Weddings in Russia: Traditions

At the present time preserved some ancient traditions of the Russian wedding. The traditional Russian wedding - quite rigidly aligned and consistent ritual in which all the appropriate symbolic and nothing more.

Wedding day at the bride's home starts wailing girl, who according to Russian traditions have to cry. Dress the bride her friends, chief among them - witness.

In the morning the groom's house of worship begins with the evil eye: the groom's suit should stick a needle or pin - amulet against the evil eye envy or spiteful critics. Previously, these rites performed a sorcerer, then began to perform his functions boyfriend now engaged in this witness, or a wedding toastmaster manager.

The groom gathers matchmakers, pal, family, money, and preparing food, gifts and rides in the bride's house, which is supposed to redeem her family and friends. Ceremony begins bride, whose meaning is to groom the bride's family has shown its viability, the ability to care for and maintain a young wife, a willingness to overcome any difficulties for her.

Three friends and relatives of the bride are at the gates of her home (at the door - in the urban form), on the threshold at the entrance to each room and ask the groom questions, propose a riddle, which the bridegroom is obliged to guess, to get the bride. For each puzzle neotgadannuyu groom should give bridesmaids gift or money. Gifts can be cakes, sweets, drinks, scarves. Girlfriends hide the bride's shoes, without which she could not go down the aisle. The groom should buy them as well. Girlfriends need to praise the bride, to confess his love to her and give promise of fidelity. They deceive the groom, his allegedly skipping into the room to the bride, where the little girl or cat, dressed in her wedding dress. The groom's party should praise him, emphasizing the positive aspects and qualities and proving that the suitor worthy and prominent.

After the bride groom, the couple goes to get married and get married. Then husband and wife come to the groom's house, where their parents met, scattering grain, symbolizing wealth and fertility. Parents of the newlyweds pripodnosyat bread and salt. Loaf for young parents need to bake yourself. The bride and groom take the traditional bread and salt with a bow, the groom breaks off a piece of bread, dips it in the thick salt and invites the bride. So does the bride. As the saying goes, the young have to eat pounds of salt together. My husband takes his wife on his hands and makes the house to trick brownie, because his wife was born in another family and house-she a stranger.

Then begins the meal. Young is given a separate seat at the table. The best man should entertain guests poiznosit toast and watch the young. The task of pals (the witness) to look for in order not to hiss ritual wooden spoons, which are tied with red ribbon and placed before the young bride's shoe to not remove the bench from the young, or, God forbid, do not steal the very bride, groom Speaking from his teeth. In some villages of southern Russia the custom ski-in-law. Take an iron trough, which is tied to cans rattling different items to make more noise. To the trough in front tie the reins or a rope. Father in law put into the trough, and the groom, best man (witness), or friends and relatives of the groom being dragged trough with a clatter to the test throughout the village. Meaning, obviously, is that on the one hand, crash scare and repel evil spirits, on the other - in-law so notifies all that he gave his daughter married and bought a new social status-in-law.
In ancient times the wedding night the young was carried out, usually in the bath (bath - a clean place, free from the impure forces) to escape from the evil eye and spoilage. Currently, this tradition has been preserved: the wedding night the young are often carried out in a hotel outside the city or in a new apartment.
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