Weddings in Russia: traditions village wedding

In many villages, and now remember the beautiful wedding traditions in Russia and play them in his grandfather's. Usually the bride's home in the evening are the matchmakers. Approaching the house, they knock on the window or at the door and ask to let them. As before, two men come into the house under the guise of pilgrims lost their way or hunters, or merchants found out about this house for sale in the "chicks", or simply by entering the house, saying: "We are not matchmakers matchmaker, and good people, and you accept from (name) with bread and salt. "

At the beginning of a conversation fiance is behind the door, and only later enters the house. Observing an old ritual, the two men first ask consent from the girl's parents, who in turn - a daughter. In a sign of consent bride cuts the bread brought in two or matchmakers in four parts - inside and out, after which the bride and groom go to another room.

Take the bread and salt, and you call the feast. Bread and salt primaem, and under your soot. From good people with bread and salt primaem, and the young man to boot.

And if not Letter or anything else on failure, then:

Thank you for your love, friend, and now the girls do not want to give. Young: the bread and salt father's mother did not overeat. Early, a young girl again, not of Kuta, in Kut (corner of a peasant's hut) looks. We have the goods do not corrupt, not ripe. Not on merchant goods, not on the goods merchant. Take the bread and salt, and zaporuchene (enlisting, engagement, collusion, and preach the bride) to give the court the good people. Please do not be angry, looking better than us. Do not hand you the goods we, on their own find. No threshold we have across you: there is better than us.

Matchmakers, meanwhile start a business conversation - about the wedding day, how many guests will be from the groom and bride. During courtship, or immediately after it determined the heads (valves) boyfriend, his assistant - poludruzhka, two matchmakers. Mainly at a wedding is a friend. He is elected from among the married men who know marriage customs, and must be a person alive, agile, able to control the celebration. Of his abilities and behavior depends on the entire course of the wedding. He entertains the guests, making sure everyone was happy.

Matchmakers are selected parents of the bride and groom of married female relatives or neighbors. This is a voluble, the clever women who know their business. Matchmakers dress the bride in a wedding feast day, they brought her dowry to the groom's house ("Buy the four corners, allow four rubles, the fifth into the middle," - said the matchmaker, who brought a dowry), treat the guests, accept gifts. Friends of the bride shall be elected by the older friend. She is the bride during the wedding ceremonies of all: walking with her to invite guests, helps her put on her wedding day. Such a role for the groom playing boyfriend, who is elected from among his unmarried friends.

(On the role of raznolikoy pals say many proverbs cited by V. Dahl: Choose a pal, so divine the mystery / grooms train does not let the bride into the house until they see through all the proposed girlfriends mysteries. Come to me a bride, will give way, what speak, and brought / boyfriend brought his bride dress /. Pake-popey-ka at the bottom of a penny, and yet popesh, and find a penny / boyfriend the bride /. The people christened / Orthodox / bless our prince and princess to the cross and the crown / friend speaks to all guests /. knew how their child auxiliary, nourish, learn to show people / friend of the bride says /. As the dove dove nests without not Vietnamese, so newlywed prince without a princess to the place does not sit down / boyfriend fiance /. Gold and gold twist, pearl with another roll / boyfriend tells of young /. Shub heat and shaggy - you live warm and rich / planting young at the table on fur /.

Cook, chef-father, mother, cook, get up at Cunha's feet, on the heels sable, etc. / sentences boyfriend at the wedding feast /. Garden obstructed, and beast of savings / boyfriend says young parents, the wedding of a working / etc)

Invite guests to the wedding accompanied by special ceremonies. According to custom, the bride is sent to invite guests in a wedding dress, with her bows to all passers-by and guests are welcome, bowing three times.

The evening before the wedding in the bride's home usually gather friends bride on the hen, who is accompanied by songs, humorous ditties. Guys are going in the groom's house, where dinner and then go along with the groom to the bride. They bring with them candy and treat girls. Along with contemporary songs girls sing the ancient ritual songs and be sure to "play up", ie, the first styled the bride and groom, and then - all the rest.

