City of Alexandrov, Russia

 Alexandrov, Golden Ring of Russia

The city of Alexandrov is located in the Vladimir region. You will definitely get here as part of the Golden Ring tour. Otherwise your route would be incomplete without visiting this charming provincial town with the oldest history. For a long time here in the Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda were engaged in blacksmith's craft. This is evidenced even by the coat of arms of the city, where an anvil is depicted.
Looking at the quiet charm of this corner, on its mesmerizing landscapes, it's hard to think that the fame of this place was brought by very tragic events. In the XVI century, Tsar Ivan the Terrible visited this place, and so chose this place, that he stayed here for 17 whole years. From here he committed his bloody campaigns to Klin, Torzhok, Tver and other cities. Here he killed his eldest son - Prince Ivan. During the residence of the royal family, Alexandrov became the center of culture and art. Here created great architects, musicians, artists. After the Tsar's departure to Moscow, life in Sloboda froze. Alexandrovskaya Sloboda for a long time turned into an ordinary royal village. Gradually, its buildings and fortifications began to decline. The fate of the daughter of Peter the Great, Elizabeth Petrovna, is closely connected with Alexandrovskaya Sloboda. In 1730, the princess was exiled to Sloboda, which she left, crowned in 1740 on the kingdom. In 1778, Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda received the status of a city. Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists come to see the rarest, perfectly preserved palace and temple ensemble of the Alexander Kremlin.

Aleksandrov - Interesting places

Nativity Cathedral

City of Alexandrov, RussiaThe whole appearance of this temple speaks of solemnity and greatness. It combines features of late classicism and Russian-Byzantine style. For many years the fate of the future Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, the daughter of Peter the Great, was connected with the temple. Until 1741, she often lived in the Alexander Sloboda.In April 1990, the church was returned to the faithful, since 1992 worship services have been performed.

Museum of Sisters of the Tsvetaevs

Admirers of the Russian literary school will gladly visit the Museum of Sisters Tsvetaeva. It was opened in 1991. There are seven permanent exhibition halls in the museum. The museum's funds currently comprise more than twenty-six thousand units of storage and have collections of materials of outstanding cultural figures whose work is directly connected with the Alexander Region. They are Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, Ariadne Efron, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and many others. It is known that Marina several times came to Alexandrov during the First World War to sister Anastasia, who lived here with her family.

Holy Trinity Convent, Alexandrov

Believer worshipers named after St. Seraphim of Sarov will be interested to visit the Holy Trinity Stefano-Mahrishche monastery. It was founded in the 1350s. In 1922 the monastery was closed. In 1993 the monastery was renewed as a monastery of the Assumption convent. In the monastery there is a myrrh-bearing icon of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov. The village of Mahra.

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

This temple can be seen in the village of Staraya Sloboda. The cathedral is interesting for its unusual architecture. The main building is crowned with five chapters. It is adjoined by a three-tier bell tower above the main volume. The belfry consists of three quaternaries of good proportions. The small bell tower on the low dome crowns the bell tower.
The blue color of the facades of the temple is in harmony with the bright blue and gold domes and the white delicate molding of cornices and platbands. The real shrine of the local church was the miraculous icon of Kazan Mother of God, which was brought here from the closed Simeonovsky Monastery. She was in the temple of the village of Staraya Sloboda until its closure in the 30s of the XX century.

Alexandrovsky Kremlin - the oldest pearl of the city of Alexandrov

Behind white walls and towers of a stone fence, in the central part of the city, the heads of ancient churches rise. These are the buildings of the Alexander Kremlin - the oldest pearl of the city. The Kremlin was built in the 16th century by the decree of Vasily III, the father of Ivan the Terrible. The architectural ensemble of the Sovereign of the court of Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda is a unique medieval palace complex. Created by Italian and Moscow craftsmen, it was Moscow's second largest after Moscow Kremlin in size, beauty and wealth. As in the old days, the Alexander Kremlin still impresses with its magnificence and mystery. The Kremlin complex includes several churches. The Trinity Cathedral (1513), a palace temple of the royal residence, is the most grandiose and magnificent structure of the Kremlin. Here Ivan IV the Terrible married his third wife Martha Sobakina and fifth wife Anna Vasilchikova. Outside and inside, the temple is decorated with white stone carvings. In the interior there is a fresco painting of the 16th century. Here are stored military trophies of Tsar Ivan IV - strict copper Tver gates (XIV century), brought from Tver and solemn Novgorod doors (1336). Also a very interesting crucifix church-bell tower (XVI century). It has the form of an octahedron and resembles a watch tower. The mighty, aspiring architecture of the bell tower puts the monument in a number of outstanding works of Russian medieval architecture. With her is connected the memory of the bloody punitive march of the terrible king to Veliky Novgorod. Pokrovskaya church (XVI-XVII centuries.) - the famous house church of Tsar Ivan. On the facets of his tent, there is a unique fresco painting that has no analogues, the customer of which was Ivan the Terrible himself.