1301 "dwarf" - a prototype pickup based on the Kama River Oka. The chassis poluramnaya. Capacity - up to 350 kg (without passengers). Standard was made.

SeAZ-11116-010-50 "Oka box" and SeAZ-11116-011-50 Oka Pickup - commercial modifications of "Oka" based SeAZ-11 116 with a body such as the van (with a plastic body) and pickup (no body).

SeAZ-11116-010-52 "Oka Wagon" - a commercial modification of the Oka with the body type furgonet (hatchback with glass-free body sides and the rear luggage compartment instead of the passenger compartment). In 2007 it was made a few prototypes.

SeAZ-11 116-60 "Oka Pick a high-capacity" - a commercial modification of the Oka with the body type pickup with a single side platform, or in 2007 was made a few prototypes.

TTM-1901 "Golden Eagle" - a heavy snowmobile classic ski-track scheme for transportation and hauling cross-country skiers and snow. Nizhny Novgorod is made to order by "Transportation", using elements of body and lighting Oka. Seating capacity of 2 persons, gr. 200 kg, LM 900 kg, sp. pressure on the surface of 0.06 kg / cm ²; engine VAZ-21213 (80 hp) Gearbox 5-speed. manual, the maximum speed of 80 km / h.