Early on the morning of the wedding day the bride once again meet a friend. Matchmaker and older boyfriend or specially invited women dress up the bride. Until the arrival of the groom girls are about the bride and sing songs.

Meanwhile, the groom's house go last-minute preparations for the trip for the bride. To come to the groom of his friends, who, together with best man and matchmaker are the wedding procession. Usually, the bride riding in cars decorated with ribbons, flowers, and on the sides of the machine on a panel written the names of the young.

In the yard of the bride wedding train meet adolescents (bride's relatives and neighbors), armed with brooms, sticks and buckets. They guard the gates closed to keep the groom to the bride without compensation. The gate is opened only after a friend will buy. Typically, the redemption of the gate turns into a fun ceremony, accompanied by rhymes. (The best man lash whip transversely on goal - driving away her maiden bliss). After receiving the ransom, guard opens the gate and passes into the courtyard wedding procession bridegroom. The best man comes into the house to "buy" a table and braid the bride. Table "sells" the elder friend, she has long traded, although the amount is known in advance; Spit "sells" the boy - a relative of the bride, he gets a candy and gingerbread. After the "buy" table and spit the wedding procession to the house to be rural authorities, where held a solemn ritual ceremony. Then an invitation to the bride's house, and the fun continues. The important thing a wedding feast - bestowing the young. (Ask your prince with a glass of wine each princess yes Pivtsov glass: a glass accept and allot younger. Syr loaf please, put the hryvnia gold. The Schiltz on myltse on curved veretentse).

An integral part of the wedding ritual is the transportation of the bride's dowry to the groom. On arrival at the groom's house bridal resumed.

Country wedding (start it, usually confined to the Sabbath) usually lasted for two, at least - three days.

Kurnik - wedding cake

Kurnik from fancy baked unleavened dough. Pies of this test is probably more ancient origin than yeast, so they are often associated with ceremonial traditions and carefully decorated. Kurnik is prepared in the form of domes or four octagonal caps and decorated with stylized human figures, animals, flowers, etc.

Of fresh pastry rolled round cake with a diameter of about 25 cm and a thickness of half a centimeter. It put the baked pancake on it - a layer of chicken flesh, again pancake, fried layer of fresh mushrooms (cooked and chopped winter dry), close the pancake, finally, put a layer on top of rice, minced meat, all these are laid hill and surrounded by her pancakes. Then roll the second cake fresh biscuit dough of 35-40 cm in diameter, make four radial incisions and it is covered mound of meat and pancakes. The edge of the top and bottom cake zaschipyvayut around the base of Kurnik "Herringbone." On the surface, Kurnik zaschipyvayut verge along the lines of the radial incisions. Kurnik smeared egg, place it on jewelry, make a few punctures and bake at 200-210 degrees.

The first stuffing. Cook crumbly rice porridge, add chopped boiled eggs, parsley, butter and mix.

The second stuffing. Cook chicken, remove meat, cut into slices it, the flour is heated with oil, diluted with the broth, boil, and pour this sauce chicken.

Chicken (meat) 450 g butter 20 g flour 5 g

Third stuffing. White fresh mushrooms fried in butter and seasoned in the same sauce as the chicken. If the mushrooms are dry, they are cooked, chopped, fried and seasoned mushroom sauce.

Fresh mushrooms 150 g or 50 g of dry, oil 10 g. For fresh biscuit dough: Wheat flour 350 g butter 20 g egg 1 pc., Sour cream 30 g sugar 15 g salt 4 g, 3 g of soda, water or Milk '75

For the pancakes - 40 g of flour, eggs, 10 g, 2 g fat, 100 g of milk, salt, 1 g.

To lubricate Kurnik - half the eggs.

