Sergey Eliseev - Russian bogatyr

FAMILY Strongman

    Sergey Eliseev, Sergei was born in 1876 in the family, nature has generously endowed the remarkable physical qualities father, Ivan G., a cook by profession, was bogatyrskogs addition. Sons - senior and junior Sergei Alexander - worked as a mechanic in the railway workshops in Ufa. Jokingly, to the surprise co-workers, brothers zealously baptized dvuhpudovymi weights, diluted with them hand in hand, dashing and ikusno juggled. Sergey also very fond of fighting. And once accidentally bought more widely known.

    Every year, around the national holiday held in Ufa Sabantui. On it were going to the strongest batyrs city, near and distant villages compete strength, dexterity, dashing gallop on a horse. The most popular Bashkir folk belt-wrestling - kuresh.

For several years, the winner of the Ufa Sabantui kuresh became Gabdrahman Salikhov. He was remarkable ease, as if playing, doing some gentle cross the steps, trying for the next opponent, suddenly, as if iron vice squeezed his ribs, and, leaning back sharply, throwing lightning turned the air and hurled to the ground. Having finished with the sixth opponent Gabdrahman without the slightest sign of fatigue was among the spectators. And so much strength and confidence was in his figure, he seemed invincible. Did not seem to be more courageous, capable of deciding to fight with the renowned batyr, when, apart tight circle of spectators, went to Gabdrahmachu youth of medium height and connected by a belt stretched out his hands to grasp an opponent. Indulgent smile intention of another bidder, a renowned warrior accepted the challenge, no doubt in the outcome of the match. And then something unexpected happened.

    So Sergey Eliseev won his first major victory. The next day the house Eliseevs brought three sheep from Gabdrahmana Salikhov and his fans. It was a magnanimous act of recognition of the superiority of Sergey and respect him as the strongest fighter.

Winning the Tournament.

    As time went on. Eliseev Brothers continued to have entered into the habit of exercising. In April 1898 forthcoming championship of Russia in St. Petersburg. Sergey was invited by chance on him. This news is very pleased him. In the hard work, permanent, sometimes debilitating, at the limit of human capabilities, training days and months passed before the scheduled tournament.

In order to develop the leg muscles, he filled his shoe soles on the lead plates, which accumulates more than a dozen miles to the house on the adjacent hills. Served as an uncountable number of different exercises with a homemade barbell, dumbbells, dumbbells. From the perspective of modern methods of training, he independently without scientific management was able to predict the key points of training leading athletes of today. Equally, it can be attributed to diet, life, personal discipline, an example of which he has always been for the representatives of the sporting world at the time.

    Sergey Eliseev appearance in St. Petersburg by Dr. Krajewski has not gone unnoticed. - Lord! I present to you a new addition to our heroic. Sergey Eliseev from Ufa. Please love and favor. The first went to Sergei Gakkenshmidt. Behind him came the rest of the athletes, who formed the athletic elite of Russia at that time. At last, in April 1898 in St. Petersburg Russian Championships in Athletics Sergey Eliseev has been the focus of experts and the public. Slender, with well-developed muscles, he is the ideal human physique. Sergei was nervous, and this naturally affected the outcome. He had to settle for second place and a large silver medal. George won the championship Gakkenshmidt. Calmed down, he performed a number of unique tricks, for which he earned two gold medals. One of them, particularly outstanding, and wrote "St. Petersburg News':" As an outstanding achievement with weights, Sergey Eliseev testified as follows: he took a weight in the form of a ball with a handle weight of 152.5 pounds (62.45 kg), raised her right hand behind the head and outstretched arm slowly down the side, and held it for a while his hand in a horizontal position. Record this is a world. Even in elite athletes has not been done this with more than 120 pounds (49.1 kg). "

In February 1899 Elisha went to Milan. The Italian city lives tense expectation unprecedented in the country sporting event. For several weeks, colorful posters notify: soon there will come the most powerful people of the world to argue who deserves the title of the fittest. The platform is mounted on the stage of world-famous opera "La Scala".

