jelly in Russian

jelly in Russian

This dish is an indispensable component of the holiday feast: first, it is easier than any other holiday dishes, and secondly, it cools and warms simultaneously. In addition, the mass of aspic merit. Many housewives do not want to bother, considering cooking aspic thing too troublesome and time consuming. But knowing some of the principles of cooking this dish and little secrets, and have patience, you can surprise your loved ones.
Aspic - a dish of jelly-like mass of curdled up on cooling beef broth with chunks of meat.
This dish is not a kind of filler, as the jelly-like consistency of jellied dishes is a consequence of the use of gelling agents such as gelatin and agar-agar, a jelly dish is an independent, not requiring supplementation.
Jelly and jelly, in general, the same dish. It is called the jelly in the western regions of Russia, while Ukraine and Belarus, as well as in Siberia called aspic. In addition, sometimes called the "jelly" is applied to the dish, derived from porcine or pig beef broth, to distinguish it from food, resulting solely from beef broth. There are national variations jelly, for example, Georgian dish - muzhuzhi, Moldovan jelly out of a cock, etc.

Aspic like to cook it in the winter: first, the easier it is to keep the winter cold. And secondly, in the chilly autumn and frosty winter days brawn has an amazing ability to warm up. On this occasion, there is even a proverb: "The court of jelly - freeze will be on the table in aspic - the warmth of the people." In winter, meals rich in meat yield strength, a feeling of fullness and warmth.

Aspic helpful:

With alcohol withdrawal syndrome (which is important on the eve of public holidays). The fact that the broth and proteins that are part of the aspic, bind oxidized decomposition products of alcohols to aldehydes and remove them from the body. Furthermore, we know that a drunk man is rapidly developing shortage of glycine. This amino acid is a very beneficial effect on the nervous system and metabolic processes in the brain. Glycine in its natural form found in the cartilage of animals that are just part of the aspic.
With joint problems and arthritis, with the destructive changes of cartilage. Here, the principle: like cures like, and natural jelly acts much better than chemical drugs.

What is the best cook aspic

Aspic can be cooked from one type of meat (eg lamb, beef or chicken), but you can make jelly-cuts, which will be combined in different species.
The general rule is - to use aspic kollagenosoderzhaschie parts of the carcass: the feet, tails, lips, shin (and a chicken or turkey - legs, wings). These products and give a very sticky broth, which solidifies on the eyes. But the surrounding meat in these parts a bit, so the extra added "meat" chunks (meat soup, tongue, chicken or turkey ham). For meat jelly is better to choose not frozen, but fresh, you can even tell you guys.

Beef. For beef aspic needed a leg (from knee and below) and soup meat. The leg can be replaced with three tails. Ideally, the jelly is made from cow's heads, brains, and all four legs, however, quite permissible to use only the legs, adding the meat, tails, etc. Also for aspic made using beef shin front (she shin, she's buldyzhka; front better because it has more gelling agents).
Motolyga - upper part of the beef leg to the knee. This part is very fleshy and therefore does not require an additional report to the meat, the lower part consists of the same gelling meat, and that leg and after cooking will give the broth viscosity.
Meat from these very pretty tough drumsticks, lean, there are a lot of tendons, which are boiled soft a few hours. In the rear shank of meat more than in front.
Go to the tibia on the market and the choice of making sure that the meat was not too old. The old meat is darker in color than the young. We recommend asking the seller to cut the leg into small pieces, at home it will be harder to do.

Pork. Pork gives somewhat sweetish flavor and cloudy broth. However, pork jelly is obtained not less tasty. Fit legs (in number of two or three pieces), shank, ears, and again, "meat" part. If we are talking about using pork in jelly, it's good to use pig ears, tails and legs.

A bird. Chicken aspic goes especially gentle. For him the ideal cock (and not necessarily too young, the young bird can be very razvaritsya during cooking). On the shelves of supermarkets sex and age of birds identified. Can be used for cooking aspic different parts of the chicken, as well as liver and heart, and the ventricles.
Also, cooking can be cool to take other kinds of birds: turkey, duck, etc.

Tenderloin is not really suitable for aspic, so it's best to take the cheaper meat with lots of connective tissue (the one that is obtained after digestion with mucous and delicious streaks).
The meat must soak in water to the blood finally gone, and the stock has not turned cloudy.

