Dried fish recipes

Dried fish called the first salted and then provyalennuyu in the air. Taken for drying fish fat or high fat content. This fish is under the influence of heat and sunlight gradually dehydrated, and in the flesh (in proteins and fat) undergoing complex physical and biochemical processes, in which case it acquires a peculiar taste. Of particular fatty fish after drying obtained gourmet foods. The peculiarity of dried fish is that it can be eaten without cooking. Dried fish, especially dehydrated sufficiently well preserved for a long time.

How do
jerk fish? Take for example the preparation of dried roach. Fresh fish strung metal needle through the eyes of a thick yarn in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more units. The ends of yarn tied together, and then salted fish ligaments (Chalki). In the salting dishes (no leaks), first pour brine from the previous salting the fish, or brine. The fish are placed in Chalki salting dishes, and when it becomes few speak of the brine, sprinkle with dry salt. Salt is distributed unevenly over the fish: on the lower layers of salt fish is given less, and at the top - more than the middle classes. The upper layers of roach poured a layer of salt in the 1-1.5 cm. Thus produced mixed ambassador roach. Dry salt on the ambassador spent 12-14 per cent by weight of fish. Small roach grease for two days, and the largest - for 5-6 days. If the salting dishes deep, for the best fish dishes prosalivaniya agitated, trying to lift up the lower layers, and the top drop down. Fish, as they say, "Kant": large - for 1-2 days before the end of salting, and small and medium - 12 hours before the end of the salting.

Normally salted fish is sealed back, meat (the cut), dark gray, and yellowish-red caviar. Salted fish well washed in fresh water, purifying it from coagulated on the surface mucus and undissolved salt. Then the fish to hang on poles provyalivaniya in the air. Bundles of fish hanging on a pole so that on either side of it was on an equal number of fish that should not be crammed together and hung would have two tiers. But with the abundance of fish or a lack of poles, or in order to save space, the fish can be placed on poles and in some circles. If there are no poles for drying, the fish can be hung on the string stretched, for example, molding at home or between any of the resilient mounts.
jerk vobla 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the fish and the weather. Willingness of fish is determined as follows: back in the finished dried fish dried up, the meat of elastic-hard, the cut is smooth pinkish-yellow, and caviar - the orange-red.

You can also prepare and dried roach, roach, roach Siberia, Aral roach, sabrefish, carp, Shem, vimba and other fish. Similarly vyalyat and perch, bream, pike, carp, that is, larger fish, which necessarily ambassador before gutting, removing the entrails. On a bunch of nizhut 2 or 4 fish, and medium-sized, not more than 6. The fish is salted or mixed or dry ambassador. More fatty fish (bream) salt with ice-cooling, in which case the salt is taken more. Ambassador lasts 5-7 days, and drying fish - 20-25 days or more.

Better quality of dried fish is obtained in the spring, because at this time are usually clear, sunny days and moderate winds. Fish is very good provyalivaetsya - fatty fish meat becomes a special taste and aroma, and a lean fish such as pike, perch, well dried and becomes persistent storage.

Sturgeon. A special kind of dried salmon products are made from fatty fish (sturgeon, salmon, catfish, herring, etc.). Preparation of these products, especially from the sturgeon, requires skill.

Artisan can prepare balychki of oily herring. The fish is cut from the back, remove the entrails. Inside the abdomen sprinkled salt, then put the fish in a dry dishes for 1-2 days. After prosalivaniya fish released from the salt by washing in water and then hung in the air for provyalivaniya. After 2-3 days you can fish for food.

The dried fish. If the dried fish can be eaten without further cooking (except for a skinny fish that is boiled, it is also prepared from the first course), then dried fish (or presnosushenaya solenosushenaya) tend to believe only half-finished, requiring cooking. In addition, dried fish, usually made from lean or low-fat raw materials, "mature" in process, that is does not get much taste of what's going on with dried fish.

Dried, and large and small fish, fresh or unsalted podsolkoy. You can dry the fish in the air - in cold weather or in winter, as well as in furnaces (Russian or similar structures). In some northern countries such as Norway, prepared presnosushenuyu fish of all kinds of cod fish, and that favorable weather conditions in that country. The fish were decapitated and gutted, removing the eggs, liver and bowels, and then dried in the wind - on wooden boards or veshalah. Drying takes 2 months or more. Prepared in Norway and solenosushenuyu cod. Depletes fish, beheaded, rasplastyvayut, remove part of the vertebral bones, cleaned, salted for at least 3-4 weeks, and then dried in the sun - on the rocks or in the dryer.

