Passenger car L-1 (1933-1934)

In 1932, the factory "Red Putilovets", renamed after 2 years at the Kirov, has ceased to produce wheel tractor Fordson - Putilovets "as obsolete. Then, instead of a group of plant specialists, it was suggested to manufacture passenger cars of class. A prototype for "Leningrad - 1" was the American car Buick 32-90 "1932 edition. At that time it was the hardest and most perfect model of automobile production, because the device is the car had about five and a half thousand pieces.The choice of cutting-edge, rich with the latest technology machines became the main mistake of designers. American car-prototype possessed a V8 engine with overhead camshafts and adjustable suspension stiffness and even some technical innovations. Our manufacturers and now do not let anything like that. A case was in the thirties godah.L-1 dates back to 1933. People's Commissar of Heavy Industry Ordzhonikidze personally ordered that a year later at the Leningrad plant "Red Putilovets" were collected no less than 2.000 of these machines. First, in an emergency procedure produced six cars that were to be held on Red Square on the anniversary of the revolution. From Leningrad to Moscow machines were shipped under its own power. On the way from Leningrad to Moscow, broke all six. None of the crew never made it to the capital's parade. But none of the participants will not sit down and was not shot. Shortly thereafter, in the history of the L-1 had come to an end, and the factory "Red Putilovets" have been redeveloped under the production of tractors.