Easy russian recipe: moonshine

Let's take a closer look at what the moonshine? In fact, this brew with an alcohol obtained by distillation through a self-made devices alcohol mass produced in the fermentation products containing starch in its composition and whether sweeteners.

Not less than all the known character of Ilf and Petrov's Ostap Bender knew of his stories at least 200 ways to make this wonderful drink. Of course the top of his excellence was the method of cooking liquor by squeezing the life-giving water from the stool.

In fact, ordinary people in such an abundance of recipes do not own, but still the human imagination, in this case there is no limit. Craftsmen in the matter progressed pretty far, and really fancy their inexhaustible. Each craftsman your recipe. Let me also note that the flavor characteristics of each brew is different, even if it was made for one recipe.

So how do you properly prepare the brew? What you need? And how to improve the taste characteristics of the product.
The leaven is alcohol-based substance. But we do have such lovers who use it and not processed. Earlier, during the "dry law" who remembers the visit of the district or the vigilantes, many have resorted to a trick: do not drink the supposedly revised. And it was impossible to draw a person for moonshine. Now, it seems, the need for such an excuse unnecessary. And lovers of this drink less with each passing day.

Bezapparatnye ways to make moonshine.

Frost to help:

Of the finished brew ferment (unless of course you can call it that) is prepared by freezing. In the refrigerator, on the street. The stronger the better cold drink. Cultures placed directly into the three-liter jar. What would be in the apartment did not have to smell the neck pull the ball, surgical glove or other rubber products.

But this method is not widely spread because of the fact that the fluid is a lot of impurities harmful to the body.

Cooking of beer:

This drink is also a hardly moonshine. But if you take three liters of beer, add a kilo of sugar and one hundred grams of yeast to ferment to (about a week) and then filter-get a good drink with a higher content of degrees and specific taste.

Cooking from the hips:

At 7.5 liters of cooled boiled water add 5 cups of rose hips, 100g yeast, 4 kg of sugar. When ferment and sludge (approximately 3 months), you get pure vodka. It needs to be carefully drained with a hose.

Well it would seem we have understood the primitive methods of manufacture of the product, then you can go directly to the normal recipe and cooking options for hardware moonshine.

In this article, I cite only the most common of course recipes. In fact, many more.

Recipes moonshine.

The most high-quality moonshine, so-called grain. I was very popular earlier in the Ukraine. Strong, with a mild flavor and a slight hangover.

To prepare the necessary rye, wheat, barley, millet, corn, peas sprout. To do this, soak in warm water, spread a thin layer and ensure that grain is not TURNED.

Beyond that sprouted corn to dry, grind into flour. Boil water and even boiling stirring constantly add the resulting flour. Stir until kiselnogo state. Cover and let spaced 10-12 hours.

Add yeast to cooled to room temperature structure. On a pail 50g yeast. Rove is a starter will be 5-6 days. Distill the steam machine. Of all the variants of moonshine - the best. If not then add yeast 100g. Peas in a bucket of yeast. Fermentation increases in this case up to 10 days.

Another way of grain brew.

Sprout half a bucket of rye, wheat or barley. Pound. Soak in 15 liters of water 12.10 loaves of black bread. Mix. Add 750 gr. Of yeast.

Ferment in a warm place for a week.

Another recipe:

Wheat sprout, grind in a meat grinder, coffee grinder, you can pound. Add water, yeast and put in a warm place.

At 10 kg of wheat 30 liters of water and 0.5 kg of yeast. Wander week.

The last two ways to technologically simpler than the first but a quality product is obtained using the first method of making moonshine.

Apparatus and methods of distilling moonshine

Used for the distillation of countless adaptations. In the remote villages are still using bulky, stationary units. They are installed in the forest, swamp, and they in turn enjoyed all the village (street).

In use the housing conditions are more compact mobile devices. In recent years, engineering thought in these matters has leaped. There were machines powered by electricity.

But anyway in the end of their scheme is the same and they consist of three main elements.

• Vessel to ferment

• coil
• Vessel-cooler.

Methods for cleaning up liquor and improve its taste.

The worst of moonshine is fusel oil. The fact that they exist, will be able to see any. Enough to light a spoon moonshine and after burning to look at the bottom, where it remains an oily stain. This is harmful fusel oil. In folk medicine the way they are used as a means of rubbing joints with rheumatic pains.

How can get rid of them.

• Strict adherence to technology generation, not perebavlyat temperature constantly change the water - cooler.

• Already made ​​moonshine purified by potassium permanganate. At the three-liter jar 2 3gr. potassium permanganate. Then wait until the fall deposit. Moonshine carefully drained.

• You can also filter the moonshine through ordinary household water filter (but then use the water it is not recommended).

And since you already have a refined product. He is ready for use.

But there are lots of ways to further improve the taste of the drink.

Home brandy:

1. On three liters of strong liquor add one tablespoon of sugar and a good tea, three bay leaves, black pepper, five peas, three or five cloves, pinch of vanilla, some lemon or orange peels. Let stand for 10 days.

2. At the same dose - three bay leaves, six peas allspice, ¼ tsp vanilla, cinnamon, one-, two tea, six cloves. For 10 days.

3. At the same dose of three teaspoons of sugar, the same number of instant coffee, three bay leaves, cloves five, eight pea allspice.


In the 0.5-liter drip five drops of ammonia, then vskolachivayut well.

All these and many other ways to clean up and improve the brew designed to

improving the palatability of the product.

And of course, remember that spirits in moderation is useful. excessive his

use is harmful not only your body but all around

who is on you people.