Russian customs: the construction of a village house

Russian customs: the construction of a village house

Old Russian custom: the construction of a village house

Building a house

A fancy way for the construction, the owners laid out on the ground oak bark. Three days later overturned it, and looked, if under the bark were lisch spiders so the ants - a bad place, not fit for human habitation. If there settled earthworms - you can build.
Taken out from his pocket three round loaves and rolled them on the ground. If all the loaves lay down as expected, the upper crust up - the place was a good, safe. And if the loaf rolled over and went to the upper crust, construction postponed.
Were no signs of good new on the site of the old house, whose owner died last, having no relatives or where the old house was destroyed in the disaster.
If everything pointed to success, then with God's help, took up the work, not forgetting to put under the far-right corner of the structure of a silver coin.
In ancient times there was a belief that new housing will only be durable, die when the head of the family to settle there in the soul of the deceased will receive a house brownie. Linked to this is a sign that the construction of a new home necessarily entails the death of the owner. And the relatives of the dead before, who first of all enter into the house. It is no accident at the request of the ancient rite of the first input is always the eldest in the family.
Wanting to take the death of people, our ancient ancestors, putting the house, to sacrifice any pet, usually a rooster. The hosts came to a bookmark, cut off the rooster's head and buried her there, where we assume the front corner house. This rite was accomplished in secret.


Front, large, or red, the angle - the angle of the most respected in the house. This is a right angle from entering the house, a corner, against which stands the stove. It fits a dining table. This put the icon and the first bow, coming into the house, give this corner, and icons. Place on the bench in this corner of the most honorable. This plant distinguished guests, elders, priests, medicine man. The signs, if cracking the front corner or Matica, the owner threatens disaster.

Sometimes the peasants buried in the ground at the front corner spot a few small coins and barley grains to the new house was not translated nor bread, nor money. Sometimes the added hair - for good luck and myrrh - to holiness.
It was built in the villages together. Collected to help - all the village men together at once, one day, summed frame to the roof.
When building a house put the two bottom logs, came the owner, brought the vodka: drink "backfilling". Under the front, the saints, angles, at the request of the owners, laid a coin for wealth, and the carpenters themselves from themselves - a piece of incense to holiness (even if not think about them, what they know with the evil spirit, and may be arranged so that the house would be inconvenient for housing .)
The most responsible thing considered covering the roofs and ceilings. The hosts tried to appease the carpenters. They were able to avenge stingy employers, if they cheated or underpaid promised money if the owner or poorly fed reproached odd piece. For example, a princeling on the roof to plug the neck of the bottle or box without a long piece on the front wall, filled with bark. In windy conditions of constant bottleneck heard a whistle. Birch bark also produces noise that is impossible to explain: there are howling and weeping, groans, sighs and cries. Live in the house became impossible.
Carpenters tried to placate in advance. Conspired about the conditions - they drank "zaruchnoe." Laid the first row of the main timber - drinking "oblozheynoe." And when a stock frame was transferred and put
at the specified location - again arranged a treat. Matica (the main beam, plank on which rolled forward and strengthened the ceiling) was raised in a particularly festive atmosphere.
When the house was built, again took steps to protect it from evil forces. Broadly painted interior of the house: stove, walls, loft, be sure to golbets - through it in the first place could break into the house evil spirits, and did wood carvings on the outside. Painted and carved on a tree different circles, rosettes in the form of the sun - the so-called charms. To protect the house from harm, did skate on the roofs of houses and granaries.