    Interest in this event grew to the extent that, as in Milan arrived participants of the tournament. Unique clothing, tremendous growth of many participants whose weight reached 140 kg -150 - all fueled curiosity. In Sergey Eliseev, on the contrary, nothing unusual happened. Height - 172 cm, weight - 83 kg. Applicants for the world title and did not think that this Russian guy could be a serious competitor. In the world's "Table of Ranks," the last championship in Vienna, he did not appear. They figured, of course, Russia's representative, but it was the famous George Gakkenshmidt, or, as it was called, "the Russian Lion." During the parade participants audience that filled the theater to the limit, with sincere sympathy, bewilderment even looked at the blond Russian, lost among the tall massive athletes.

The young Russian athlete was the easiest of the participants. Quite a bit, considering that weight category did not exist, and, according to popular belief, those who are "pulled" is less than 100 kilograms in the sport in general had nothing to do. But as you know, winning weightlifters does not bring its own weight, and the one that they raise. Already in the first exercise - the snatch with one hand - Russian strongman has raised more than anyone else. It became clear that Russian athlete has phenomenal strength and brilliant technique. He won eminent rivals one by one, beating them both in the individual exercises, and in the amount of weight carried. First prize - a gold medal - for winning the championship on the right to award Eliseev. In addition, for the establishment of the tournament world record in one hand squeezing him more and was awarded a special prize - a small gold medal.

    At age 23, Sergey Eliseev, a simple working man from a distant backwater of Ufa became the champion and the champion of the world. In Russia, the news of a brilliant speech Eliseev generated wide publicity. Sam glavnonablyudayuschy for physical development of the population (there turns out to be such a position in the royal cabinet) wrote to the king of the reward correlation resident of the city of Ufa Eliseev for exemplary service to the tsar and the fatherland. Twice in 1899 and 1900 he won the title Champion of Russia, showing the dramatic results at that time. In the bench with both hands he lifted 145 kg and 160.2 kg pushed. In 1903, Sergey Eliseev went to Paris to attend the World Cup. Again, he praised Russia.

    It was the last event on the athletic scaffolding Russia and the world, where he was always accompanied by a brilliant success and worldwide fame.



In Russia, the brewing revolutionary events of 1905. Sergey Eliseev was an active revolutionary, known as the royal secret police. He took the nickname "athlete." In June 1905, he was carrying leaflets. The crowd rushed to the Black Hundreds him. Eliseev struck his head, but saved the precious cargo lifter. Fifty days he hovered between life and death, when he recovered, the gendarmes sent him to prison and then exiled to Yakutia.

    After the Revolution he was a very difficult and full of dramatic life. But he never threw a workout. 1925 found him in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Fate would have it, Ivan Lebedev brought on a wrestling mat Eliseev with the great and invincible Ivan Poddubny. On the appointed day and time agreed two world champions, one for weight-lifting and athletics, the other to fight. Witnesses at the same time was a bit-mostly experts in athletics.

Here's how the magazine "Sports" describes this exceptional in all respects meet the heroes, "In half an hour to any of the fighting failed to receive effective, but the initiative was clearly on the side Poddbunogo. Eliseev raised twice in the" second floor "140 - pound athlete Poddubny and tested method of throwing on the carpet, but the expected result did not work - turned out to Elisha on his feet. " Hard to say what would have happened on the carpet ... When Ivan Maksimovich prepared to conduct one of the most proven and effective techniques, could not resist a wrist strap connected the hands Eliseev. Spare belt was not!

    Fight was declared a draw. Poddubny said: "Die you, it turns out, nut, Sergey Eliseev!" In memory he gave him a gold hairpin in the form of rods with a precious stone with the words "there turns out to be a worthy rival of Russia Ivan Poddubny." Sergey Eliseev died in 1939.

