The most common signs of Russian and superstition

* Birthmark on a place that very clear - for worse, but not seen - for good* Glove lose - unfortunately* Mirror broken - for worse* The hollow in the wooden house - not good* Jackdaws and crows sitting, crying in front of the house, especially in the morning - for worse* Large crops of mountain ash - to the grave the year to frost* Large frost in the winter - heavy summer health* The keys on the table - a quarrel* Son of the mother's like a daughter to her father - luckily, and vice versa* Kota killed - seven years in what luck can not see* Who can bring a new moon - tenacious, long-lasting* Oboznatsya in man - a wedding or dead* Raven croaks - to the dead* Who sings in the woods and see a crow, to encounter a wolf* Raven croaks to the church - to the dead in the village; croaks on the house - to the dead in the yard* Arrived on his head (of a bird, flown into the house, if they manage to catch it and rip my head)* Coley dog ​​howling at night, then flip the pillow under his head, saying: "In your head!" - And she zamolknet* Do not call it, caressing, kittens mice: their mother zagryzet* An icon will fall - to the dead* If the bride at the altar had dropped her handkerchief, and the groom will raise, is going to die* Who will plant a willow - on itself spade preparing (die, when out of willow can be carved shovel)* Forty gift does not tickle (or guests, or to the messages)* Soar at a funeral sweep - all from home to make* The roar in the chimney - the soul of the deceased came* Mirrors in the house where the dead man halt so that he could not look into them* Kom burial ground to the heart - grief otlyazhet* Who was faint and was in that light, what a great fear, forbidden to speak three words (which is unknown)* Bit of land with the graves of seven men of good saves from all ills* Storm - God's mercy (literally and figuratively)* Fires of God's grace (the storm)* Died on the will of God (the storm)* Man will not spare, and you'll get (God says the devil, hitting him a thunderous boom)* If the first thunder from noon (south), summer will be a formidable* Before a thunderstorm frog kvaknet (ie before the first storm)* Fires bypass with icons or are on the corners with icons* If a fire to be around good people on the corners with icons, then go no further* The pigeon and the swallow - loved by God Bird* Under whose roof the pigeons are found, that does not burn* Cockroaches and mice are crawling out of the house - before the fire* Come to yesterday (the plot of a fever, and mental response to houses, if imagined that someone calling on behalf of)* Black Eye dangerous. Fear of black yes hazel eyes* The eye is not pure, not good, black* Coley to step on someone else's mark, it will hurt his feet* The stranger came next (pains in the legs)* Damage othazhivayut ago pyatami (iduchi backwards)* Soap bosom save from damage* Against Heart two needles crossed keep from spoiling* Hops in the boot saves from corruption* After the threshold is not greet, did not talk* Damn, damn, play, but again give (when that is lost, tied up with the devil beard: curl leg of the table with a handkerchief)* Lukanka, play, play, but again give* To goblin did not pass (not to stray from the road), turn out his shirt inside out* How many goals treasure laid so much and throw (the treasures are placed with the spell and given only to those who fulfill a vow)* GOLD dried (ie, leaves sometimes flame out)* Before The Dawn is not looking out the window* Two are one rukoternikom wipe, in the world to tear* Cat on a human lasts - to update* Cat clean - washed out reviews (beckoning)* By sundown the bread and the money does not lend* When the sun had set, do not throw litter on the street: probrasaeshsya* In one hut different brooms than revenge: will disperse to the corners of wealth* To the cockroaches are gone: take them as much as the tenants in the house, and in the Laptev perevoloch over the threshold and the road* Shalt inside out - or drunk, or bits will be* On a dress stitching, buttons to sew - prishesh memory* Pins on the end not to raise themselves* If you found a pin lies in your head, I remember a friend, or if the tip for you, scheming enemy* Do not spit right - there is a guardian angel, spit on the left - there is the devil* In non-residential building is filthy. In nonresidential building an undead* In the transition to a new home in advance let sleeping cat and a rooster* To the dog ran away, pull out the neck tuft of wool* Who loves cats will love my wife* The dog can kiss on the snout, rather than wool, the cat - on the contrary* Bee God ugodnitsa (delivers wax candles)* Bee stings just a sinner.