Production of kvass home

The other day I saw a business forum the story of a businessman who organized a small investment (1,000 USD) - kvass production house.
Just specify a history of creating a real business that operates successfully in a town in western Siberia.
For the skeptics who are just "whining" that, well, you can make yourself at home ... still very cold ... home brew sold will not be ...You and no one makes, you can continue to stay home and complain about the injustice of fate.
IntroductionSo, how did the idea? It's very simple. Somewhere on the Internet I've seen discussions of this business idea will or will not buy a home brew shops. Then concurred that they would not, because it would be cheaper to make at home.
Cheaper is cheaper, but, first of all, not everyone can do it, and secondly, not everyone has the time. Dumplings are also at home is cheaper and tastier obtained, however, all bought in stores. And the reason is simple - too lazy mother.
In short, in February of 2010, in a major supermarket, I saw such a brew. Its not brought the supplier and made the store itself. This supermarket has its own kitchen, there are made for themselves everything from gourmet food, pastries, and salads, finishing with kvass and SIDS.
Despite the fact that it was winter brew fly very well. But since that would brew has been produced, or how the supplier and transported to the shops, this was not. I spent no time in Internet, with the intention of finding at least some required information, and realized that these manufacturers simply do not.
Or rather did not exist before, and now there is!
So after I saw the home brew in the store, and even in the winter, I began to "break through" the subject.
Now I have a client base of 37 while only shops but the monthly income ranging from 80 - to 110 thousand. Specify, it is not income, that is pure profit. Our city has about 170 stores, so consider yourself a way to go ...
As I began toFirst, of course paperwork. He has designed IP, bank account, registering a bar code on products, found a small production area of ​​25-30 square meters. (Formerly the kitchen with a dining room). He began to collect documents for SES and Rospotrebnadzor. Here is the n ... ey.
The biggest challenge I came up with TU and TI. Who knows, it's technical specifications and technological instruction. Without these documents you no one will work and will not issue a certificate of quality (or Declaration of Conformity) of the product. And without them, no store will buy your products.These documents are developing special organization, and is from 7 to 15 thousand each. Then I decided to not work on TU and GOST for kvass.
Standard itself is only 50 rubles, it found no problem. But TI (technology user) need to be developed in any case, it is a home brew. And as I said, this is about 6-10 thousand rubles. Extra money for the novice trader, of course not, so I decided to try to develop myself. It was then that they had a drink and my krovushki.
Oh, people, if someone decides to repeat this feat, not advise. And then like dokumentik simple, no more than 15 pages, but it took me nearly a month elapsed and 8700 extra money (it would be better just ordered the developers).
Why so? Let me explain. During the examination of TI (and there are a) dig up every word to every point. You bring the document in the Federal Service, on examination, that just is not so paid, and each examination is 2900 rubles. In general, rewriting 2 times. And they check at least 5 days.
In the end, after all brought to mind, has made .... ... Was. ... Endorsed. issued a conclusion that my TI meets all state standards, cheers ...(So ​​if someone decides to produce home-brew about TI and recipes advise to contact me personally, there is already finished, it is home to kvass, with appropriate expert opinion. Well, if you have an extra 6 - 10 thousand, and may order a new .)
So at the hands of the Standard, TI, sample labels.
Later in the workshop produced a prototype of kvas (4.5 L) and brought to the local SES (or more precisely in the center of food hygiene). Paid something around 5 thousand rubles for the organoleptic examination, toxicological and microbiological studies, +2 900 for examination of TI. After 5 days, gave an expert opinion that all indicators are normal. Then 3000 for the departure of SES employees in production, after 5 days was given a conclusion that everything is in order.
Then another 1.5 liters delivered to the certification and metrology expertise to meet state standards:- It examines the mass fraction of solids (ie sugars), acidity and alcohol levels. Such examination is worth 390 rubles.
With the latter I have inconsistencies. According GOST alcohol content in kvass should be no more than 1.2 percent. And I have found 2.5. (Damn, almost as in beer.) Remade, put less sugar and yeast, again paid for 390 rub. - Showed 0.8. Excellent. Finally issued in accordance with GOST.
With all these findings, State standards, TI, expert opinion, went to the certification body. Here, the easiest, since all documents are in order, then the next day I received two major documents, quality certificate and declaration of conformity.
All these documents can begin to work ...
Manufacture and sale of home kvassThe production problems have arisen, during the execution of documents every day, home brew set in 3-liter jar. Experimented with the composition. A month later achieved an optimal balance of ingredients and good taste.
Kvass truth turns out very tasty, this is confirmed by stable sales, and hence demand.
Made in the traditional drums of 110 liters in volume. These are sold in each city. There is a blue and white barrel. It is better to take the white, as seen through them and the level of kvass ferment and they are lighter.
Cranes to be purchased separately and cut into their own.
Now everyone knows that is not important production and marketing. I myself used to work as a merchandiser and sales representative and, therefore, this "kitchen" know from the inside.
