Veteran cars: Moskvich 404 Sport

Veteran cars: Moskvich 404 Sport

Moskvich-404-Sport - the sports car, designed by IA Gladilin and built in 1954 in a single copy on the basis of units and aggregates production model, "-401".

In 1953, the championship of the USSR took part "Moskvich" with serial body "420" and an experienced model engine "404". Preceded by the engine (it does not have its own index) appeared in 1950 and had a so-called mixed arrangement of valves (upper - intake, lower - final). Later, in 1952, was created a different design, has verhneklapannogo engine, which was based on the cylinder block car "Moskvich-400". It was this engine has been assigned code "404".

Engine "404", with a working volume of 1074 cu. cm, the power developed 38 hp at 4200 rev / min. To participate in sports on the engine carburetor had four - one for each cylinder. Engine power increased from 38 to 55 liters. with. but with such a powerful engine of the old "Moskvich" proved difficult to manage, so in the spring of 1954 appeared in the competition "Moskvich-404-Sport" (you can also find the notation "Moskvich-Sport"), with a low center of gravity and enhancing properties manageability.

The car was designed by IA Gladilin and built in a single copy in the base units and sets the serial "Moskvich-401-420." At the bottom of the serial carrying the body with sub-frame spars installed an open body of double steel sheet. From the basic machine with virtually no changes were taken as the suspension front and rear wheels, brakes, steering, gearbox and clutch. Also in 1954, "Moskvich-404-Sport" by L. Givartovsky and Veselov became the silver medalist of the USSR, in 1955. Prokhorov and J. Kroll took third place, but because of the small number of participants in this race has not received the status of the USSR championship.

In 1957 the car was forced pre-production engine in the "Moskvich-407", which had four carburetor and modified exhaust system. In 1959 he was still an upgrade, which included the installation of a four-gear, tires, size reduction and security of the arc (right).

In 1957-1959 racers, who spoke on "Moskvich-404-Sports", won three consecutive championships of the USSR: in 1957 - E. E. Tsyplakov spindles and, in 1958 - Terekhin and Y. Fedotov, 1959 - Terekhin and V. Kochetkov.

In 1960-1961, the "Moskvich-404-Sport" in the race, apparently, did not participate because the leadership of the laboratory performance cars MZMA considered unacceptable the continued application of the race series front suspension like "Dubon". In late 1961 - early 1962 by racer Smirnov was replaced on the front suspension spring from the series model "Moskvich-407". Also the car has hypoid rear axle and 13-inch tires. In this modification the "Moskvich-404-Sport" was involved in circuit racing and hippodrome to 1964 inclusive. In 1965 the car was written off.