Russian cities: the beaches of Anapa

Russian cities: the beaches of Anapa

The beaches of Anapa

Anapa is famous for its beaches, and not only their quality but also a surprising variety of ... In contrast to other Black Sea cities are available immediately are two types of beaches - sand and shingle, while the city's neighbors can boast only one with something. Pride of Anapa - spit, such wealth is no longer anywhere in Europe! Tons of clean golden sand, warmed in the hot southern sun - this is one of the finest gems in the bank Anapa treasures. However, in Anapa there are pebbly and rocky beaches, with a total length of 12 kilometers ...

The sandy beaches of Anapa

The shallow sandy beach is loved by both adults and children who love to splash in the warm surf. The sand on the beaches of Anapa fine-grained, consisting of particles of quartz, feldspar and broken mollusk shells.
In the urban area of ​​Anapa distinguished medical center and beaches.
Therapeutic beach begins near the sea port of Anapa, immediately after the promenade. His medical "title" This beach was due to the fact that until recently it could go basically just having a rest in Anapa sanatorium. Now the entrance there is open to all.
Immediately after the treatment begins Anapa beach central beach, the entrance to which is located at the end of the street Greben. Decorated with white columns, the people he romantically called "Santa Barbara". The central beach is much wider than medical, it is a pier where pleasure crafts spa guests to go boating, as well as the beach resort town Dzhemete.
During the beach there are cabanas, rescue posts, beds with canopies, umbrellas, toilets and showers. For the "forgetful" people working directly on the beach luggage storage. Umbrellas to take with you is not necessary - there is a car rental locations throughout beach equipment.
For the city beach resorts begin beaches that stretch along Pioneer Avenue, which pass into the beaches of the village Vityazevo and then - in the shelly beaches villages of the Annunciation. Everywhere they started meters depth of 50-100 meters from the shore, which is very convenient for bathing children. It is interesting that the average temperature of seawater at Anapa shallow water as early as July of 270S - this is an average of 2-3 degrees higher than elsewhere in the Black Sea coast.
"Gold" beaches have brought the widest fame Anapa. Sandy beach, gently sloping into the sea leaving a broad belt, stretching from the city to Cape Horn at the Iron Taman. If you look from the heights, the band has the form of large beaches in an arc, which sometimes alternating convex and concave areas by the excitement of the sea.
Famous Peresyp Anapa - a large geological formation with a rich history. It consists of quartz sand with abundant admixture of fragments of mollusk shells. It extends about 45 kilometers. Most of it is in the Anapa district. Peresyp not the same everywhere, most commonly it is in the area Vityazevskogo estuary - almost two miles!

The curious fact
If all the sand beaches of Anapa sprinkle a layer of 1 cm on the surface, then covered with an area of ​​about 71 462 km2. Thus, the sand Anapa Siltings can easily cover the entire Krasnodar region!

Subsea trees from the sand - a feature sandbar. These trees are a kind of breakwaters, because, stumbled upon them, the waves reach the shore break and have a relatively quiescent state. The first of the shaft will meet you in 10-15 meters from shore. The depth of the sea above it was very small - just over half.
Anapa beaches have shallow underwater slope, being so full-profile. Translated from the "scientific" it indicates that the sandy shoal stretches from the coast at a great distance, and even swim 50 meters from the shore, you can suddenly find himself on a small shelf.

The curious fact
Only one kilometer beach sand volume transported by the wind is 40 railway wagons!

Anapa sands can be divided on the beach and dune area. The width of the beaches on average between 100 to 150 meters. Moving away from the sea, they gradually develop into dunes. Dune - this sand hills on the shores of seas, rivers or lakes. To receive the dune, and above it should be like "work" the wind moving the sand sometimes at quite a distance.
Three kilometers north of Anapa there are the first dunes on the average height of 8 to 15 meters. They are drawn to Bugaz estuary, which is near the village of the Annunciation.
The origin of Anapa rich sands must Kuban River, which in the first quarter of the 18th century fell into the Black Sea through Kiziltashsky estuary and coastal underwater currents and surf.

Pebbly beaches of Anapa

From city center to the side of Novorossiisk has already begun the Caucasus. Slight rise areas gradually developed into a rocky cliff above the sea, called anapchanami High Coast. At the same time with him and the band begins pebble beaches, which fell by 13 kilometers southeast of the city, separated from the strip of sandy beaches of Anapa sea port building. Down to the pebbly shallows, which is composed of pebbles Turned the sea, way down. Many of them "dive" down from a height of 20 meters or more. Recently, the city actively took up the expansion and improvement of the slopes. For bicycles and motor vehicles on the high banks made a special track.

The first sea port on the pebble beach is located in the Yacht Club of Anapa. Its convenient location, safely fled from the south and south-west winds, creating in this corner of peace and quiet, even on beaches in the vicinity of storm waves prevail. Resting on the shore, you can admire the snow-white sail boats gliding on the water surface - is not romantic? Clean Water in conjunction with the algae-covered stones creates a paradise for divers and lovers of photography - in fact underwater rocky coast of Anapa is very beautiful and varied. The relief of the coastal shelf is formed by a combination of sandstone with more loose rocks, which eventually created a layered structure of the seabed. It is especially noticeable in fine weather, when the clear sea water opens the eyes amazing picture overgrown with weeds underwater rocks.
The next in Little Bay, near the resorts "Rus" and "High Coast" is a small beach width of 30-50 meters and a length of about 400 meters. Pebbles are mostly imported, but it does not prevent him from using the highly popular among anapchan and resort guests. And so he is called - the beach, "Little Bay", rather landscaped, equipped with toilets, showers, cafes and beach equipment rentals and catamarans. Good beach holiday protect law enforcement officers. Little Bay Beach has recently been restored and strengthened through the federal program, it expanded and built on the slope a beautiful grand staircase. Nearby is the sports club of fans of surfing.
A curious fact:
So far, in the Little Bay are the remains of the ancient Greek amphorae and other artifacts.
For the Little Bay begins the so-called "wild beach". It is not too landscaped, but it does not prevent him from using people's love. The absence of something where showers and changing rooms compensates for the wild beauty of the rocky slopes. However, every year these places gradually equipped with outdoor cafes and rental, which allows us to rest on the lap of nature is quite comfortable.
Already go beyond the city limits, a narrow strip of pebble beaches stretches of wild, bordering the mountains, across the river to crack Varvarovskuyu Sukkah. In the area of ​​headlands and Little Big Utrish Utrish pebble beach areas have a width of 20 to 60 meters. In the areas of resort villages there are also organized quite decent infrastructure for recreation.
In short, the coastal beauty of Anapa has beaches for every taste. Do you want to, plunge into the tranquil dream, sitting in a lounge chair on the central beach, and you want to, merged itself with the health of Mother Nature on a wild rocky shore!
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