Tricycle for health

Now many velolyubiteli thinking: Do not buy a tricycle? And do not think that these bikes and ride just little kids. He has many pluses and compared to an adult bike: trehkolesnik combines all the advantages of the "standard" bicycle and tricycle features. In addition, the tricycle is more stable, reliable, and hence less traumatic. There are cases where no such bike just will not do. For example, with hip dysplasia, cerebral palsy or after the operation the doctors advised to strengthen the muscles of the musculoskeletal system, especially riding a tricycle helps in the development of muscles and strengthening the calf knees. Cycling enhance immunity, improve mood and vitality, develop the will and stamina. It improves motor coordination and work the vestibular apparatus. And as a trainer for the muscles and blood vessels in general bike performs miracles.
Each is worth remembering that cycling (and, incidentally, and any physical activity, as opposed to lying on the couch at home) are excellent prevention of pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, and this applies equally to both children and to the elderly. Most importantly, the tricycle can "model" under any desires and goals to your liking.
For example, there are models of tricycles with the differential. Such bikes drive is located on two rear wheels. This makes the bike more responsive cornering and stable on rough roads. On a bike is usually installed reinforced basket or rack.
For models without tricycles differential drive only one wheel, usually on the right. Thus, they have a blind spot when turning right and gently roll to the left. However, these minor shortcomings are successfully compensates for the lower cost.

Now there is a good selection of tricycles to bicycles market. The most popular models: R20 and R24 with the differentials. R20 - a folding tricycle-type and 20-inch wheels. It is ideal for riding on flat terrain and urban roads. Which is very convenient for him with the same success can drive both adults and children. The most important technical characteristics of R20: a rigid fork rim brakes secure the type of V-brake, sturdy frame made of steel with a profiled tube taking shape, soft comfortable saddle with springs, rear trunk, front fenders, metal, and five or six-speed equipment Shimano.
Model tricycle R24: folding bike with 24 inch wheels (on sale, there are various colors). This bike is suitable for cycling, not only in the city, but also slightly rough terrain. One of the advantages of this bike: a wide range of height adjustment and seat height and tilt steering. Base bike - a special collapsible steel frame, it is easy to fit and has the additional pipe. Last suitable for use as a carrying handle, and also increases the rigidity and reliability of the entire structure. Cyclists can be moved and stored folded. The most important technical characteristics of R20: a rigid fork rim brakes secure the type of V-brake, sturdy frame made of steel with a profiled tube taking shape, soft comfortable saddle with springs and five or six-speed gearbox.
The most interesting is that the tricycle for adults can be collected independently. Are commercially available kits for assembly (rear axle Uk6), kits to build a six-speed tricycle with the differential (rear axle M2) and without the differential. The rear axle is made in such a way that it can be mounted on the frame absolutely any and all kinds of wheel diameter (20 to 28 inches). To make a tricycle, you can take an ordinary import or domestic bicycle, even a used more than one year. Problems when there is almost no assembly, even when used to build frames from the old Soviet bike Stork, Fireworks, Kama, Gums, etc. However, remember that the more beautiful the donor bike, the better it is obtained from the tricycle. The first can be anything: aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, titanium, folding, etc. dvuhpodvesnym etc. It all depends on your desires and goals.
Always remember that any bike, including a three-wheeled, must above all be safe and reliable. This is not only guaranteed the highest quality components, is also important in a number of conditions:- The optimal size. Cyclists should be such that its owner could easily sit on it and get off.- Stability. Cyclists should not be in the fast turn steering zavalivatsya on its side. If possible allow the bike, it is better to use the extended rear axle (the width between the rear wheels).- Pedals and wheels. They do not necessarily have to slide. Well, of course, ride a bicycle was not equipped with a brake ring and just life-threatening.- If you ride a bike around the city only, prefer a bike that can be stored and transported in the main lift / machine, etc., not looking.- Pedals a bicycle shall not be moved forward relative to the saddle (with the exception of velochoppery).- The wheels and steering wheel while driving should not publish virtually any sound, rotating smoothly and easily to the cyclist.

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