Diet for weight loss, buckwheat

Diet for weight loss, buckwheat

Diet with buckwheat

On this diet can be quite easy to lose 7.12 kg for a week or two.

Buckwheat gives satiety, while cleansing the body.
I lost weight for 7 days at 7 pounds, but my main pleasure, began rapidly to leave my volume, and most importantly I'm doing great and is easy to feel.
Thus, a diet to lose weight with buckwheat.

How to cook buckwheat:

Take the rate of buckwheat as during normal cooking, and fill with boiled water, put a push for the night, cook buckwheat is not necessary. You can eat buckwheat with kefir 1%.

The diet is designed for 1-2 weeks, then take a break At least for a month.

Posted 17/10/2002

Buckwheat should be consumed without salt and spices, can be filled with yogurt, if boring. I was never hungry on this diet. I turn it about 1 time per month. Buckwheat can be any number, but yogurt 1 packet per day 1% per day can be any number of simple or non-carbonated mineral water. Undesirable, but you can add 1-2 low-fat yogurt, fruit or a couple, do not eat 4-6 hours before bedtime if hungry for 30-60 minutes before going to sleep a maximum of 1 cup of yogurt, diluted in half. Guaranteed - 2 weeks dieting with buckwheat - you yourself do not know!
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