Making ravioli - Business

Quite profitable and necessary kind of small business. Of course, it is necessary to spend money to start a business, but it's worth it. Release of dumpling is one of the most profitable industries, as ravioli and dumplings is very popular in our country semis. In addition, ...

In addition, the manufacturing process being established enough dumplings in a short time, about 1-2 months. equipment for the production of ravioli is easy to use.
At present, Russia has a wide selection of different equipment for the organization of production line of semi-stuffed ravioli and. The kit should include equipment assembly for forming dumplings, Cake Flour sifters are necessary and mixer, for meat - meat grinder and mixers. It is also necessary premises, water supply and sanitation, and meet health standards. Small pelmeni shop should be equipped with devices with capacity from 50 to 250 kg / hour.
Let's start with the most important issue. How and how to choose the device for shaping ravioli?
There are domestic vehicles, there are foreign. The price of the same type of construction machines for the production of ravioli is distinguished not by much. Pretty good proven producer of Chinese dumplings dumplings aids production of Harbin and Beijing factories. Pelmeni machine JGL JGL 120-5 and 135 in 1987 were awarded a gold medal at the International Fair in Leipzig. In the same 1987, the state received a gold medal on the quality of the PRC. In 1990, as approved monopoly products. These devices allow you to adjust the feed rate of filling, the thickness of the test. There is also a possibility of changing forms of production in these Pel'mennykh devices. In short products to satisfy every taste from traditional forms of "Crescent" and in the form of ravioli ("pads"), a traditional form of a crescent can be both a comb and without it, larger or smaller. In any case it will be firmly glued dumpling, which does not fall apart at the seams when cooking, and recipes unique stuffing and test the use of special spices ensure the success of the manufacturer on the market.

To obtain sufficient profits from its shops, it is necessary to consider the purchase of raw materials for production of ravioli. That it is cheap enough, but at the same time quality. It is better to buy raw materials in bulk, since the bulk purchase price is lower, and this in turn reduces the cost of semi-finished products themselves and, accordingly, the final price of products.
For the production of minced meat dumplings are necessary and flour products must comply with hygiene requirements and have a high taste. Mince should be uniform, not greasy, batter - with elastic gluten content of at least 30%. It should be noted that the mixers are used in bakeries are not suitable for making dumpling dough.
In the production of ravioli is also necessary refrigeration for frozen convenience foods. In workshops with high-performance conveyor freezers generally use aggregates, but for minitseha more suitable low-temperature refrigeration chambers with a volume of 4-20 cu m They can freeze all products produced during the shift. Ready-to-implement products necessary in the -20 to +5 C.
The next stage of the production of ravioli - is packing the finished product. By this stage to take responsibility, because of the appearance of the product will depend on demand and income, respectively, of your department. It is better to choose a transparent or translucent polypropylene bags with sealed edges. On the package to make a drawing of the manufacturer. Such packages are durable and easy to transport, as well as have an attractive appearance and allows to consider the products.
Question Two: Payback equipment.
Economic calculation, taking into account the main factors that determine the final cost of production, for the novice trader is rather complicated. The cost of the equipment and other components of the production process affects the cost of all products, and, consequently, the payback period of the equipment and the profitability of your production. It is estimated that the average payback period dumpling shop equipment with capacity up to 100 kg / h with packaging products for semi-automated equipment and frozen in a chamber volume of 4 cu / m of chet over a month. But in practice, this term usually extends a few more - to 2 - 3 months. The lion's share of this time is spent on commissioning of plant and maximum performance.
To ensure a steady income throughout the year for its production, it is necessary to take into account the demand for semi-finished products in different seasons, as well as produce several types of products. Typically, equipment for the production of ravioli can produce various kinds of semi-finished products (dumplings, manta rays, ravioli, etc.) and use as a filling not only meat but also other types of products (mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, fruits). In the production of a variety of convenience foods, at different times of the year could be maintained production at the same level.