GAZ 71

GAZ 71

Riding in the snow and swamp floating crawler transporter with a gasoline engine, produced in 1967 was intended to transport people and goods in off-road, in the virgin and the northern areas, as well as to serve the various expeditions.
At present, removed from production.

Type of conveyor - Crawler
Weight of the conveyor in operation (with the dressing tool and accessories, without cargo, extra gasoline tank and the driver), kg - 3750 ± 2,5%

Number of seats:
in the cockpit - 2
on the platform - 10

Payload Platform (no passengers), kg - 1000

Overall dimensions, mm:
Length - 5365
width - 2582
height - 1740

Gauge (distance between the centers of caterpillars), mm - 2180
Base (distance between centers of extreme skating rinks), mm - 3630
Ground clearance, mm - 380
Height to center leading gear, mm - 620
The height from the axis of the towing device, mm - 620
Loading height in mm - 1130
Maximum speed, km / h - 50
Maximum speed on the water, km / h - 5-6

Type - Gasoline four-cycle carburetor
Number of cylinders - 8
Location of cylinders - V-shaped
Cylinder diameter, mm - 92
Stroke, mm - 80
Swept volume, n - 4.25
Compression ratio - 6.7
Maximum power (at 3200 r / min), kw - 84.6 (115 hp)
The highest torque (at 2000-2500 r / min), kGom - 29

Power transmission
Clutch - single-disc dry.
Transmission - mechanical, with four forward gears and one back, with synchromesh on the third and fourth gears.
Transfer Case - Two-shaft has two programs - lowering and raising (ratio 1.091: 1 and 0.7692: 1).
Driveline - Outdoor beztrubchaty gimbal on needle bearings.
Main channel - A pair of bevel gears with helical teeth, mounted in an aluminum casing (ratio 1.9: 1).
Friction clutches - Multi-disc dry with steel discs (CDs top 10, led by 9, compression springs 14). Disc, turn off slips with the cam ring.
Brakes - Belt type with hardened steel tape on a copper-asbestos cloth (width 120 mm, outer diameter of the drum 294 mm).
Final Drives - Single with cylindrical gears (ratio 4.22 final drive: 1.) The couplings and half-board transmission connected to the main transmission axes having gear couplings on the ends.
Propulsion & Suspension
Suspension of rollers and sloths - The Independent, torsion. Torsion bars left and right rollers are located on one axis and placed in a tube extending from bead to bead. The number of rollers 12 (6 on each side), 2 of them back function as sloths.
Torsion bars - Slotted Cylinder heads on the ends.
Dampers - Hydraulic, telescopic double-acting, front-mounted track rollers and idlers.
Road wheels - outer diameter of 700 mm, rim width of 85 mm.
Carrying idlers (rear roller) - Interchangeable with road wheels.
Track circuits - Melkozvenchatye (each chain consists of 83 links connected by steel fingers with a diameter 15.5 mm).
The drive wheels (sprockets) - Dual, mesh lantern, located in front of the case (number of teeth 12).
Snow tracks - Removable, mounted on a bracket between the first roller and an asterisk.
Housing, cabin, platform
Housing - Suspension, metal, welded.
Cab - metal, double, with two external doors and two hatches in the roof.
Platform - The metal is made integral with the body.
The towing device - Two hooks at the front and a towing device two-way behind.
Mechanisms of control
Turning control of the conveyor - Turn off the steering clutches and brake the driving wheels (carried out by two levers).
Retarder - Latches on control levers, locking levers in the braking position.
Switching gears - the rocker arm.
Switching the transfer case - the rocker arm.
Office of the clutch - pedal with a hydraulic drive (located under the driver's left foot).
Electric equipment
Rated voltage, V - 12.
Wiring system - Single-wire, negative pole is connected to the "mass".
Generator - DC-DC type G130-E1 (shielded, Shunt, 28 A).
Relay-regulator - Type DS-129.
Battery - Type 6-CT-68-EMR.
Ignition Coil - Type B5-A with an additional resistance, automatically turned off when starting the engine starter.
The ignition distributor - Type P105 with centrifugal and vacuum controls ignition timing and octane-corrector.
Starter - Type ST130-B remote switching.
Acoustic signal - Type C-300 Vibrating.
Wiper - electric with two brushes.
Petrol tank, l
The main petrol tanks (three) - 232.5
Spare tank (a) - 77.5
Cooling system (with the boiler heater) - 30
Crankcase - 9.5
Oil tank air filter - 0.55
Carter, Transmission - 3
Carter, the transfer case - 1.2
Carter, the main transmission - 3
Carters final drives (two) - 1.3 each
Hub rollers - 0.16 each
Hub rollers sloths - 0.25 each
Additional tank for oil - 7
Shock absorbers (four) - 0.375 each
Carter fan drive gearbox - 0.11
Hydraulic clutch actuator - 0.45 m
Drinking tank - 2