The network has a fake video swaying skyscrapers in Moscow

There was a video on YouTube, which show several swaying from side to side of skyscrapers. In describing the video says that the frame Moscow during an earthquake on May 24.

However, the video is a copy of another movie, filmed during the earthquake in March 2011 in Japan. Despite this, the video was a fake spread in social networks and media, indicating that the action took place in Moscow.

In particular, it was reported in the Russian-language TV channel tweeted Russia Today (copy of the deleted tweets in the cache "Yandex") and Portuguese microblog portal In addition, the site of the newspaper "Metro" was published a note entitled "The network has video of the earthquake in Moscow skyscraper sways."

The fake ad was published in BelovMedia account on YouTube. Previously, the author has laid out about a dozen videos. Most of them were unpopular, but one with footage of a meteorite in Chelyabinsk, has gained almost 800,000 views. A link to a video, which allegedly depicted swaying skyscrapers of Moscow, the author published many times in his microblog.

Tremors were observed in several regions of Russia in the morning on May 24, have been caused by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk. In Moscow because of aftershocks were evacuated several buildings.