POWER TRICKS Russian heroes

 Among the athletes of the past power tricks enjoyed huge popularity and record achievements will certainly fall into print. Young athletes, having familiarized with the power numbers of athletes of the past, some tricks can not just try to do, but also include in their training. Before you begin any of the power of tricks, you need to do an intensive workout to include exercises involving the work of the muscles and joints, which would account for the main load. For the initial studies using dumbbells weighing 16 kg.
           1.Razvodka weights in hand. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, lift the dumbbells to your shoulders and then up. Slowly lower your arms straight up to horizontal position, so that the weights were down on the forearms. After 3 - 5 seconds, put your hands up and drop them to the shoulders. As the fitness try to keep the weight of the handle of the top (bottom down). This power trick enjoyed great popularity among the strongmen of the past. Famous Sergey Eliseev took in his right hand a weight of 61 kg, lifted her up, then slowly lowered his hand on the line to the side and held her hand a few seconds with weights in a horizontal position. An outstanding athlete and wrestler George Gakkenshmidt ("Russian Lion"), raising up-pound weights and slowly lowered the direct hand in hand to a horizontal position, holding dumbbells at the handle of the bottom down. Then raised his arms up and again lowered to the sides. And so five times in a row.

2. "Full term" - is a complex exercise, requiring great strength and good coordination. Raise the dumbbell with his right hand up. Keep it on the line arm, sit down, take off the floor with his left hand another dumbbell, straight, and, bending his arm at the elbow, raise dumbbell to the shoulder, and then squeeze the top. Clearly stated raised weights, drop them to the shoulders, and then put on the floor. Estonian famous athlete and a wrestler Georg Lurih raised his right hand bar weights 105 kg, and then hold it up, took the floor with his left hand a weight of 34 kg and also raised up.

3. Juggling. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, place the dumbbell in front of him on the floor at a distance of half-step across the handle. Lean, slightly bend your legs and take a right hand grip handle weights from the top and the left lean of the lower thigh. Raise the dumbbell from the floor and make it max back between his legs, and then forward. Once the weight is on the height of the chin, and release it abruptly, pushing himself from the shackle, give Gyra rotational movement. Once the weight will turn, hold the handle the weight and make it max back and then forward. Repeat the exercise several times. Then do the exercise with your left hand. You can juggle one or two dumbbells, and rotate them in different planes with one or two turns. Juggle singly or with a partner.

4. Lie down, stand up. Raise the dumbbell with one hand up. Without dropping it, sit down, then sit down and lie on your back. After that, continuing to hold a weight in a straightened arm stand up. A similar exercise is carried out athlete Eugene Sand, who has done this trick with a barbell weighing 115 kg, while the Russian Konstantin Stepanov athlete perform this room, holding a dumbbell trehpudovuyu upside down.

5. Raise the dumbbell to shoulder, holding her hand on the handle of the bottom up. Not rejecting the body and maintaining balance weights, squeeze her vverh.Chetko fixing a weight on the line arm, gently lower it to shoulder. Do the exercise with your other hand. As you follow the fitness exercise at the same time with two hands with two weights, and then put a weight on one another.Russian athlete Alexander Znamenskii take-pound dumbbell for the headband and holding her upside down with one hand, put it another-pound dumbbell and squeezed both of them.
6. Bench press bar for wrestling bridge. Exercises are performed on the gymnastic mat or on the floor, beneath a soft head support. In adopting the original position - wrestling bridge, take both hands behind his head lying barbell, lift the chest up and squeeze. Clearly fix the rod to direct his hands, slowly lower it to the chest, and then on the floor behind your head. The famous Russian athlete and wrestler Peter Krylov, "The King of weights, standing on the bridge, wrestling, squeezing with both hands vosmipudovuyu bar and athlete Jacob Chekhov, making a bridge, holding on his platform, which has hosted ten people.

7. Balancing on one leg, holding the barbell overhead. French athlete Lune Uni (Apollon), balancing on one leg, holding his right hand bar weighing 152 kg. Champion of the World Wrestling Ivan Shemyakin three times bouncing on one leg, holding a barbell above his head semipudovuyu. Famous IV Lebedev ("Uncle Vanya") squeezed his right hand 72 kg and 95 kg in both hands while standing on one leg.

8. "Most of Samson." Take a horizontal position, drawing his heels on the edge of a chair, and the back of his head on the edge of another. Keep your hands at your sides. Secure the adoption of the provisions of 5 - 10 seconds. As the fitness try to perform this trick with any weight on his chest. Russian athlete Alexander Zass ("Samson") to perform this power room. Keeping the chest three people.

9. "Unscrewing. Put your feet apart. Raise the bar with his right hand to shoulder. Starting Squeeze the bar, lean to the left. Then, using his left hand on his leg bent at the knee, bend even lower, as would podlezaya barbell, which must remain at the same height. When the right arm fully razognetsya, straighten and lock the rod in a straight hand over golovoy.Primenyaya this type of bench press with one hand, you can pick up more weight than in the ordinary regime. Athlete Arthur Saxon twisting his right hand 162 kg, while the Russian athlete Ivan Sedykh - three loose-pound dumbbells.