From the standpoint of science

For Sergey Eliseev, from 1932 to 1938. conducted medical supervision (he was 56-62 years). Elisha at this age was almost a healthy man. And in those years, he continued his athletic sports with hygienic purpose. Results of dynamic medical examination showed that the Eliseev has reached the advanced age, were not detected any signs of adverse effects of athletic sports, but rather the correct mode and systematic training in the sport helped him to maintain good health, and sports a high rabotospobnost Longevity. We today, filled with gratitude, took off his cap to all the pioneers of our athletics. It is they, despite the difficulties, able to cause us a healthy interest in training with a barbell, dumbbells and weights, to sports athletes. One of the prominent representatives of these people will remain forever Sergey Eliseev.

Born 130 years ago, Ufa athlete Sergey Eliseev, which is considered the first world champion in weightlifting and the first Russian world champion at all. So argue many articles and books, so says the International Weightlifting Federation (IVF).

But even far from all fellow-known biography Eliseev, the essence of his sporting exploits, finally, his very name. But a man must honor and respect all the Russians. It should be a national hero on a par with Ivan Poddubny, which, however, now also pretty rusty.

Who is Sergei Eliseev and how he became a world champion?

"A Brief Encyclopedia of Bashkortostan", published in 1996, reported the following:

"YELISEYEV Sergey (1876, Ufa, - 1939, Tomsk). Sportsman. The first Russian. Champ. Peace (1899), and silver. Medalist World strand. Athletics among professionals (1903) ..." and so on.

However, not all as easy as it might seem. The fact of the world championship Sergey Eliseev now is undeniable, and yet a few decades ago it was only on the unofficial title of world champion. And this was a well-founded. That's what I wrote the ex-champion and world record holder, Honored Master of Sports, Dmitry Ivanov, in his book "The bar on the scale of time," which was published 35 years ago:

"At the end of March 1899 in Milan were the biggest international competitions in lifting weights. While global forums athletes did not exist, and these competitions it is possible to equate to the world championship ... Chairman of the Society of Russian strongman Vladimir F. Krajewski sent to these Sergey Eliseev competition: The competition ended in a complete triumph athlete from St. Petersburg ... "

How so? The International Federation believes Eliseev champion, and D. Ivanov argues that competition in Milan can only be equated to the World Cup. Also Elisha was named athlete of St. Petersburg. What's the matter?

Indeed, less than a year before his victory in Milan, Sergey Eliseev, along with his brother Alexander moved from Ufa to St Petersburg. Invitation from Krajewski they received after his successful performance at the first Russian Championships (16-30 April 1898). Then the 22-year-old Sergey Eliseev ufimets took in devyatibore (!), The second place, losing only 19-year-old athlete from Revel (also a Russian city, now - the Estonian capital Tallinn) George Gakkenshmidtu. Year has not passed in vain, and in Milan Eliseev exceeded some of their earlier results: right hand pushed the 86.8 kg (85.9 was), and two - 143.3 kg (was - 135.1), and pressed the two 116.7 kg ( was -114.6).

But should it be considered on the basis that the first victory of the Russian athlete the world should belong to the northern capital, and not Ufa. After all, by his brothers Eliseev work up in Bashkiria, and lessons to Krajewski could equally compete with his disciples. We will not insist on choosing, let each reader make his own. And that no one was hurt, you can use now a widespread system of double counting.

However, this contradiction is not so important compared to the other, mostly. What is it that a "world championship" was held in Milan? And why did he eventually became a world championship without the quotes. It turns out that "the largest international competition lifting weights" were actually competition for prizes against Milan, which was attended by athletes from Germany, France, Switzerland and Russia. At the end of a wrestling tournament and a competition was held in weightlifting, which won a "student of the Bashkir sport" Sergey Eliseev. These competitions were held by President Milan Athletic Club Marquis Luigi Monticelli and the newspaper "Della sport." The reason to consider them at least an unofficial world championship would be a part of that time the strongest athletes and the absence of other events that are equal to or exceeding the mentioned list of participants.

