Russian fashion today: unlike brands

Russian fashion today: what is the difference from the brands?

 The Russian market of fashion-industry is just developing. Its potential is yet to be disclosed.
 According to most local designers, the growth prospects for our fashion brands enough, the most important thing - to choose the right direction.

 Russians are accustomed to buying things on impulse, often drawing attention to the purchase price already after themselves at home.
This makes the best of the local consumer audience. Whereas in Europe, selling fashion due to the crisis came down by 35-40%, while in Russia, these figures are much lower, around 15% for the period. The fact speaks for itself. Competition in the market has turned into a confrontation between the two camps: domestic and imported. Order flow from foreign sites when actively buy Korean clothing online store or ordered in the United States, not decreasing. Yes, foreign fashion designers with their bold and often outrageous ideas like our buyer. And the temptation to wear a bag on an internationally recognized manufacturer will agree, it's hard to resist. According to unofficial data, the Russian-made things are not more than 10% of total turnover. And it's a drop in the ocean. Still, there are more of our designers are ready to offer quality interesting collections at adequate prices. And if the public understands that the proposal favorably, the preference for them. Well-known brands, we are treated with great confidence and is generally guided by the trends of the West - but it is always too late for the season. I must admit that designers are able to build your own trend, we do not.

 Its standards or European?

 Russian Fashion Taste and sense of style at the Russian women are not the same as, say, the European women. And instill Russian women fashion, adopted in London or Paris, is impossible. And it is not necessary, it is better to show that you can wear, and that - no. It is not necessary to impose, you need only tell. But the trends of choice formed in different ways, depending on the region. In the south, love bright colors, sequins, flamboyant accessories, and in the north of the buyer is more conservative, very popular here are classic fashions. All this taken into account when creating the collections. True, it is imperative one distinguishing detail. For example, if a company develops a thing for Europe, the same things that are available for the CIS countries will differ materially. The difference, of course, is minimal. This may be a lace insert or stones. But it is. This is different and "our" fashion from Europe. Russians attract new items advertised goods. But they became increasingly cautious, and if not see the dynamics of the brand, the changes in new lines of clothing, do not hurry to buy. From this it follows that our market lacks the professional magazines, exhibitions, show rooms. Those that exist today are not enough. 

 Perspective: what are they?

 Recent years has been noticeably - Russian designers come out of the "shadows" and create a very good collection, but their vision is limited. Outfits that would be equally appreciated in the global markets of Europe and Asia, they do not offer.
 Accordingly, we can not talk about the impact on the fashion world. But in major Russian cities, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, they are popular, but it is something. We demand outerwear, women's hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, shawls. Make them not only warm, but also beautiful - is the main problem. And designers have proved that they are doing a fine job with it. At recent shows in Moscow presented the clothes in orange, yellow and cream colors. They were taken to the "cheers", while the world's leading position occupied purple, blue, turquoise color. This indicates that the fashion in Russia has its own views, it develops itself. People finally parted with stereotypes, they are not trying to buy fur coats for 10-15 years. They choose what is in fashion today.