Russian cities: Veliky Ustyug today

Great Ustyug today - a unique city-museum under the open sky: the quiet pedestrian street in the historic, 28 white-stone churches, many old merchants' mansions. 148 monuments of XVII-XX centuries. taken by, the state protection. The beauty of the Great Ustyug that, in its historic appearance, he retained, at least before last, the 19th century. From the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral, the main temple of the Great Ustyug, the eye catches the most of the city, where history is punctuated with modernity. Despite the fact that the former merchants' houses now occupied by various institutions, their appearance leads us to the past: that neither the house, the history. Churches are another story: the most famous of them - the Cathedral of Procopius the Righteous, Simeon, myrrh Church of the Ascension, which represents just five iconography, different in technique and execution time, groups of former Michael the Archangel, Trinity Gleden and Savior-Transfiguration Monastery in unique carved iconostasis may be considered the pearl of Russian architecture.
Interesting collection of icons and embroidery, folk and decorative arts (the northern populace, carved and painted birch, enamel on filigree of frost on the tin), rare books and documents are in Veliky Historical and Architectural Museum.

Great Ustyug Procopius PravednyyU city, striking abundance of churches, there is a patron saint - St. Procopius the Righteous, the first Christ's Fool in Russia, lived in the XIII century, the once noble son of the German states and ... founder of the last ruling dynasty of the Romanov Russia. Procopius was a merchant, but converted to Orthodoxy, distributed all his wealth and began to behave like an idiot. Ustyuzhane surprised a strange old man - barefoot, poorly dressed, with a cryptic three staves in their hands, but began to notice that Procopius is the gift of clairvoyance, and clairvoyance. It is not just their prayers saved the city from destruction, which is the true story of the fiery cloud of a stone that God sent punishment on Ustyug, but Procopius their prayers took this trouble, and had the cloud at 25 km from the city. In 1668 ustyuzhane built a temple over the relics of the saint with a porch, bell tower and a magnificent five-tier iconostasis. Currently, the existing church. And in 2008 it at a festive Christmas liturgy attended at that time acting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nature Ustyug

In the vicinity of Ustyug - stunning beauty of the place. Steep banks Sukhona and the Northern Dvina River, the height of more than 60 meters, looks like a giant layer cake, composed of layers of different colored rocks of Permian age (250-300 million years). The shores of the northern rivers keep a cemetery ancestors of dinosaurs - the huge reptiles of the Permian period. Have been found here unique representatives of that period - and kotlassiya dvinozavr.

Picturesque bend Sukhona, falls on small rivers - the Holy Brook is one of their number, source of iron gushing artesian water, which rises from the ground in the town of Flasks, captivates the imagination. Here you will certainly hear the ancient legends of holy places, and evil spirits, thieves and buried treasures of the Cape and Bull will realize that all this - not such an invention! Great Ustyug Santa Claus

Great Ustyug - the birthplace of Santa Claus

Great Ustyug - the city-tale, in 1998 was declared the birthplace of the Russian Santa Claus. Here, in his birthplace, a good magician and his fabulous entourage doeth wonders. On New Year's vacation here is going to a lot of visitors, and welcome Santa Claus takes them to his country residence. Grandpa happy to see everyone from young to old in the year. And the city is its post office, which receives letters from children and parents from around the world.

Come to the Great Ustyug not regret it!