Peter Krylov - King of the weights

Krylov was born in Moscow in 1871 into a family of employees. His father was a big fan of sports. In the children were hanging rings, on which Fedot Krylov performed a fairly complex exercise. Little Peter was trying to imitate his father, who encouraged the fascination with her son in sports. Like all his peers, Peter loved to play outdoor games, climb trees, fly a kite, fought with gusto read Fenimore Cooper, Mayne Reid, Jules Verne. Dreamed of becoming an explorer. While studying at the school, evenings spent in the circus, where watched with delight over the performance of athletes and wrestlers.

His idol was an athlete Emil Foss, the manner of which he picked up later. Emil Foss left the arena in silk tights and a leopard skin. He started his speech with lifting weights for biceps, then proceeds to juggle the two-and trehpudovymi weights. After that Fosse took the chain and gave it to view the audience, then tore a chain of hands. A second chain, with the help of interested persons from the public, fasten around the chest and took a deep breath, followed by muscle tension back and chest, ripped it. The next item was an exercise with a barbell shestipudovoy ball with such a thick neck, that no one wishing the audience could not even pull it off the floor. Foss easily took the bar in one sitting on his chest, then squeezed up. In conclusion, the athlete wore on 4,5-pood bar a few people. After the athletic performances strongman called wanting to fight him with belts.
He went to all sorts of legends. Here is one of them. In Riga, the ship set off from the pier Omnibus. which departed comrades Fossa at the circus Chinizelli. Talking to those departing, Foss went after them on deck. At this time the ship began to depart. Then the athlete, leaning over the side, grabbed the pole sticking out and pulled the ship to shore. Then came the steamer. With shining eyes, Peter and his friends tell each other such incidents in the life of a famous athlete, and when evening came, again went to the circus to the gallery. For them, the gallery had its advantages: Tickets cost cheaper, and information about the fighters could get more. Peter decided to become circus artists. The first training began at home with irons, which he tied to the floor brush. Then he began to come into the shop to the butcher tried to lift these weights.

Peter finds himself in Petersburg, where he finished Nautical School, and later as a navigator made a trip to India, China, Japan, England. All this time he trained hard with weights that are carried with him. At all ports where the ship went Krylov, attended athletic clubs, where fighting with local fighters. Often arranged on the deck of view: stings twins (-pound weight), bred them in hand, juggling, and was baptized dvuhpudovkoy. After a three-year voyage, he traveled to Moscow for a new appointment. But his love for the circus took over, and Krylov, decides to become a professional athlete. The first time practicing in the athletic office of Sergei Ivanovich Dmitriev Morro.
Pyotr Krylov and Krylov Soon he built a gym in his basement. I bought a barbell, dumbbells, and continued to exercise independently. Feeling prepared, Peter went to get a job. That's how he wrote about this period: I hesitated briefly, and April 25, 1895 was already in the shed Likhachev Devichye field and show the director my biceps volume of 41 cm. I felt from all sides Likhachev said, scratching his head: 65 rubles a month, musyu and that ezheden several times to work. I shook my hand this Barnum in a gray jacket, patent leather boots and a red bow tie - and our agreement is held. We went with him to the province - for small fairs and the gardens. Almost every hour I had to work, then moving his weight, then fighting for the belt with amateurs. Sometimes, even before you can relax and drink a cup of tea, as once again filled the bell at the door of the shed, and hoarse voice began to shout: Come to the theater of living wonders ... Among other wonders of a fairy-tale hero Peter Fedotovich Krylov, a native of Moscow, will show the extraordinary wonders of his power. Well, again, roll bar to the scene, which goes shake, put together because of the baroque Tessa. Krylov has always worked with weights weight limit, he would not tolerate any cheating.

It should be said that the audience loved booths touch weights or circuit, performing athlete to make sure that they are natural. Sometimes the audience out such strongmen that beat them in athletic stunts was very difficult.

Soon the name of the Krylov becomes known, and his start to invite many owners booths. Two-year stint in the booths Peter Krylov. During this time he has mastered many tricks, which enjoyed great popularity among the audience: tore the chain from flat steel tie a tie and wristbands, raise a horse with a rider standing on the platform, squeeze the bar, in the hollow spheres were placed on the man broke a horseshoe bent coins, made a banner with four horses.