What you need for cooking aspic

Carrots and other roots. You can also add carrots than parsley or celery. Some throw them, while others are used for decoration.

Onion. Onion rinse water is not clean, throw into the broth. Onion peel broth will add a nice golden brown. After cooking, the onions can be thrown away.

Spices. Pepper (white or black, green rushes in the early and removed, along with the scum and the end), bay leaves (you can throw in the beginning of cooking just for five minutes and then pull out and add a few pieces with salt just before the end of cooking - and be sure to take out). Somewhere for 30 min. until the end of cooking add the dry well dill umbrellas, which are then removed. This will give a special flavor of aspic. In the jelly is traditionally not put a lot of spices, so as not to clog the natural meat flavor.

Water. Water for the aspic must be of good quality without impurities and tastes better to take the water to defend or potable (from the pump-room, from the filter or plastic bottles) and do not in any way tap, because the stock can get muddy.

The salt. Salt to taste placed at the very end before you turn and pour, you can boil with salt to provide additional longer-preservation. Salt is necessary only at the end of cooking, add salt if in the beginning of cooking or even in the middle, then the salt will stop gelation broth. Salt jelly needs a little stronger than usual broth, or after setting it will be tasteless.

Garlic. Cut the garlic slices or sticks, put directly into the forms before pouring. If you do not like when you get the garlic, it can be put into the broth immediately after cooking and straining, he just disappears. In addition, for a combined aspic (chicken drumstick +) well put the old bacon, garlic peretolchennoe.


A large thick-bottomed pan (sometimes a bucket). You can vystelit bottom of the pan with foil or put back the lattice, so the meat is not by chance "prizharilos."
Skimmer - for descaling.
Capacity under the brawn. It is best to pot with lid, special trays, ceramic cruets. In the plates is also possible, but in order not brawn spoiled myself and not share the smell with other products, it should be covered. In addition, the trays with lids easier to place in the refrigerator.
A fine sieve to ottsezhivaniya broth (or linen cloth, or gauze) - for thorough straining the broth.
A large bowl for the bones - bones as always enough.
The knife and fork - for grinding meat.
Slice and Dice - this is also for grinding meat (optional).

Secrets and subtleties of making aspic

Foot for aspic is better not to cut down (this gives a lot of small and sharp pieces of bone), and a hacksaw to saw with a special saw blade krupnozubym, which can be purchased at hardware stores.
Pan aspic should not overstuff the meat, because meat during cooking will increase in volume, completely cover it and bring to a boil.
Remove the fat (it is more convenient to do this wide flat spoon, you can simply dining room). Fat can be poured, and then you can consume for cooking vegetables. With the stock should be possible to remove fat. You can, drain, pour the broth into a wide bowl and make a cold, until the meat are good, cool, remove the fat, wet zhirinki some paper towel.
To be transparent jelly and gelled can not add water, interfere in the process of cooking, so it is better to determine the amount of water and not let the broth boil away much. Boil jelly should be from 5:00 to 10. It all depends on the amount of broth and meat quality.
If you want to get jelly homogeneous in composition, then stir the broth to the meat and pour it into forms.
Very easy and quick to cook jelly in a pressure cooker. To do this, wash the meat and vegetables and put in a pressure cooker. Add peeled onions and carrots, add bay leaf, peppercorn and salt. Since the boiling jelly cook 40-50 minutes.
In order to jelly turned out not cloudy, you cook it (as well as the usual meat broth) at a very low boiling and remove from the surface of the broth constituted as a foam.
Grind the meat aspic for a number of ways: you can make out his hands, knife, chop or mince. Of course, the chopper - it's a departure from the classical tradition, but for families with young children, this method may well come up, and the jellied meat with ground freezes better.
Re-boil after the analysis of meat - an optional step.
Garnish with slices of jelly can be carrots, boiled eggs, lemon, green onions and feathers finely chopped pickle.
Once the trays are filled, they must first be cooled at room temperature and then put into the refrigerator for final curing. Not in any way not to put them in the freezer!
In the initial cooling several times to remove the lid and wipe them clean with a cloth to remove the condensate, which is dripping in aspic can screw it up. You can place and without caps to begin with.
Since the brawn - a troublesome dish, it makes sense to cook a lot at once. Not start the same process for a single trays!
Cut aspic may be right in sudochke warm knife or put out of shape, which for a few seconds to dip in warm water.
Jelly are served with mustard, horseradish, apple cider vinegar and fresh, and warm bread is even better, you can try it with tkemali or adzhika.
Old cookbooks are encouraged to apply jelly with a green salad dressed with sour cream and a drop of vinegar, and fresh or pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, capers, peppers, green beans. Well, of course, jelly usually served with vodka.

