Russian car VAZ 2106

Back in 1975. At this time in Togliatti finish preparations for the mass production of car VAZ - 2106. Its development was conducted in 1974, and it was created as a replacement for the VAZ - 2103. And in 1976. began mass production. The model has undergone enough changes, both internal and external, that though and add a unique personality and model, but still, it was the likeness of his ancestor. That is to say "six" as it is dubbed the inhabitants, applies to passenger cars with rear wheel drive, body type - sedan. The main motto of the project was to reduce the price of the product, which is why abandoned expensive finishing materials. Yet this model has been in great demand due to the engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. and therefore increased power. It was the most powerful compact car in the USSR, which was produced commercially. With the development of technology and production model repeatedly upgraded, but also in the basic model of ergonomics quite worked out in accordance with existing norms and trends. Consider a modification of the VAZ - 2106, which were produced from 1976 to 2006.: It should be noted that the VAZ - 2106 adopted by the industry from the normal 1966. fall into Group 2 of the small class of mass (up to 1049kg). And in the third group on engine size (from 1500sm3). And this is the last model with twin headlights and a passing beam.
This vehicle model was kept in the series production 30 years from 1976 to 2006. Over the years it has been produced hundreds of thousands of cars the sixth model.
VAZ-2106 base model has remained the most prestigious model Lada
VAZ-21061 for the model installed on the engine VAZ 2103
VAZ-21062 export version of the VAZ-2106 with a steering wheel on the right side!
VAZ-21063 is remarkable that with this model, the engines were mounted oil pressure sensor, the model output was up to 1994
VAZ-21 064 export version of the WHA-21061 with the steering wheel on the right side
VAZ-21 065 was produced from 1993 to 2001. In the configuration was 5-speed gearbox and a more powerful generator
VAZ-21066 VAZ-export version of the 21 063 with a wheel on the right side
VAZ-21 067 The first model with fuel-injected engine
VAZ-21 068 The prototype, which served to test and fine-tune some of the sites of new engines (VAZ - 2108, VAZ - 21 083)