Salting tomatoes

In order not to part with juicy tomatoes even in winter cold enough to spend some time in the summer. Salted, and canned tomatoes will raise the spirits and give fresh spices winter kitchen.

Salting the tomatoes.
conservation ovoscheyOkazyvaetsya, pickle tomatoes easier than ever: no hassle to you with non-bottles and sterilization.

Also suitable for pickling tomatoes of any kind, shape and maturity. Better red tomatoes salt in the banks, as they quickly soften and the barrel can be turned to mush. For the pickling barrel fit green and brown tomatoes.
The only thing that needs to be done before salting, sort of different maturity and tomato pickle them separately.And then everything without a hitch. We spread thoroughly washed tomatoes in cans or in a barrel, sprinkles them with spices. Spices that are "friends with tomatoes" - it's fennel, red pepper, black pepper, garlic, horseradish, bay leaf, celery, tarragon.
After fill the tomatoes 6 or 7 per cent brine. The first one (60 g of salt per 1 liter of water) is suitable for tomatoes, green and brown, and the second - for the Reds. Keep salt to tomatoes in a cool place.
You can pickle and tomatoes in juice. To do this, line the bottom of the barrel leaves of black currant, and red tomatoes spread on top. The layers alternate with the leaves of tomatoes and currants sprinkled with salt (50 g of salt per 1 kg of fruit). After filling the barrel is filled tomatoes pureed tomato weight, give them 7-8 days to walk and carry away in a cool place.

Canning tomatoes.
To preserve the tomatoes have to spend more effort. First, banks must be sterilized. How to do it correctly, you can find here.In addition, there are thousands of recipes conservation. Probably, every hostess there are a couple - three of his, loved ones. But still, there are general guidelines to be followed during canning.

The usual scheme of conservation is as follows.
In the banks should be laid with spices (fit the same as for salting), ripe red tomatoes, pour hot brine (1 tbsp. L. Salt in 1 liter of water), sterile lids camouflage and put in a pot of hot tomato vodoy.malosolnaya
Sterilize jars for 10 minutes, then rolls them upside down, camouflage blanket, and leave to cool.But this is just a scheme. Usually housewives prefer a more sophisticated recipes using onion, vinegar, mustard. They give a more intense taste.
But no matter what recipe you use, remember the following tips.

• Pickle always cook more than needed, because part of it is absorbed, or boil down pours.
• The required amount of brine is calculated as follows: in a jar of tomatoes ready for canning, pour water, measure the amount that we add another glass and a number of brine cook on one bank.
• Canned tomatoes will crack if they pierce with a wooden stick at the base.
• To open a bank with tomatoes stood longer, and the contents are not moldy, put it under cover of a mustard plaster.
• You can preserve tomatoes. To easily remove it, you need to pour over the tomatoes with boiling water, then cold water.
And finally, the recipe is very tasty snack tomatoes.
At the 3-liter jar of tomatoes you need:1.8 kg of tomatoes,04/03 bulbs,1 carrot,1 bell pepper,Spices: dill, bay leaf, pepper - to taste.1 liter of water required - 40 g salt, 60 grams of sugar.
Cut the onion rings, thick, sweet pepper cut into 4-6 pieces. Put the chopped vegetables, tomatoes, grated carrot, spices. Pour brine-filled jar, but not the top, and so that there is a place for 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Roll up and sterilized for 5-7 minutes.
Banks put upside down, cover with a blanket to cool.

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