Russian Bath - old customs

Russian Bath - old customs

The customs of the old Russian banya

The bath should not drink that water, which is intended for washing. It was believed that the swab should give every respect, to show humility, obedience, politeness. At the entrance to the baths at Bannik asked permission to warm up, and on leaving the bath kindly thank him for his bath. In the past, and now, especially in villages, bath time begins quite early, about 5-7 hours in the evening to bath procedure ended before that time, which belongs to the bath. He was the last visitor leaves the hot water, steam, and a piece of soap.

Location Bannik solicit the giving him treats. The best treat was considered the giving him a piece of rye bread, sprinkled with plenty of salt, or better yet a black cinnamon. Brought refreshments to be released from the bath backwards, constantly otveshivaya with low bows bath. It should be noted that not always, not all visitors and not all bath-bath treated with reverence and fear. Many farmers want to protect themselves from the antics of all sorts Bannik opposition, in particular, tried to protect himself from harm in the bath with the sign of the cross or prayer. Many are still afraid Bannik. Swab can kill a mad stone, scald with boiling water, fumes suffocate. The peasants had never gone to the baths on one, even in the daytime, let alone late at night. If you are going to prepare a bath, the peasants were at her timidly, with bated breath. Swab, usually appearing suddenly, forcing all washable and floating guard.

There is a saying that sometimes "for easy dressing couples" to swab the bath drop his friends, all sorts of demons, goblins and other centuries-old belief in the existence-bath familiar with the antics of his good and evil deeds gave rise to some peoples dual attitude toward him. Thus, in the Russian North peasants say: "No more evil-bath so it is no good." He often defends persecuted, persecuted, poor ... The people there is a belief that the swab could augur guess. Particularly like it does in Svyatka (from 7 to 19 January). Girls in those days were wondering about the restrictions. But the surest way of narrowing guessing - guessing it's in the bath the night before the New Year with a mirror. Guessing in the bath was considered unsafe thing: swab may, if it provoke smb. 'S wrath by sending "all sorts of rashes and chirya on the body, and an evil disease within." If the swab in a good mood and if you do not violate its prohibitions, it can not only predict the future, but also influence the fate in the desired direction to guess.

With bath and connected "swab" - the bread that the bride's mother blesses the crown of young people: bread, salt, fried poultry (mostly chicken) and two complete cutlery - all this fit into the cloth, sewn with thread and passed matchmaker. The next day the matchmaker embroidered tablecloth and on leaving the young out of the bath treats their content tablecloths. Eat this writing wife alone, in privacy.