Particularly well Krylov managed with weights, no one athlete at that time could not compare with him in a demonstration of tricks with this classic sports equipment Russian strongman. Then he began performing in the circus of Kamchatka, and then the circus Borowski, whom for three years traveled all over Siberia. Featuring athletic facilities, their wings merrily commented. Feedback from the public, my remarks have always been persuasive - remember Krylov - for example, when I broke up the stones with his fist, it invariably turns to the audience with these words: Gentlemen, if you think that this room is false, then I can break that stone his fist on his head all comers from the audience ... So please wish the arena! And on one occasion told Krylov: I step into the arena, the audience accepts me with enthusiasm, but suddenly I hear that from the first row of a gentleman in a cap and bureaucratic rather puny species, said to her neighbor: Do not understand how you can welcome into our enlightened age, brute force. This is just some bull! I looked at him, stopped the orchestra of hand and telling the audience: Lord, behold this gentleman says that I am a bull ... Although I am an intelligent man, but I work in the arena because I love power ... But in general, I find that it is better to be a strong bull, rather than weak ass, albeit in a bureaucratic cap, as this subject. That there arose in the circus - it is difficult to describe!
Applause, applause, without end. Gentleman, whom I called a donkey, broke into the ambition and climbed into the ring to explain, but immediately I was taken by the collar and put back in place. The result - a scandal, protocol, etc. But since my character is such that mindalnichanya in the arena, I do not recognize. And where there was to learn all sorts of etiquette when almost every day fighting in Siberia with these types, that unless they on the road this place.

In the old circus, as we have said, athletes are often offered in the audience wishing to repeat a particular trick. One of these challenges Krylov responded famous Polish strongman champion France against Stanislav Zbyshko-Tsyganevich. This lifter features a powerful figure and an enormous force. With the growth of 175 cm, he weighed 112 kg, chest circumference - 130 cm, and biceps circumference - 50 cm, hip circumference - 72 cm in the first match made by Krylov. He pressed two weights of 40 kg each, then lowered his direct hand in hand, holding a dumbbell bodies down, kept this weight for a few seconds and then raised his hands. After that did the trick with one hand weights weighing 52 kg. Then 5 times and pressed 120 kg, and pushed the barbell weight of 137.6 kg. The last one was the so-called full term. Krylov squeezed his left hand two weights of 40 kg each, then right picked up a weight of 48 kg. Took her biceps (flexed arm at the elbow and lifted a weight-to-shoulder) and squeezed up. The arena went Zbyshko-Tsyganevich, but was able to repeat only the rooms with a bar: bench press and push. Krylov took part in the championships against France, which was very popular at the beginning of the century. At these championships, he won a prize. Participated in the contest for the best athletic shape, and has consistently received the first prizes. Along with athletic performances and fights on the carpet Krylov shared his experience with young people, was a passionate advocate of athletic sports.
PETER KRYLOV to train their own system. The magazine Hercules in 1914 published an article describing the Krylov his training: I will give a description of my training day - it could be useful to my young brothers in weight-lifting to develop each of them individually for a training system. Waking up, I am taking an air bath for 10 minutes, then pull the rubber (the short stretch of six rubbers), pull in front of him over the head from behind, with each hand separately, etc. Doing push-ups-ups on the floor throughout the palm of your hand or fingers up to 100 times. I run about 15 minutes - 18. Leaping frog: short hops on his toes, with a deep squat. I take a shower or wipe with cold water. Half an hour later eat breakfast: eggs, two cups of milk and one cup of liquid, very sweet tea. Walk. Dinner at 5 o'clock. Two hours after dinner train with heavy weights: squeeze or push (a day) barbell in 5
pood (80 kg), standing and lying down for 50 times (five to ten push-). Squeeze doubles 50 times (same proportion). Squat with a barbell on pyatipudovoy whole foot 100 times, and then go with a heavy man on his neck up and down the stairs. Finish training exercises with dumbbells weighing 20 pound (8 kg), biceps add two dumbbells together. After training, take a shower and go for a walk. When I was training for the record, it is always at times took a very small weight: 4.5 pood (72kg) of two hands, one - 3pood of. Heavy weight also took only one day a week. As for my diet, then first I ate lots of meat, and now overlap mainly on fruits and vegetables, and I think it's useful. Particularly fond of the liver (in pastoral) potatoes. Absolutely not smoke. Krylov possessed a rare relief and volume of muscle.
He set several world records in weightlifting. Personal records of Peter Krylov: bench press with your left hand - 114.6 kg, bench-32kg weights with his left hand in a soldier's stance - 86 times while standing on the bridge, wrestling, squeezing with both hands vosmipudovuyu (128kg) bar, bred direct hand in hand, holding a weight in each of 41 kg. Recent performances of it were 60 years of age.
Here are the anthropometric data of Peter Krylov:
growth 170 cm, weight 88 kg, chest 121 cm, neck 47 cm, biceps 46 cm, hip 67 cm, forearm 35 cm, waist 72cm, shin 41 cm.