Adalt tricycle

This form of transport, as an adult tricycle with a cart at the design is capable of carrying not only the owner but rather the bulk cargo. Interestingly, the license for the transportation in this case is not required. Due to these factors, an unusual vehicle is very common in rural and urban areas in Asia, but here in Russia until it was noted.
An adult tricycle, which does not need a license for shipping.

Universal adult tricycle is very compact in its dimensions, to purchase fuel for it is not necessary for basic maintenance costs go miserable. Despite its neat form, the bike is able to accommodate a very large load. Given that the license for the transportation does not require a unique transportation is a real find for those who are accustomed to giving back laden with bags. Another option is the use - to help in removal.

Business idea is to personally make an adult tricycle cargo and sell it to anyone. Alternatively, you can make a copy and provide services to the ferry. You can do the construction in any room with a table. We also need to hacksaw, vices, electric drill, a portable welding machine and other locksmith tools. To work as an example we can take the option on the basis of the frame of the bicycle "Ural". Embodied in the life of vehicles for which no license is required for shipping, you do good work. After all, many people living in rural and deprived of their personal vehicles, often have to carry heavy bags and bags of fruit and vegetables to trade on the market.

Tricycle for health