Treatment of pneumonia

Treatment of pneumonia

Pneumonia (Dr. Henry)


Pneumonia caused by various viruses and bacteria, but the chemicals or the wounds of the lungs. Often pneumonia is the result of an incurable inflammation of the bronchi. The first signs of fever, high fever and rapid, frequent shortness of breath. Later, there are pains in the chest, head and joints, and dry cough with expectoration of reddish-brown. At the first sign to consult a doctor.


All measures to strengthen the immune system: wash in cold water, cold showers, sauna. The correct way of life and health education support antimatter.

Samolechebnye activities that support the therapy:

• immediately go to bed, no smoking.

• warm bath with the addition of eucalyptus oil, sage, oregano, pine needles.

• Tea: tea gives excellent results from horseradish (20-30 g root in 1 liter of cold water, leave for 12 hours), the root of drug hibiscus, plantain, oregano, lungwort medication, mother and stepmother.

• Essential oils: inhalation (pine needles) several times a day and massage the breast (eucalyptus).

• to reduce the temperature: compress on the chest - mustard or horseradish, wash the entire body fruity vinegar.


· To cleanse the lungs of phlegm should eat honey with hazelnut kernels, which is particularly well-helps with prolonged cough. Very useful simmered in a sweet wine pine nuts: 0.5 liters of wine 50 g of nuts and cook for 20 minutes.

· If you suspect that pneumonia can be applied a compress of cottage cheese. It should be used only under the condition that the patient does not receive antibiotics. Poultice of curds must be done very carefully, it will give effect only in full compliance with all rules: cottage cheese can be of any quality, even frozen (which, of course, be thawed). Cottage cheese slightly warm (not on fire), the easiest way to put it on the battery. You can heat the cheese in a warm oven off. You can mix it with honey: 100 g cottage cheese 1 tbsp. l. of honey. The sequence of layers is the same as that of. honey cake. To the body curd. He smeared a thin layer on a kitchen towel, then - waxed paper, towel and a woolen shawl, which is tightly fastened on top of everything.

· To get rid of cough after pneumonia, boil 1 cup of fresh unpasteurized milk with two white fruits dried figs. Hot drink 2 times a day for 1 glass after a meal.

· BV Bolotov offers the following method to cure lung disease: an hour before the procedure, eat boiled animal lung (50-100 g).

Then take the oxygen bath with underwater massage. After the bath, drink a brew made as follows: 3 l of water, 1 cup of elecampane (or violet tricolor), eucalyptus, pine needles, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp. sour cream. All walks in an oxygen environment at least two weeks. Drink about 1 glass before a meal or after the procedure.

· If lung disease is useful black radish cake.

· In diseases of the lung: Mix 100 g of butter unsalted butter, 400 g of visceral lard, honey and sugar, 100 grams of cocoa, 8 egg yolks and 3 cups of cream. Egg yolks, cream and cocoa to knock together the butter and lard. All mixed together and boiled until until a dough as for pancakes. Allow to cool and drink 3 times a day for 1 st. l.

Disease of the age not scary! Now everyone is afraid of SARS. I have several recipes that my grandmother (she was a hereditary healer) treated all the people who applied for it. Of course, on SARS did not know then, but the old woman claimed that her advice to her feet put anyone sick with pneumonia. Here is her recipe: Mix two tablespoons of barley or oats, two spoons of raisins and pour 1 liter of water. Simmer, covered, or simmer in the oven until until half the liquid has evaporated. After that run through the brew a fine sieve, add a tablespoon of honey, better data collection in May, and take four or five times a day on a tablespoon. Usually improvement occurs within two weeks.

Treatment of SARS

(A method for the treatment of V. Erofeev rotavirus, which causes SARS)

For prevention:

• Increase of specific immunity.

• cherry jam or cherry - within 7 days.

• Oranges - 1 kilogram. Every night (from 17 to 21 hours), the ideal time - 20 hours. Oranges should be clean, "carelessly", leaving a thick layer on the possibility of pectin, which is contained in a white envelope.

• Horseradish (grated) - 2 tbsp. horseradish spoon with a slice of rye bread for lunch.

• Tablets "Remantadin" - 1 1 tablet every day for a month.

For treatment of:

Same as for prevention, plus:

• If a person has a normal body temperature should increase it. It is necessary to bring the temperature to 40 ° C. The person in this state shall be 3 hours. To achieve this it is necessary to drink a decoction of oak bark (1 teaspoon to 1 quart of water and cook for 20 minutes), 1-2 cups, and then take a hot bath (1 hour).

• In order to bring the temperature down, it is necessary to drink the lemon drink at least 2 liters a day.

• Capsules "Cefalexin" - one capsule four times a day - 10 days. After treatment this antibiotic should be taken a different antibiotic, is also within 10 days.

• Tablets "Clarithromycin" - 1 tablet once a day - 10 days (best of all - a waning moon). • The elimination of the virus should drink lemon and cranberry drink - 5 days. Every day you need to drink at least two liters.

I recall that this dangerous virus persists in a variety of waste four days, and on different surfaces - two days. So follow the rules of personal hygiene, take care! Eat your cooking or cooked man in whom you believe.

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Chest pain (lasting). According to Vanga, they cause inflammation of lung membranes. To remove the pain, it is necessary to make a poultice of bread dough, kneaded at home yeast. Add to it a hundred grams of vinegar and an equal amount of vegetable oil and wine. This dough is put to the breast, on the sore spot.


Inflammation of the lungs (severe). 10 grams of poppy seeds in a mortar and pound well, pour ½ cup of boiled water (warm). Take ½ cup 3-4 times a day.


pepper will help you easily Dear edition of "School Health"! Please enter in your list of medicinal recipes Din simple but unique method of treating inflammation of the lungs.

My grandfather, when I went looking for mushrooms, came under a cold shower and pneumonia. Of course, my grandfather would have to be treated with injections pills yes, but he can not tolerate antibiotics. So, a friend of his grandfather - a former military doctor - has offered to make a "fiery" mixture, which during World War II helped him cope with this disease. Running off in a meat grinder 0.5 kg chilli red pepper with seeds, poured 0.5 liters of water, brought the mixture to a boil, then held it over low heat until liquid has evaporated by half. Then strain and mixed "fire" the water with 2 cups of honey. This potion I gave my grandfather a teaspoon three times daily before meals. The result is stunning - my grandfather had recovered after two weeks. Many friends did not believe that with such a serious illness an elderly person can get on their feet from the ordinary hot pepper and honey. But this is so.

Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia)

Put on the chest and back for 10-15 minutes, the patient medical jars.

Spread on a cloth soft cheese (with a small amount of serum), thick as a finger and then act like a normal hot compress.

Prepare garlic oil: finely grind the garlic with the salt and mix it with fresh butter (100 g butter -5 large cloves of garlic, salt to taste). Garlic oil can be spread on bread or added to mashed potatoes. It is used as an effective antibacterial and emollient.

Take olive oil 1 tbsp. spoon a day.

Honey, dissolved in water (1 teaspoon per cup of water), the people often used as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant for bronchitis, pneumonia.


... I cured my daughter when she was 3 years old, and she suffered from bilateral pneumonia. After treatment, the doctors thought I was a child drove to the professor. Cured for 12 days. Recipe: 1 large bar of chocolate (dark chocolate, can be porous), 200 g of melted butter, 3 tbsp. spoons of Cahors, 5 sprigs of aloe (prickles cut off and the plant is very finely cut), 150 g of honey lime. Everything is cooked on a steam bath.