Folk signs makes it possible for the rain

If the rain will dampen the coffin - the soul of the deceased would go without difficulties. (Cornwall).In 1636 King Charles I had intended to visit in Staffordshire. In this regard, Lord Chamberlain (the third Earl of Pembroke), wrote the following letter to the sheriff of Staffordshire. "Sir, Having learned that in Staffordshire there is a perception, though the burning of fern is rain, and wishing that all the time spent by His Majesty in these areas continued good weather His Majesty has personally asked me to write to you that you have banned burning fern up until His Majesty will be in this country. "Letter in the British Museum. Unfortunately, there remained no information about whether or not during the royal visit, there was no rain - rain or still go, despite the ban on burning paporotnik.Sleduet also say that this means of rainmaking was known not only in Staffordshire but and throughout England and Shotlandii.V Snowdon (Dyulin) there is one mountain lake called Black Lake (Black Lake). On its shore a number of carved stone steps, descending into the water. It is believed that people who come on these steps as deeply as possible and plesnet water to wet the farthest stone, certainly will cause rain, and rain will start before nightfall, even if the day is very zharkiy.Etot stone called the Red Altar, obviously, when something with it were related some religious beliefs. If so, then the origin of this ritual, it turns itself, since in many places in order to cause rain, immersed in water consecrated cross (or other sacred relics). In many parts of France for this purpose in the water submerged the image of the Saints. For example, in Navarre it was the custom to pray for rain of St. Peter, but if it did not help, the residents of one of the villages carried St. to the river and, in spite of all the interests of the clergy, it was immersed in vodu.Ochevidno, priests are not protesting against superstition, and against self- Holy bathing. They believed that the images of Saints simply prigrozit.Na island Uist (Outer Hebrides), opposite the church of St. Mary's is a cross, which locals call "water." In the old days this cross is erected, where residents had to beg the rain, but if the rain was enough to put on zemlyu.Monahi ions to cause rain, three times, shaking in the air tunic his patroness, St. Columba, when reading this book, written by her hand. According to the testimony of some sources, after this "abundantly blessed rain descends to refresh dried and ground to produce a big harvest." In the Russian folk tradition to get the rain is widely regarded as a good omen: "If someone goes on the road and while it starts to rain, it portends a favorable way. Generally rain at the beginning of every enterprise is a happy omen. "In Russia, as opposed to English legend," rain on the young - happiness, and today the rain on your wedding day is considered a good omen for the newlyweds. Likewise, the funeral on a rainy day - a favorable omen: "Rain, they say, all crying for the dead - a good man, then died." (Compare the English belief: "If the rain will dampen the coffin - the soul of the deceased would go without difficulty"). The easiest way to make it rain - to kill a frog. "This morning was cloudless, and by evening the rain has gone." Tu no ETA Maltz our Noida (sometimes, just in case) padshutili - lyugashku !"... beat the rain to go and beat the frogs and catch fleas. Leaping animals and insects on nizhut thread and hang out on the bush, saying: "How Children are fleas or frogs hung to the clouds hanging." This belief is common in Russia and everywhere these days: "Frogs can not be beat. Them that can not be beat? - To rain. If the frog was killed - the rain will be. "In the case of a prolonged drought in the Russian countryside in the fields or the banks of rivers were prayers with the removal ikon.Soglasno beliefs southern regions of Russia, drought could napustit witch. So, in 1893" in the House was considered a curious thing arisen on the basis of people's superstitions. Village elder accused Peter Dubnenko abuse of power, reflected in the fact that he was put in a chain of one peasant, which he, along with the crowd, took a witch. In the village Novovolodymyrivka May 21, 1891 was a procession to the cemetery and Rogation for rain. When Alexander Lapushenkova came to kiss the cross, who at her bosom, a kitten zamyaukal. The crowd took her for a witch, and as a witch is just drenched with water, that it began to rain, the poor woman thrice dipped in the pond, then thrown into a pit, where they continued to souse water, and finally the mayor himself has helped to imprison her in a chain. The Chamber approved the verdict of the District Court, Kojima mayor sentenced to jail for 2 months. "In the Russian folk beliefs manifest some relationship between the concepts of rain and a" dead world ", most often about suicide, drowned and Opoitsev. Thus, if the prolonged drought occurred , then, to make it rain, you need to "pour out twelve buckets at the grave udavlennika or drowning." In the Kaluga region. during the drought summer of 1982 in order to bring rain, the elderly woman was taken to the cemetery burial cross and tied it at six weeks in the river. "After six weeks of the cross was carried back to kladbische.V among children and portrayed in many songs today-zaklichki in which children" cause "or, conversely," stop "rain: Rain, rain, forest, I'll give you I thick, I'll give you a spoon, I take a sip a little, I'll give you the plug I-Tresnu on the head. "Or: Rain, rain, come on, I'm going to Erestan, pray to God, to worship Christ, I am an orphan from God, opened vorotaKlyuchikom-locks, Gold handkerchief. "In folk medicine, the rainwater was used for the information of warts (see Warts) in the treatment of eye diseases (see eye) and many other diseases." In some districts of Nizhny Novgorod province is the custom to release children to run naked in the yard during heavy and warm summer rains in the belief that children are then "grow better." This custom is widespread in Russia today. "If sutra rain - up to a half-day rain ... If the puddles in the rain jump bubbles - we may expect even more rain. And also if you jump out in the rain, butterflies - is also a strong dozhdyu.Esli chickens, ravens and crows pluck - to dozhdyu.Esli chickens and sparrows bathed in dust - before the rain. "As the May rain, so it will irozh." Frogs abused - the rain will be ... no rain, and frogs do not cry - no rain in sight. " If the rain will dampen the wedding procession on the road to the church or the church - not to see a young family happiness.Burning of heather causes rain. (Neighborhoods Meprouza).Want to make rain - burn fern.