You will need: dough - 4 cups of flour, butter 250 g sour cream 250 g, 2 eggs.;

for stuffing - Chicken, 1 pc., ceps 300 g, 5 eggs, 1 cup of rice, chopped parsley 1 tbsp. spoon;

for the sauce - butter 2 tbsp. spoon flour 1 tbsp. spoon, strong chicken broth 2 cups, cream 1 / 2 cup, 2 egg yolks, 200 g of champagne.

Prepare the pastry of these components, cook chicken until done, remove meat from bones and cut into slices, season with white sauce. Boil rice and the resulting crumbly rice porridge to fill with oil, add chopped eggs into it and the greens. Fresh mushrooms in butter and put in the same season with the sauce.

Prepared from the dough and fillings sformovat pie. To do this, separate the dough a quarter of the surface of the cake, and roll out remaining dough round cake thickness of 1-1.5 cm, put it in a greased pan or shape so that the edges were covered with a layer forms a test on it to put the filling layers of rice cut into slices of egg, sliced ​​chicken, mushrooms and rice again, and so It is necessary to give the cake the shape of the dome. Then from the remaining dough and roll it out "cover" the cake, cover it doming surface of cake and make dough ornaments, lubricate the surface of the cake egg. In the mid-cap figure to make a hole that was removed during baking pairs. Bake pie at 220 ° C. When the crust is flushed - cake is ready.

Kurnik K fed sauce.

Preparation of the sauce. One table. spoon butter rubbed with flour diluted with the broth, add the cream and boil mixture for a couple to a creamy consistency, remove from heat and stirring continuously to fill the egg yolks, mashed with one tablespoon of oil. To the yolks are not folded, heat the sauce is not recommended.

Kurnik troublesome furnace

But not on that question.

Do not pity the works for Nastya.

Give me, God, her happiness!

Welcome, fair folk, to our young the cheese-loaf.

Cake "The Bride"

Of protein mass, prepared by the basic recipe, bake two or three cakes and a few small meringues. After cooling, the cakes put on one another, their interlayers lingonberry or cranberry jam.

On the surface of the cake with a thin even layer of butter cream. The edges of the cake to issue small meringues. Using pastry bag with a straw, "Magnolia" on a sheet of parchment to press flowers of cream, put them in the refrigerator. When the flowers zastynut, a knife to move them on the cake, put the cake in refrigerator 2 hours.

Cooking meringues includes three stages: whipping protein mass, its shaping and baking products.

Whipping proteins. The basic recipe meringues: 4 egg whites, 1 cup sugar. Carefully separate the whites from the yolks, the presence of even traces of yolk hinders pricing. Dishes, which whipped whites, should be spotlessly clean, with no trace of fat. Before whisking to cool the fibers up to 2 ° C (preferably sugar and refrigerate.) When whipping proteins increased in volume by 7 times, what to consider when selecting cookware.

First, beat the whites without sugar until firm rack foam. Then, without stopping the beating, gradually, a trickle of them enter the sugar. Whipping proteins with sugar should not be made too long. A long whipping the mass becomes glossy, thick, and can settle. Duration of beating masses varies and depends on the amount of protein and sugar. Typically, whipping the four proteins with the mixer is 10.9 min.

Molding of protein mass. Whipped protein mass with pastry bag with plain or carved in the form of a tube otsazhivayut round cakes or shells on oiled sheet and bake immediately, otherwise the stock can settle.

To get the cake, whipped a lot of spread on a sheet, covered with a paper, level across the sheet and bake. In the process of baking cakes to prick with a fork or a knife across their area in order to keep them from breaking. Paper is easy to move away from product, if under it for 2-3 minutes. just put a damp cloth.

Baking meringues. When making meringues should be strictly observed temperature. Sheet with molded meringue to be put in just a lit oven and slowly (within 1.5-2 h) at 100 * C bake - to dry the product. Baking at a higher temperature leads to rapid solidification of the surface of products, with the middle turns wet, stringy. After baking the meringue are instantly "sit", decrease in volume and become flat, vague. The oven during baking meringues can be opened, meringue can be removed from the sheet gradually as they become available. Finished products can easily move away from paper.
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