Russian moonshine(samogon)

Moonshine(samogon) - homemade vodkopodobny strong alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation, and not just digestion. By the way, this drink is necessary to determine the most Russian, as the Scot can do right at home whiskey, French wine, too, and the need for vodka distillation column [2]. Therefore, sugar beet, potato, corn moonshine - Russian native.


Terrible quality due to the fact that moonshine in the Russian often was started solely for PROFITa and neotdachi extra money for the state treasury of vodka and other spirits. But since the industrial process efficiency (gram-degrees on the ruble investments) in makeshift conditions can not be achieved even close, then the profitability of moonshine always chased out of shit: beet, rotten potatoes, sour apples, moldy grain, sawdust, etc., and with a maximum yield, digestion of wash to the last drop of alcohol. And that means - is far from the first drop of booze and other pleasures. There are no "pure as a tear," pervachey, forget this story. Consumers should, that would be especially cheap, but there will be a quality ...
Actually, there is a good brew? It happens, and still is! Just to make moonshine upotrebimykh normally have to carefully study and observe the process. In the case of a single production - the drink goes quite time-consuming, but if you do it professionally for several months, the process requires only worked out for the practice of action, and learn along the way is not necessary. Another plus of such activity - the use of the composition of what is known and not brandy with 70% methanol in the composition. In the sugar moonshine, even without treatment and a double driving of the content of methanol is ten times less than in the established norm for alcohol "Lux" or "Extra", all of that sugar is physically impossible to get methanol from pectin but the yeast can and to make methanol, so to apple distillates requires a special approach attenuation. In general, perhaps a hangover from the sugar liquor and you'll get sick, but certainly never poison or blind. The result is a beautiful drink that is drunk without any effort, just as you inhale. And the risk of poisoning from him almost nothing, unlike the risk of poisoning fake vodka in our conditions.

Russian moonshine(samogon)

Russian moonshine - the brand, proven all over the world thanks to a completely unique qualities. Inextricably linked with other brands - the Russian soul, Russian pelmeni, Russian blini, red caviar, and other things.
Russian moonshine - one of the favorite foods of our ancestors. Has great nutritional potential. Mandatory condition - environmental friendliness of the whole process of production and of the final product. In any case not to be confused with slivyankami, gin, Roma, temples, and other chachami made for similar recipes, but in quite different climatic conditions.


According to legend, Vladimir Red Sun, abandoning Islam in 986 year, rightly declared, "Russia is a joy to drink, can not be without!". In the future fate of the brew just can not be called happy. Rulers of Russia made all efforts to hinder the free production and consumption of this product.
Initially, it was decided that State shall have from this Profit. Each new ruler invent new intrigues to focus and increase the profit restrictions on freedom of distilling.
So much so, that to the XIX century free liquor manufacturers had to go into the woods. In the European part of the country's forests have been few and go nowhere special. Therefore, the center of production shifted to the Siberian regions where strategic reserves of forests have been immense. Activists brewing, korchazhniki-spirtonosy risk to liberty and even his life continued to produce and distribute his product among the broad masses of peasants and workers.
In this era of struggle with the traditional national product has acquired a distorted form of manic-enriched and ideological-scientific basis of the "harmful to drink for health." But the people have already heard about what is harmful oil / meat / egg / sugar / salt / etc pretended to drink only vodka, not really responding to this nonsense

Types of Moonshine
Kind of Moonshine depends on the initial ingredients are used and used a recipe. Some fans are not limited to the classic ingredients and deliver a truly extraordinary options. Briefly list the main, because everything is absolutely impossible to remember them:
• classic bread - the most conservative prescription, time-tested and stomachs consumed the most conservative individuals.
• From the children's cakes - used fortunate to have in force professional free access to the specifics of it. Fortunate enough to try this variety. It is strongly recommended.
• From the beet - different varieties. The traditional purple beet product remains stable purple, somewhat different from the so-called noble wine. And the taste of moonshine-like brew.
• From the tomato paste - in the era of the Soviet deficit was very common ingredient that contributed to the advancement of this recipe. The taste of some very fond.
• Of the potatoes - it is clear the most affordable, but some heavy.
• From apples - in fact, this deviation from the glorious traditions of classic moonshine.
• From the sugar syrup - patoshny. Grim stuff. Enjoys the disrespect, even in heavy drinkers village, but for lack of other options is used perfectly.