Kvass, I immediately decided to only sell to supermarkets and only open refrigerated cases, this is where milk and cheese are on the bottom shelf.
The reason - the storage conditions and the short shelf life. According GOST brew can not be stored longer than 3 days, and the storage temperature from 2 to 12. (I to 6). It is certainly possible to specify more, but then made a separate examination, and it all costs money. Since I first started, it was very limited in finances, so I decided to leave while the case.
First, of course, all the goods managers perceive all very negative.What? .. 3 days? ... Yes, and in the refrigerator?? Refrigerators and so crammed with everything ... But you say go with his kvass.
While some agreed to take a sample of one pack (6 poltorashek), but only on conditions of return of the delay. In general, a package can be persuaded to take almost any commodity specialist.
Those who do not agree, try to bring a brew or offered free of charge on a single package for sale. Agreed to almost everything.
The first time he was afraid, and suddenly did not sell. When brought to his first store two packages, as sellers saw, and began to neigh, they say where I am with my kvass, and with such a short shelf life. One and all said that after three days I'll take the delay. I even began to doubt himself. My question - and how many they have sold kvass per day, they said that in the package, and this is the brew that is constantly advertised on all channels.
In general, it was something to think about. The same evening I went to the store to see how it is sold. To be honest coming to the store "to change", I think everything, if it's all worth kvass, spit at all and I will not do it.
! Shoot the two packages left 2 bottles, and it's the first day ... and without any advertising ...
With an eye to the past, I note that that first day on the affected lot. In other stores I went to more confidently. In all the supermarkets, where I put in the first week of my home brew, without any advertising outselling all its competitors. After all, our people are bored by the usual natural products (without all preservatives, flavors, impurities, with the prefix "E" and so on and so on).
And what is the shelf life is short, so it's even turned into a plus. If a standard is a sales representative at the request of a once a week, then I go 2-3. This often gives the impression, flick in a high demand commodity researchers. Plus, also reporting to the goods on the shelf, if dismantled.Delay has not been seen. But not even because the goods are well taken, but because I try not to peretarivat shop. I quote so much, that would be enough for 2 days. And if you suddenly do not sell, always have in stock 3 days.
Economic calculation
Now for the money. Cost of one poltorashki is 9-10 rubles. Sale of stores to 25 rubles. (But you can easily at 26-28). Profit 15-17 rubles. with a bottle. Profitability over 150%.
Naturally do not forget about taxes, rent, raw materials. This month, I hired one employee in the shop (probably soon need one). So I work for an accountant himself.
The average store sells in one day, on weekends, two packs a day. A good shop twice.
Even if we take on at least 15 visits a day. Obtained 30 clients (as customer visits every 2 days):30 packs per day = 180 bottles180 bottles * 30 days = 5400 poltorashek month.5400 * 15 (17) = 81 000 rubles (92 000) and it is at a minimum. It is usually around 100 - 110 000.
All calculations lead only through the bank.
Can be more, but one is physically hard. Just do not have time. Since the morning of product should be diluted by the points in the second to put a new batch and pour into prepared poltorashkam kvass.
Personally, I would first like to take a sales representative, and the whole day to work in production, but now has decided to the contrary, I will take the employee (or two) in the shop, and he will focus on marketing. I have only 37 clients, and in more than 180 stores. Of course, half of them are major network, and they get harder, but not individual chain stores (either small networkers) for about 30-40 typed exactly. In general, there is much to move.
The advantages of this business idea:1) A small initial capital (I missed the area of ​​1 thousand USD);2) Ease of organization and production of kvass;3) New to the market, natural drinks, though known and loved by many;4) High profitability;5) Stable demand, even in winter;6) Lack of competition;7) drink kvass most consumers;
Business will be profitable if your town has at least 20 supermarkets (profit of about 54 000 per month).
Difficulty:1) Punching need everything yourself, and work at first, too.2) The first time it is difficult to convince the commodity researchers try to buy and put on the shelves of the refrigerator kvass. One and all say that he does not sell, there is no room, but after a week of opinion is changing dramatically, and in your favor.3) It is necessary to monitor the demand and not peretarivat stores.
In general, business is normal, not an easy course, but profitable.
The main thing to start on time, still has no competitors in your city. Believe me, it's a nice feeling to see how to parse and praise the good that you did with your hands and put that in mind.
In winter, of course sales are falling, but that demand will be all year round - that's for sure. Saw myself as like kvass snapped up in the winter. Similarly, if during the summer can be attributed to the competition street barrel brew in the winter they simply do not. That pasteurized and filtered brew sold in stores, no comparison with a natural "living" home is not.
And now once again for those who decide to develop this business in his home town: you can contact me with any questions. As for the final technological instruction (TI), the formulation of kvass, peculiarities of doing business, etc. TI does not recommend itself to develop (as I did), in the end lose both time and money will not save. Still in Rospotrebnadzor find something to dokapatsya, they benefit because that would be altered and you pay for each examination in 2900. And so, at least on this I'll help you save money.