Russian smoke bath

Here, undress, wash it immediately after the chase teas, drink a brew rest. Over the vestibule should be steam room, equipped with a stove-heater. Smoke does not circulate freely around the room and goes out through the tube. Therefore, call this a Russian bath smoke-free, white. On the stove from time to time splashed water. And then the stones up the heat. Steamed in a Russian bath standing on the shelves. He sometimes has two, and then three steps. The lowest temperature is kept near the floor. The highest - the ceiling. While smoke-free Russian bath basked, and tried to warm water for washing. Sometimes for this purpose in the oven bannuyu inserted cast iron boiler. However, this method increases the humidity, spreads in the bath the excess moisture. We had to ventilate her. Warmed the water and just put straight on the rocks with buckets of water. The most original way - warm water in wooden barrels. They are, of course, the stove did not put. There were simple. Removed from the oven-hot stones and threw them into the barrel. The stones were cooling, and water in the barrel heats up quickly.

In the smoke-free Russian bath is possible to arrange all the modern amenities. If the bath is small, we can restrict entrance hall, lounge, shower and steam room. Near the Russian white bath can make a small pool (especially if there is no river or lake). In a pinch, you can put two bathrooms - one with hot water, the other with cold. If space allows, a smoke-free Russian bath can be fitted with more and cloakroom and toilet, and indoor pool.

Equipped with Russian steam baths are very serious heat capacity furnaces, filled with round stones. Round - is that the stones were heated evenly. A heavy furnace should be in order to be able to make this dry steam. After all, raw, wet steam room, filled with white clouds of the wet steam is actually not at all typical of the Russian bath. Originally Russian steam-dry steam. It was later, when a huge number of public baths, there was the wrong idea about how the Russian steam bath should be moist. This happened because in the public baths fed by hot steam pipes, and they were really hard to maintain low humidity. In the sauna, with its light the stove, this dry steam can not be obtained. The sauna is very hot air, the humidity is low at the same time. This bath can easily dry up. Some people do not suhovozdushnaya sauna suits. For example, those who have sensitive dry skin. With such a penchant for pharyngitis bath is also not recommended. But the Russian steam bath is good for those and for others. After the Russian bath has a headache, normal breathing and sleep. It is only necessary to be able to properly prepare a Russian bathhouse. Another difference between the Russian pair - it steamed with a broom. However, the difference is relative. Under certain conditions, and the sauna can be a pohlestat soaked in hot water with a birch broom. But all the same broom - a traditional Russian banya is an attribute. It is best suited for a guy with a broom. In too wet bath - hard to breathe. And the broom to be sluggish, heavy. In very hot and dry - whisk quickly dry out and circled. But the treatment of dry, but soft pair is ideal for venichnogo massage.

Modern Russian steam bath can be arranged not only in the wooden house, but also in the stone room, in a panel bath. It is only necessary to take care of thermal insulation and good ventilation. The main thing here - this is the presence of the furnace-heater. Russian bath can be arranged separately, you can make it part of the house, you can place it in the basement. In the first case of a Russian bath should be placed close to home (it should be clearly visible from the windows), the second - take care of fire safety. The second option is suitable in all respects: otaplivaya Russian bath, we simultaneously heats the house. In the third case, however, should take care of additional ventilation. All these options are good in their own way.