Samara VAZ-2115

Samara VAZ-2115
Samara VAZ-2115-2 - front-wheel drive sedan, the first representative of the updated family car "Samara".

VAZ 2115 is the ancestor of the family code-named Samara-2. The range includes three-door hatchback VAZ 2113, 5-door hatchback VAZ 2114 and VAZ 2115 sedan itself. Samara-2 family is a modernization of VAZ models 2108, 2109 and 21 099 respectively.

In 1997, VAZ 2115 sedan began to gather in the pilot production (DPP) in 2001 and began assembling in the factory assembly line. Currently, the WHA in 2115 is widely available, there are three versions: Standard (21150-20), the norm (21150-21) and luxury (21150-22). For the price of the car is somewhere between "Samara" and "ten" family.

Appearance of the car noticeably changed - changed the front and rear, upgraded interior, with the sides, doors and roof remained. The new model features the front of the car with original headlights, modified form of the hood and front fenders, new rear lights with the insertion between them, the bumpers painted in body color spoiler with additional cargo brake light, door moldings, fairings thresholds, new trunk lid with jack on the floor level. Provides a new and effective lighting. Modernization of the markedly improved, modernized look of the machine, as well as improved aerodynamics.

The car is VAZ-2115 became more comfortable, a new more convenient and perfect the instrument panel, which has a more streamlined and ergonomic shape, push-button selector switches and indicator lamps (so-called "europanel"), adjustable steering column, steering wheel from the "tenth "family" console "between the front seats. The new design provides an efficient heater heating the passenger compartment. Standard features include onboard system alerts the driver to close the door locks, seatbelt, left in the ignition key lock, oil level and coolant in the engine, the wear limit of brake pads. The luggage compartment has a roomy and comfortable, by increasing the trunk lid. Powertrain similar VAZ-21099.

On the cars used the 1.5-liter gasoline engines as a carburetor, and electronically controlled fuel injection with a 5-speed manual transmission. Originally released versions with carburetor engine. In 2001 he published a modification of the WHA with 2115i injector (VAZ 2111) engine with fuel injection. To increase the longevity of the work and noise at idle provides for a new clutch disc with a damper idle.

In the model range of JSC "AvtoVAZ" is represented by a modification VAZ-2115 engine with fuel injection, with its highly dynamic qualities, good handling and stability on the different types of roads.