April 15 (April 2, Old Style)

Titus Icebreaker. Polikarpov day. Spring water in the river pours. "spree river - my mother. " "If Mary's Polikarpov day will spill hollow water, you have to wait for more grass and early mowing. On this day, watching the birds: cry Dergachev - Yield summer is ahead scream quail - will be a lot of bread, lots of grass. It was believed that if the ice on the lakes drowned, it will be a tough year. Titus let water boils, so that ice does not drown. This day in medium traders called "profit - a day" and was celebrated especially hard - to obtain profits for the year. If ice is not gone, fishing will be poor. Spring water flows slowly - people will be hard. Titus - Polikarpov day - beginning beshlebitsy. It starts with intensive capercailyes.