By now published IVF data at the Milan tournament held April 4-5, 1899, was attended by five athletes from three countries, and all - from Europe. As for the "rating" provided there athletes, then he can be judged by the absence of Gakkenshmidta. But "Gak," a year earlier, not only won the championship of Russia, but was third at the World Championships. At least, so called, in contrast to the tournament, which won Elisha. The same ones who "Gak" lost, Milan was not there.

So what the reader will say. Let not participate if you do not want. Here and in the Moscow Olympics-80, many countries did not participate. That's right, but do not forget: this is a contest, at the time they were not considered for the World Cup. Even at a time when the "world championships" to combat and weightlifting were held almost every circus, the Marquis did not allow myself to call it the world championship tournament. And the results shown in Milan, were probably at that time is not too high. If Sergey Eliseev defeated rivals, pushing the right hand of 86.8 kg, George Gakkenshmidt year before the championship of Russia raised in this exercise, 115.4 kg (world record)!

When a version of the world champion's title Sergey Eliseev, hard to say. The well-known historian of sport, our countryman Joseph Dizenko in his pamphlet "Under the pseudonym of" athlete "," quoted "even very" Gazette della Sport "for February 20 (!), 1899 (ie, one month before the event), published the" note of correspondent on the SI Eliseev, "which was later reprinted in Russian magazine" Sport ". Here is its content.

"Among the bright constellation of athletes who came to Milan, of course, stands out Russian Sergey Eliseev, a representative of one of the outlying provinces of Russia. Curiously, the name of the city, from which he came, like Rome, is composed of three letters and called - Ufa. After repeated attempts to penetrate into the training room, which was made available to athletes, I still managed to go there, and I was rewarded for his perseverance.

The vast majority of claimants to the crown of world champion - it's incredibly tall people and the enormous weight of about 110 pounds and above.

The exact opposite was named Sergey Eliseev me. The impression was that talented sculptors of ancient Hellas, sang in his immortal creations wonderful harmony and beauty of the human body, posing for a young man like Eliseev.

In my opinion, it should be expected from him a sensation in the forthcoming championship. While the absolute majority of those present in the gym were concerned not so much a workout as the supervision of one another, Elisha did not hide it. It is easy, free and easily rehearsed outstanding tricks with which he intended to speak at Milan's dais.

It seems that he may become one of the main contenders for the championship. "

And in March the same "Sport" wrote "... More recently, sports community, and many fans enthusiastically celebrated sports capital of the prominent Russian athletes Eliseev, who returned from Milan, where he was sent to attend the World Championships in weight lifting.

A worthy representative of Russia, he won in a bitter struggle with the strongest athletes in the world the first place and thus became the first Russian world champion ... "

A lot of strange here. IVF believes that the World Cup 1899 was held in early April, and the Russian magazine for six months before this already gives a reprint. And even calls the "absolute majority", "bright constellation" of just four contenders Eliseev, and very athletic, sent to the St. Petersburg club tournament - the representative of three letters.

Unrivaled expert on the history and statistics of weightlifting Apothecary Michael, who was director of the Podolsk sports school "Hercules" is probably also knew everything that was written about Eliseev. And the "unofficial-official" world championship he, too, always nagging. To such an extent that he was in the 60s of last century sought abroad who emigrated from Russia after the revolution Gakkenshmidta and asked him a specific question.

The fact that said "Gak" Soviet statistics, it should be clear that the official world championship this competition, neither one nor the other was not considered. Even the question of official competitions were not. "... Victory in Milan did not give grounds to consider themselves Eliseev world champion - wrote in a letter Pharmacist Gakkenshmidt. - It is the world record, as I recall, no one had, and world champions did not participate in this tournament ... "Gakkenshmidt not misspoke about any records, nor about the" world champions "in ... he wrote the book, which he also sent the Apothecary, had been the results of the first official European and World Championships. It turned out that the first European championship was held in 1896 in Rotterdam (Netherlands), and the first official world championship took place on 19 - July 20, 1898 (almost a year before the tournament in Milan) in the capital, Vienna, Austria-Hungary. The first was won by 120 - pound the Austro-Hungarian William Turk, and weighs only 89 kg champion Russia Gakkenshmidt took third place.

