Car Moskvich 403

Moskvich-403 car was a transitional model of Moskvich-407 Moskvich-408 to and produced from 1963 to 1965 in parallel with them. The car came with a body and engine from Moskvich-407, and the front suspension, steering, brakes from the perspective of Moskvich-408. The brake pedal and clutch were suspended, and the clutch was hydraulic. Moskvich-403 car washer and the wheel was a new form that later was placed on models 408, 412 and their modifications, as well as at the Izhevsk machine. The only external difference between the models of Moskvich-403 Moskvich-407, and consisted of tail lights in chrome housing.
Prior to June 1965 105 723 MZMA released various versions of sedans. Also produced modification of the "M-403YU" for the southern climate, and "M-403E" export.

Moskvitch 403

length - 4040mm, width - 1540mm, height - 1540mm, base - 2380mm;
Curb weight - 980kg;
R4 volume 1358 cc and a power 45l.s. at 4500 rev / min;
Maximum speed - 115 km / h;
valve gear - OHV;
number of gears - 4;
Tire size - 5.60 - 15 ";