How to replace spark plugs

Spark plugs are located in the spark plug wells (depending on vehicle configuration candle wells can be protected by decorative cover) that are in the cylinder heads of internal combustion engine (ICE). Each candle is threaded through which is attached to the cylinder head. Go to the top of the candle set high-voltage wires for supply voltage from the ignition system for spark gap spark plugs.
It is in this part of the connection of high voltage wires with candles often consist of mud, which consists of small particles of dust. Before replacing the spark to remove contamination by any means at hand to avoid getting dirt in the engine cylinders, and begin to replace the candles, taking care of pre-existence of a special candle key. Its size must fit the candles used in the car.
Replacement of spark plugs is achieved in stages, depending on the configuration of the car:
release from wells candle decorative casing, if present;
    disconnect the high voltage wires;
    using a special candle-key, unscrew the spark-plug.
    install new spark plugs in reverse order in compliance with the torque. A new candle is delayed as a quarter turn (about 90 °); formerly in use candle with O-ring delay at 30 ° (since the sealing ring is compressed), a candle with a conical sealing surface is wrapped by only 15 °.