VAZ 2111

VAZ 2111

In 1998, the "tenth" five-door station wagon family replenished VAZ-2111 - the country's first front wheel drive car with this type of vehicle. Against the background of "burly" sedan, the wagon looks even more elegant, especially if the roof rails for mounting the upper trunk. Rear seat can be folded in a ratio of 2:3, which allows both passengers and bulky or long loads. Capacity of the luggage compartment, respectively, increases from 490 to 1,420 liters. Thanks to front-wheel drive (low level boot floor) and rear doors, the lower edge of which comes to bumper, at the "eleventh" low loading height. With increased to 20 kg total weight, wagon ride, compared with the sedan, even increased, but valkost in turns was higher. Unfortunately, it was not developed yet and limited production four-wheel drive versions VAZ-21 116-04 (with the engine Opel) and 21113-04 / Lada 111 4WD (with the engine VAZ-2112) in which the manageability, as well as cross-country on bad roads all in order.

WHA 21 111 wagon (1999)

Universal released the following modifications, which differ mainly motors: basic VAZ-21 110 With the "standard", "normal" and "luxury" (similar to a sedan car VAZ-21 102) with a 1.5-liter 8-valve engine, "2111" and "top-end "VAZ-21 113 to trim the" norm "and" luxury "with 16-valve engine," 2112 "and front ventilated disc brakes (like the sedan VAZ-21 103). Their engines "2111" and "2112" were equipped with injection system and catalytic converter in the exhaust system (norms EURO II). In the markets of the distal regions of the country comes the version of VAZ-21 111 with a carburetor engine "2110" (the production collapsed in 2002). All-rounders are completed with the "short" primary pair (3.9 instead of 3.7 for VAZ-2110). Since autumn 2004, these versions instead began production of the 1.6-liter versions 21 112 (8 valves) and 21 114 (16 valves). The volume of the other innovations corresponds sedan 2110.

VAZ-2111 station wagon offers more opportunities for baggage than the sedan or hatchback, but it belongs to a group of city cars with "soft" suspension is not designed for operation with an overload, and (or) a regular ride on bad roads. But this car is more prestigious than the overtly "holiday" VAZ-2104, and after some tuning and may compete with inexpensive foreign cars with new (in the basic version, unfortunately, only with second-hand). The main problems of touring almost the same as that of the sedan ("heavy" steering, suspension with a small margin and assembly flaws).

VAZ 2111 sedan dashboard

VAZ 2111 sedan trunk

Additionally, you can mention except that leaky rear door and not lifting the rear suspension, significantly limiting the "cargo" appetites of the owner. However, it can be enhanced through the installation of shims in the spring, but this is further increase the already significant body valkost when cornering.

Possible Problems

Defects in the carburetor (on 21 111 version earlier releases).

Failures injection system (on the machines of the early issues). Unreliable toothed crankshaft pulley with a rubber damper (on the machines of the early issues).

Strong starting rocking the engine (until contact with the body). Leakage of fluid from the cooling system.

Often breaks tee in the cooling system.


Increased wear of clutch plates (after 20 thousand miles).

Loose nuts and bolts of the transmission, engine, body and chassis. Unreliable cable clutch and gear selection.


Insecure attachment bracket stabilizer front suspension. Small margin of safety (especially the rear) suspension.

Depreciation and sinking silentblock spring rear suspension. Backlash in the mechanism for adjusting the steering column.

Depreciation SHRUS compounds, and compounds bearing backlash thrust levers and suspension (after 1 sq km). The uneven effect of the brakes.

Fast tire wear (no more than 50 thousand km).

Electrical equipment:

Breakdown of the generator (on the machines of the early issues). Breakdowns starter due to a malfunction ignition. Bad electrical contacts engine. Unfortunate location for connector block under the foot driver. Failures indicators of diagnostic systems and service.

Failure of electronic circuit boards rear lights.


Weak factory sump. Unreliable climate control system.

A rough finish and large gaps in body panels and interior. The creaking of the plastic panels in the cabin.

Weak front pillars and the upper bearing. Speedometer readings underestimated. Sagging door openings. Seat cushions are pressed quickly.

From under the door seals obmyavshihsya the salon gets wet, and the thresholds themselves are rusting. Tears easily and flows of the liquid supply tube to the rear window washer. Breakdowns windows (electric, too) because of their razbaltyvaniya. Seals do not provide the tightness of the tailgate.

Short-lived stops the tailgate. Corrosion and damage to the lock the back door.

Leads wiper (windshield) turn away. Failures of Hydro-HA.

Country of Russia

Manufacturer of JSC "AvtoVAZ" (Togliatti)
The body carrying
Station wagon
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5
Drive type front, transverse in front of the engine
The design of front suspension racks McPherson, rear semi-independent trailing arm
Overall dimensions 4285h1680h1460
Wheelbase mm 2492
Ground clearance, mm 165 (130 with converter)
The amount of luggage, l 450 / 1420
Kerb weight, kg 1030
Transmission, 5-speed
Tires 175/70 R13

Chronology of production

1998 - Start of production of VAZ-2111
1999 - WHA-21 111 21 110 and WHA-
2000 - WHA-21 113
Fall 2004 and VAZ-21112 VAZ-21 114

Modification of the VAZ-21 110
Engine Type / number of valves BV / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1499
Power, HP 79
Maximum torque 118 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 170
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 13.8
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.3 hp / 8.8

Modification of the VAZ-21 111
Engine Type / number of valves BV / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1499
Power, HP 72
Maximum torque 106 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 162
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 14.0
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.6 hp / 9.0

Modification of the VAZ-21 113
Engine Type / number of valves BV / 4R / 16
Displacement, l 1499
Power, HP 92
Maximum torque 130 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 182
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with 12.5
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, 5.5 hp / 8.8

Modification of the VAZ-21112
Engine Type / number of valves BV / 4R / 8
Displacement, l 1596
Power, HP 80
Maximum torque 120 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 165
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with 13.5
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, l Wed 7.5

Modification of the VAZ-21 114
Engine Type / number of valves BV / 4R / 16
Displacement, l 1596
Power, HP 89
Maximum torque 131 N • m
Maximum speed, km / h 180
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 12.0
Consumption of fuels. 90 km / h / Hz, l Wed 7.5

* BV - gasoline, fuel injection, BWT - gasoline, fuel injection, turbocharging, BC - gasoline, carburetor, D -
diesel, DNV - diesel with direct injection, diesel fuel - diesel, turbo, DNVT - diesel with direct injection, turbocharging, RAP - Wankel rotary porshnevoydvigatel.
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