If the jelly is not frozen

You can use gelatin, but it strongly affects the taste of a dish:
An option. 2 ~ 3 tbsp. l. gelatine soaked in cold water for 15 minutes. Put the bowl with the gelatin in a bowl with boiling water and stir until dissolved. Pour gelatin into strained broth.
Option 2. Gelatin first soaked in boiling water for 30-40 minutes, and then in a water bath or in a microwave oven heated to boiling. The resulting liquid is poured into hot broth.
Gelatin must put very small amounts cautiously to the stock does not become a rubber band. The wisest decision - to take one-tenth, respectively, required fluids and a tenth of gelatin. Dissolved, pour into a spoon and put it on for five minutes in the freezer.

To immediately verify the degree of gelation aspic, you can also spoon the finished soup to cool on a saucer and touch the liquid with your fingers. They become sticky and disconnected with some difficulty? So, will the glory of brawn! If the broth has turned out not sticky, you can add the dissolved gelatin.

You can cook in the broth pig ears and mix with the main stock.

You can cook a little longer and add an additional 300-500 g chicken or veal pulp.


in 2 liters of water
pork legs (hoof) - 2 pieces (can substitute pork legs to take the beef)
chicken leg quarter - 1 piece (or 300 grams of pork)
carrots - 1,
Onions - 1,
bay leaf,
allspice - 3-4 pea
Garlic - 3-5 cloves,
parsley, dill,


Processed pork leg and chicken leg quarter (or pork) rinse well.
Onions clean (you can leave the last layer of husk - it will give a nice golden color broth).
Carrots washed and cleaned.
Feet and Leg put a saucepan and cover with cold water.
Activate the fire, bring to a boil, remove the foam and cook at low boil (pork leg - 3-4 hours, and beef - 4-5 hours - that is, until, until meat is easily separated from the bones and the broth will not get stickiness).
An hour before the end of cooking broth with salt, put the onion, carrot, pepper and bay leaf.

* Very easy and quick to cook jelly in a pressure cooker. To do this, wash the meat and vegetables and put in a pressure cooker. Add peeled onions and carrots, add bay leaf, peppercorn and salt. Since the boiling jelly boil ~ 40-50 minutes.

From the finished broth to remove the cooked meat.


Separate the meat from the bones. Chopped meat.
Garlic peel and finely chop.
Greens wash, dry and chop.

In the prepared pans spread out the meat, sprinkle with herbs and garlic (you can put boiled carrots cut out stars and flowers).

Pour the broth and put into the refrigerator until solidification (preferably overnight).

On the surface, remove the fat congealed aspic spoon dipped in hot water.
To submit a finished aspic boiled potatoes and grated horseradish root.

Jelly - prescription second

1 kg of pork or veal leg, veal shank 300 g, 1 onion, 3 carrots, 3 bay leaves 5 peppercorns, 2 stalks celery, 2 cloves garlic, water, salt, chopped parsley, 1 / 3 cup of vinegar.
Feet will cut into several pieces. Cook the legs, pork, vegetables, bay leaf, peppercorns, spices, garlic in water (just to cover) for 2 hours on low heat. Remove the scum, add salt to taste, add parsley, vinegar and cook for another 2 hours. Strain the broth aside. Remove the legs and carrots. Discard the onion and spices. Less often, those meat slices and carrots.
Lay slices of carrots on the bottom of buttered molds for jelly, put the meat on top. Add the parsley and pour the broth. Cool for 4 hours. Remove exactly, but fat. Serve with lemon slices and parsley.