On the fisheries of the country mostly dried small fish. When drying large fish gutting it necessarily. Greater attention should be drying fresh

fish in our North, Siberia, Kamchatka, and Sakhalin.

Experiments carried out during the war by freezing out fresh fish in the winter (dry pike, roach and other fish) in Siberia, have shown the possibility to get very high quality product, which from a physiological point of view of nutrition has many advantages compared with salted fish or fish dried at high temperature.

How is it possible to dry the fish in the winter? Fresh fish is cut: small gutting, cutting to the abdomen, and a larger cut from the back, the insides are removed. Then the fish are cleaned, strung on twine and dried on poles. Drying as a function of temperature can last for 1.5-2 months.

These small fish like whitebait, smelt, perch, ruffs, gobies, sprat, dried as fresh, and salted. The drying is carried out in furnaces, and weather permitting - in the open air. Well protoplennuyu Russian stove (or a similar) release from coals and ashes, carefully sweep under it and poured the fish. In the furnace, the fish is dried for 4-5 hours until fully cooked. During the drying fish 2-3 times a particular mix strokes so that the depth of the furnace is moved closer to the brow, and from him - in depth. If dried fish with podsolkoy, then poured hot under the layer of salt on it and have put the fish. You can also dry the fish, previously salted in brine for 15-20 minutes, or dry salt for 5-6 hours (at a rate of 10-15 percent salt by weight of fish).

Dried fish are packed in wooden boxes in bulk (small) or in woven baskets from shingles a small tank and stored in a cool place.

Presnosushenaya fish has greater stability during storage than solenosushenaya, as the latter quickly dampen.

Skinny small dried fish can pound in a mortar and dried to obtain food fish meal, continuing a long time without damage, if it is packed in tightly closed cans or boxes (preferably metal). This flour is used for cooking soup, fish soup and other dishes.

Here's what you can prepare, such as dried fish meal.

Fish soup. Take 80 grams of fish meal, 160, peeled potatoes, 10 onions, 50 carrots, 10 grams of vegetable oil and a liter of water. Pepper, bay leaf and salt to taste put. Boiled fish soup, as an ordinary meat.

Fishcakes. Take 600 grams of fish meal, 400 wheat, 100 onions, 50 of vegetable oil, 2.5 grams, pepper and salt to taste. Fishmeal lightly pour warm water and allow it to swell 1-1.5 hours. Then add the chopped onion, flour, pepper and oil. All are thoroughly mixed, make the patties, roll them in wheat flour and fried in vegetable oil.

How jerk bream

 Fresh fish should be well washed in a bucket of cold water (if you wash in the sink, it is likely obstruction) to remove the entire mucus. Then rub with coarse salt bream. Do not eviscerate! Salt should also put the fish in the mouth and gills behind.
At the bottom of a clean and dry pelvis sprinkle a little salt, put layers of fish and leave it for 12 hours in a cool place, covering with gauze.
After 12 hours the fish must be reversed, putting pressure on and leave for 3 days prosolku. Every day, the fish must turn over, so it does not damped. Then, the fish must be hung on drying. It is convenient to use for the large paper clips. Always have to be suspended only for the tail, so that all the interior remained at the head of the fish and then it was easy to clean. Suspended fish should be covered with gauze. Fishermen use for drying special boxes or crates, but if it does not, you can just put up a fish on a string.
In order to not sit down and fly larvae are not delayed, each fish must lubricate small amount of vegetable oil (better to take a fragrant market).
After about 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the size of the fish and the weather, fish provyalitsya. Readiness of dried fish is determined by the specific golden abdomen.
Perhaps the beer is already in store at the time of availability of dried fish, and now you are ready to treat.
If the fish has turned out a lot at once and it does not eat then it can be stored in a paper bag. If the fish is dried for storage, it can be wrapped for a couple of hours in a wet cloth and it absorbs the necessary amount of moisture.

Least of all nutrients lost in dried and dried fish. When drying is oxidized only part of the vitamins. Dry can only lean fish, jerk - every. Most often vyalyat vobla, roach, bream, rudd, mullet, vimba, sabrefish, barbel, sprat, gobies.

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