Signs of a thunderstorm.

If washing by rain water collected on Elijah's Day (aka Elias), we can get rid of the evil eye. Farmers in the day did not go from home to avoid the storm, which was considered during this period is particularly dangerous. The July storms typically begin when then last for several days. In order not to incur the trouble, people leave the house as seldom as possible. Storm - God's mercy.- Who is eating moldy bread, a good swimmer will not be afraid of thunderstorms.- Fire from the storm Tushetu kvas, milk, beer.If the night is expected storm, the fog over the water will not. Associated with thunderstorms are many signs of the weather. For a long time for Russia to build only wooden huts, and this tradition is not lost. And if lightning strikes in a house like this, it will burn like a match. Therefore, for the signs associated with thunderstorms, always carefully monitored. If only the expected storm in the house trying not to incorporate any electrical appliances, it is in modern times. And in the past century, even the candles are not lit, fearing that the fire can draw into the house a fireball. That is to be prepared for such eventualities, the people and followed this sign. If the evening mist is not spreading over the water, the night will be a strong thunderstorm. 've Always kept on duty torch at night, from which you can quickly light a candle or a lamp. But if, for all the signs expected a thunderstorm, then even this torch extinguished. Convenience - convenience, but life is more expensive.Such signs of the weather at all times carefully observed. This is for those who live in the city, had nothing to lose. Hiding from the weather at home, sitting around a warm fireplace, and all is well. And in the countryside is much more difficult. Need and save the cattle and their stocks. Indeed, in the old days, villagers were fed not only themselves but also their masters, who generally did not do anything, but only collected taxes from their serfs.