Russian omens and superstitions

Signs of happiness- Murashi in the house - fortunately- Someone unexpectedly jealous of the light in her house, wait for happiness- Birthmark on a place that very clear - for worse, but not seen - for good.- Oboznatsya in man - the wedding or the corpse.- Glove lose - unfortunately.- Mirror broken - for worse.- A brick fell out of the oven - for worse.- Porridge Pot will come out of the oven - for worse, in the oven - for good.- "If white bread is baked with the head - a headless.- Front angle or Matica, cracking - for worse- Resin heated with the hut on the outside - for worse.- The hollow in the wooden house - not good.- Garden blooms late - to the death of the owner.- Rooster head shakes - to trouble in the house.- Roosters all night singing - not good.- If the chickens to roost at night flies, then have trouble.- Jackdaws, crows sitting, crying in front of the house especially in the morning - for worse.- If the roosters in the village at the wrong time raspoyutsya - to the dead.- Woodpecker moss hollows in the house - to the dead.- Bat gets into house - to trouble.- Swallow will fly out the window - to the dead.- Cuckoo cuckoo on dry wood - to frost.- Raven croaks - to the dead.- Who is singing in the woods and see a crow, to encounter a wolf.- Raven croaks to the church - to the dead in the village; croaks on the house - to the dead in the yard.- In which court crow flew cawing, there will be a dead man.- Owl host survives.- The owl does not bring goodness. Sovushka - widow bedokurnaya.- Owl near the house screaming - to the newborn.- Raven croaked, and dokarkalsya.- Flew to his head (of a bird, flown into the house, if they manage to catch it and rip her head off)- Dog howling - at rest, howling dogs at night - to the dead.- "If a dog howl at night it is necessary to turn their heads under the pillow saying - on his head! - And she zamolknet.- The dog clinging to the owner - unfortunately- A dog howling down - to the deceased, to the upside - to fire.- "If a dog does not eat the crumbs after bolnog - he will die soon.- The horse soldier sniffing - to be killed- If the pike plesnet before a fisherman, he was not long to live- Wolves howl under the shelter - to frost or war.- If a mouse falls zapazuhu - to be big trouble.- Mice izgryzut dress - to the death.- Call petting a kitten a mouse - will die.- Flies in the winter in a hut - to the dead.- Cricket in Rides home - a fire or death.- A yard on the bed not to lay - the dead will be.- Solomin clung to the tail - the dead will be.- The icon will fall - to the dead.- If the bride at the altar had dropped her handkerchief, and the groom will raise, is going to die.- Who will plant a willow - on itself prepares spade. (Die, when out of willow can be carved shovel.)- A large crop of ash to the heavy year.- Large frost during the winter - heavy summer health.- View Homes - to disaster, to death.- Crying or a sigh of houses - to the death of the owner.- A knock at the house of an unknown cause to someone's death.- If the patient was delirious on the road - surely die.- Tiny mouth to lie - to the death.- If your home is where the sick woman to pave the way - the patient dies.Is forty - home patient - to recover.- Forty gift does not tickle - or guests, or to the messages.- If you expect a dying priest with a gift, then put the knife on the table - a warning of death.- Soar with the dead bear - all out of the house to make.- Straw, on which lay the deceased are burned just outside the gate.- The measure of the dead lay with him to the grave.- Wood shavings from the coffin can not burn - just float.- With the death of a man put water on the window so that the soul obmylas.- After six weeks of the deceased standing at the window glass of water, and at the corner of the house hung up the towel.- The noise in the house - the soul of the deceased came.- Throw a handful of earth into the grave, so as not to be afraid of the dead.- Thirteen at the table not to sit down.Signs of a thunderstorm- Storm - God's mercy.- Who is eating moldy bread, a good swimmer will not be afraid of thunderstorms.- Fire from the storm Tushetu kvas, milk, beer.Signs of the wealth- In one hut different brooms no methylene - will disperse wealth.- Who nositv purse nut-dvoychatku - rich would be.- During the new moon, the moon is not kazhi empty purse - the century will be empty.- The first cuckoo bryakni money - money will hobnob.Signs of the hunter- "If the constellation Pleiades lights go boldly on the polar bears.- If a gun is loaded on holiday - will deteriorate.- If the blood smear crow barrel of a gun - would not miss him.- The hare ran across the road - you can go home any one animal will not get.- Pop, girl, yeah, empty bucket - back home.- When a dog crossing the road, then no harm, but also success in the woods not to find.- The girl with the full pails of liquid, wolf, bear - a good meeting, empty buckets, a monk, priest, fox, rabbit, squirrel - for worse.Signs of fishing- The nets do not walk, do not spit on the Seine - no fish to catch.- Ruff in the first halls - a failed fishing.- Many cancers - a good catch of fish.- Sheets of oak evolves - catch pike will be good.- When the cherry blossoms - then do not catch bream.Signs different- If a white dove to throw into the fire - the fire goes out.- Coley to step on someone else's mark - will hurt his feet.- Against the hearts of two needles crossed keep from spoiling.- Who died earlier and was in that light, what a great fear forbidden to speak three words for words that nobody knows.- Cut off leg should keep them so then you could climb Mount Zion in heaven.- With outbreaks of infectious diseases pokynikov endure headfirst.- The first pancake on Christmas Eve - the sheep.- There is no blemish, no prophet.- Cripple palenitsa (pilgrim) does not damage boitsya.- Do not go vorzhitsya - go pray to God.- If you break the grass-herb in the forge then throw the blacksmith will not work.- If a cow's udder vymeneet from the front - will steer, from the rear - calf.- Do not play with a knife - Copy naklichesh.- Before the dawn do not look out the window.- Podkolenki itch - the way they hear.- Scratching his elbow - the night in a new place.- Us itches - gift wait.- A fly in the drink - luckily.- Himself oplyuesh - update will be.- The nose itching - to the good news.- Good so remember - and evil so completely.- Sin shod the left foot naperd right.- Bread or a spoon for lunch fall - a guest in a hurry.- Choked at dinner - a guest in a hurry.- Spoon forgotten on the table - to the guest.- Accidentally extinguish the candle - the guests.- When leaving the house zatsepishsya - will soon be back.- The right ear rings - a good mention in the left - bad.- Language to bite - someone scolds.- Salt spilled - a quarrel, and the quarrel will not mind if you sprinkle salt.- To the ground to drop the bread - a sin.- When the sun village, new loaves do not start - poverty is.- Miche start cutting from the head (high margin).- When you sit is not closing the book - the memory proesh.- To goblin did not pass (not to stray from the road), turn out on his shirt inside out.- Any dumb undead (Brownie, goblin, water).- Brownie choking at night sitting on his chest.- To fagot chickens did not steal, hang over the roost on lyke repulsed throat pitcher.- On a grass scythe at midnight on Midsummer's Day break in it and there is a gap grass.- The keys on the table - to quarrel.- Language to bite - someone scolds.- If you stand in the place where recently stood then the whole body will scab.- Tablecloth hands utrash - burrs will.- Who sleeps with the cat in order to head frog Exciting.- Who would ruin a swallow nest will be covered with freckles.- Who at the first sign umoetsya - will be clean and white.- The Moon products are not harvested - all the rot.- With the carpenter who cut down the hut should be treated fairly - and then speak a house, a century there will be unhappiness.- Women can not step over a broom - hard to bear will be.- Who are born of the new moon will be tenacious.- Where to zaryam first fog go out there and dig a well.- Laying the foundation of the hut lay a corner - the money for wealth, wool for warmth, and frankincense - to holiness.- Who is barefoot on the mushrooms will find some old ones.