Lombard Business Plan

Not new but has not lost relevance a business idea - a pawnshop. Rhythm of modern life sometimes requires individuals prompt decisions and financial costs, and get such a bank loan takes time, and catch the required amount of friends and acquaintances, too, does not always work. In such cases, bail out pawn shops, where you can in a short time to get the required amount of bail. Open a pawnshop in a village - it's quite attractive business idea. As a rule, major customers of pawnshops are people of moderate means who have jewelry or other valuables, but usually there is no free money for urgent investment or payment. Before opening a pawnshop need to decide what he will.

You can open a pawn of two types: classic or buying jewelry. In the first case, the income you receive from interest on funds provided by you, the interest in these cases ranged from 4% to 25% per month, in the second case, you will receive income from the purchase and subsequent sale of jewelry. Opening a pawn shop you need to find a suitable property, except for minor repairs will need to install bars on the windows, set fire and security alarms, iron doors. If you plan to engage in buying jewelry, then it will be better with a pawnshop to open a small jewelry store. For storage of cash and jewelry boxes must be purchased, as well as showcases for the store. In addition, it is necessary to issue licenses and beautiful, all prices pawnshop, all of which should be understandable and accessible to members of your pawnshop - potential customers. The next step - it's personnel. In addition to vendors for jewelry store, you need to find an experienced appraiser for the pawnshop. Now the jewelry market is very often the product with gold plating, and within the usual cheap metal. To recognize such products is difficult, therefore, requires the services of an experienced specialist. From a specialist depends more prosperous enterprise. Approach to the selection of a specialist should be taken very seriously. Since the pawnshop is lending institution and lending is the loan agreement, then you need a lawyer working in this field. Find a lawyer in our time a lot easier than the expert - the appraiser. By recruiting from an appraiser to tehsluzhaschey should be approached seriously, look at all the recommendations, the same phone to place of work received. Another difficulty in the work except for fraud will be stolen jewelry and other valuables, which tend to accumulate in various buyouts and pawn shops. Check whether a product is almost impossible, but if these things will be revealed, you have to return them to the owners or transmit to the police. Similar problems may arise in pawn shops, which give pawning a car, if car is stolen, it will be confiscated without compensation pawnshop. For prolonged storage of some household appliances, cellular phones possible failure of the batteries, electronics, etc. For all this responsibility and indemnify the pawnshop as he. Therefore it is necessary to insure your business against such cases. We should not forget as well, and that except for legal and clandestine, there are pawn shops, and usually they have a much greater financial resources and are able to lend to a very large amount. These organizations can seriously compete for your business.Prior to the organization of the business, decide for yourself with what your pawnshop will do. In different regions and areas likely to receive an expected object to the pawnshop will be different. Local pawn shop, fur, gold pawn shop. Can think of the schedule. Work as most companies do the work or the pawnshop clock and seven days a week. Organize their work in our time is simple. There is a wish. Take care of things and the security personnel, and always do their job honestly!