The program of events in Vienna, in accordance with the then custom, and was part of the fight. Played out in parallel to the champion of Europe against the French and world champion in weightlifting. Gakkenshmidt put on the blades of all rivals and become champion of the continent, and in between contractions, went on stage and fought for the world title on the bar. In addition to "bronze" in the all-around, he won the "gold" in the snatch with his left hand (85.1 kg). Excelled in this tournament with yet another Russian foreign name - Guido Meyer from St. Petersburg, he squeezed in a stationary rack 50 kg 13 times in a row and was awarded a silver medal ...

But if it is possible to believe Gakkenshmidtu about Milan, then what about the rest: the International Weightlifting Federation (IVF) was only founded in 1920, the European federation of weightlifting - in 1969. Which official World and European championships says Gakkenshmidt? What they are officially what was in Milan?

As we reported, in the annals of IVF competition in Milan appear as a world championship. The third in a row. First, it appears, took place on March 28, 1891 in London (by seven athletes from six European countries), and the second - July 31 - August 1, 1898 in Vienna (it is already on gakovski), with 11 athletes from three European countries.

On the correspondence between pharmacists and Gakkenshmidtom said in his book "Justice of force" known weightlifter and a writer, "the strongest man in the world," the 60-bit and one of the members of the presidential elections in Russia in 1996, Yuri Vlasov. The book in 1989. Consequently, the issue of declaring the competition, held during the three decades before the birth of IVF, the official world championship had not yet been resolved positively. However, it is possible that even now no official document, securing legal history course weightlifting in the opposite direction, no. But if IVF still on it went, the official world champion Sergey Eliseev our countryman was a hundred years later than in the Milan won the tournament. So, "the first Russian champion" still was not.

From the book by Dizenko you can still get a glimpse of the life of Sergei Eliseev. It was truly a wonderful person and an outstanding athlete. Victory in Milan, is not held him in St. Petersburg, and he returned to Ufa, where he again began to work in the railway workshops. And then he joined the circus, and as it turned out, on the instructions of the revolutionary underground ("Now he has continued to act as scaffolding for weightlifting Russia, on the advice of a revolutionary organization for the benefit of direct conspiracy.") Action Sergey Eliseev was under police surveillance, which is "sewn" to him the murder of a traitor and provocateur Vladimir Sokolovsky. After the trial, he was exiled for 20 years in Siberia for a long time and got stuck in the mines. But in 1917, was released, he moved to Tyumen, and in 1922 settled in Tomsk. According to the testimonies of people who knew Eliseev (with them managed to talk Dizenko), he was still in excellent physical shape, not drunk and did not smoke. Worked as a volunteer youth sports to join. In a word, was the kind of person can be, not every world champion.

We love people titles and ranks. If you're the Olympic champion - you're a great, if the world champion - you're not so great, and if only the champion of Russia - that was not human. Is it not enough that Sergey Eliseev, in 1899 won the prestigious international just the tournament, which the International Weightlifting Federation considered it possible to retroactively put on a par with the official World Championships.

We deeply respect Salavat Yulayev and Yuri Gagarin, although they were not the first world champions. Similarly, the value of sporting achievements and the greatness of the figure Sergey Eliseev is reduced due to the fact that we cease to see him only the label of "the first Russian world champion." He is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding athletes of the world of his pores. But more importantly for us - the first inhabitant of our land courageously shagnuvshy to the world of sports, and immediately reached its heights. He - the perfect combination of sports and the best human qualities. He - actually, the first among the "Outstanding Athletes of Bashkortostan".