Jelly - prescription third

Buy a pair of legs - only pork, beef can be better one beef and one pork. You can add a small piece of meat (0.5 kg). Rinse products can be cut, put into a large saucepan, pour the water somewhere to 2 cm above the meat. Give a boil and put on a very small fire, under cover for 5 hours. After 5 hours in aspic, without removing from heat, add salt to taste, whole onion and carrot, parsley root, 2-3 peas of black pepper and bay leaf. Simmer for another hour. After cooking, you can disassemble when slightly cooled. Cut all the flesh from the legs and the meat into small pieces, you can just mash with a fork. Add up all this in a bowl. Brush 3-4 cloves garlic - chop finely, add to the pulp, stir. Spoon the pulp evenly on the forms where a 1.5 cm Broth boil, pour through a cheesecloth on all forms. That is, in general, and all. This jelly solidifies always, no gelatin is not required.

Jelly - prescription fourth

Aspic (beef and pork) shin beef lobby (aka shank, it is buldyzhka; front is better because it has more gelling agents), low-fat pork leg, 1 carrot, 1 onion with peel, 1 parsley root, 3 - 4 cloves of garlic, and salt.
The meat is better fresh, not frozen. Rinse the beef. Pork skin scrape. Fold the meat in a pan (do not pack tightly: the meat will increase in the volume), cover with cold water so that the meat was just a cover, and bring to boil. Carefully remove the foam. Reduce heat to low and leave for 2.5-3 hours.
Remove the fat (it is more convenient to do this wide flat spoon, you can simply dining room). Fat can be poured, and then you can consume for cooking vegetables. Carrot peel and slightly burn in the fire (should be brownish). Onion rinse water is not clean, and along with carrots and parsley root throw in the broth.
When the meat will fall off easily from the bones, season with salt and finely chop the garlic, pour it into the pan and immediately turn off. Leave until cool. Prepare dishes: skimmers, vessels under aspic, a fine sieve to ottsezhivaniya soup, a big bowl for the bones, knife and a pair of forks for shredding meat. A bowl to put everything in a broth of a rigid. Rob bones. The whole pulp, including pork skin, cut and put on dinner pail. Onions and parsley to throw (or eat), and a carrot slice and arrange on top of meat (for decoration).
Carefully pour the broth cruets, filtering it through a strainer. Close cruets and put in a cool place (eg, bottom refrigerator). After 10-12 hours jelly is ready. Eat with horseradish and mustard. Practice shows that the type and sauces tkemali also a very good jelly.
As an organic supplement can recommend the following drink: root buy horseradish, cut lengthwise into three or four pieces and filled with 0.5 vodka. Brewed in the fridge day. After that vodka gets amazing taste

Jelly - prescription fifth

2 pigs feet (with hooves), 1 kg lean pork, 1 kg of beef, 2 carrots, 2 onions, bay leaf, peppercorns.
The legs and the meat thoroughly wash and put in a pan, one piece, then cut yourself. Cover with cold water so that its level was above the level of meat lying about 15-20 cm Turn the fire, boil, be sure to not forget to remove the foam noise-Coy neatly, cleanly. Solim not very much, put peeled carrots and onions goal-com. Bay leaf and pepper, too. Bates fire at least obliquely camouflage cap and go about their business. Jelly will be ready by 6:00.
The main and most common mistake in making aspic: water refill NOT DO!
When the jelly is cooked, turn off the heat and allow to cool slightly. Then catch the skimmer all the meat. Disassemble the bones of legs and finely chop the pork and beef, re-stir that the resulting meat and lay out his tray in an even layer thickness of about 3 cm remaining broth thoroughly and carefully pour a thin stream into the tray, you can decorate the top of carrots cut flower or leaves greens, slices of boiled eggs. Next, wait until the jelly to cool and store in refrigerator. If cooked according to the rules, then after a few hours it will be hard.

Jelly - prescription sixth

You will need: pork or beef leg, carrots, onions, bay leaves, 3-4 cloves of garlic, a bag of spices for aspic and brawn.
Leg rinse, cover with cold water (1 kg of meat 1.5 liters of water) and simmer for 4-5 hours, periodically removing the foam. 1-1.5 hours before the end of cooking add the chopped carrot, chopped onion and bay leaf. At the end of cooking, remove the stem from broth, separate the meat from the bones and finely chop it on a cutting board and then put in the strained broth with seasoning. Bring to a boil, add the finely chopped garlic, stir, pour in bowls or cups and place in a cool place before freezing. You can also make jellied beef. To do this, strained broth with seasoning and finely chopped meat, add gelatin swollen (50 g gelatin in 1 liter of broth), previously dissolved in a little cold water. Ready to Serve jelly with horseradish and mustard, garnish it with fresh herbs!