The most popular cars in Russia.

Sales of new cars in Russia rose by more than half - 56%. Total sold one million 235 thousand units, down 441,959 units more than a year earlier. These are the findings automakers Committee of the Association of European Businesses in the first half of 2011. At the same time in June, sold 246,429 vehicles (40% over the same month last year). The growth is there, but the pace of its decline from month to month, despite the fact that the recycling program was extended for another, and in January-June this year. However, the AEB has not dramatize the situation. "Growth of 56% in the first half of 2011 demonstrates that the Russian market finally stabilized. These values ​​exceed our latest forecast 2.35 million cars sold annually. Sales in June 2011 increased by 40% compared to the same period last year. It would seem that growth is slowing, but we must not forget that the second half of this year, we will compare with the beginning of the recovery period in 2010. As soon as we analyze the results, we present the adjusted forecast until the end of 2011, "- said the chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee David Thomas. What kind of cars used by the greatest demand? Naturally, the leaders of AvtoVAZ's products. The most popular car in Russia has become a family of Lada Kalina (72,576 units sold), followed by the "classic" (69 500), Priora (68,298) and Samara (53,591). The most popular foreign car in this year remains Renault Logan (41,934 cars). By the way, if a French company to combine data from the sales of Logan soplatformennym hatchback Sandero (19 922 vehicles sold), this family would have surpassed the popularity of an old woman Samara! Buyers in the Logan / Sandero has continued to attract "a lot of car for your money." Let the design is not so hot, but there is a spacious lounge and reliable power units. Logan comes on the heels of Hyundai Solaris (40 351), which in June became the best selling foreign car in our market (10 833). In the Korean sedan has all the chances for the year to become a leader among the cars and move to the leading position VAZ models: in August at a factory in St. Petersburg begins production hatchbacks Solaris, and the third shift is introduced. Ford Focus, despite the quick change of generations (the production of third generation Vsevolozhsk starts in a month), does not hand over the position - in the January-June, sold 38,438 hatchbacks, sedans and station wagons, in June, Focus walked in popularity, even Logan - 9156. At the high sales certainly influenced a variety of events, which the company has arranged to output to market a new generation - buy a second Focus can now be at a significant discount (and, for many important, do not stand in the semi-queue). The old woman Nexia, leaving their roots in the 70s of last century, too, kept a stiff upper lip - 26,097 units sold. Let sit behind the wheel is inconvenient, an old power plant, but the price is very attractive, even compared to more "popular" sedans. Average sale and KIA Rio (24 455, which is almost two times more than a year earlier). Spacious, unpretentious Korean car pleases not only the affordable price, but also rich enough equipment. The new Opel Astra and looks good, and so there is no queuing, and prices are not really bite. The result - 21,868 vehicles sold in the first half of 4701 and in June. Those who do not have enough money on the Solaris or Polo Sedan, but who does not want to buy an angular Logan, choose Lacetti (20 299 pcs.) - A large, roomy vehicle, albeit an outdated design. Volkswagen did not disclose specific sales of sedans Polo, bringing them together with the amount of hatchbacks, which are imported into Russia. Total sold more than 20 thousand cars, and, according to our data, the share of the sedan has a total of more than 80%, and hatchbacks are popular only in certain major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. Daewoo Matiz little younger than her older "sisters» Nexia, but still remains popular (19 030 pcs.). This pop-eyed avtomobilchik often bought as a first for a girl he has a great quality for a large city - the compact, and on the "vseprolaznosti" often argues with the "Oka." Average sold and Chevrolet Aveo (which is slightly younger than Lacetti) - 18,094 car. Most often buy sedans, hatchbacks and even enjoy a good demand. But the Skoda Octavia after the cessation of the production version of the Tour is not yet able to break even in the top 15 - 17 944 cars. Octavia A5 - a beautiful, modern, spacious and practical car, but its prices are quite high.