Suspended ceilings advantages

Suspended ceilings advantages

Advantages of false ceilings are undeniable. No wonder they are popular with consumers who have long been appreciated by all of their benefits. Suspended ceilings allow ceiling and decorate the old modules and hide under the boards cracked, stains and other defects.

Also, you will be able to hide under the panels wiring, ventilation ducts and significant elevation changes. Variety of colors, designs and materials used for ceilings, will give you an opportunity to make any even the most daring design decision in your home or office. You can opt for a mirrored ceiling, which looks spectacular in the bath or bedroom, or use a sports antiudarnym ceiling coating for the simulator room. The ceilings are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, where you can set not only a peer, but also multi-level ceiling. With the cardboard-gypsum structures, mineral glass and metal you will be able to do different arches, arches, domes and three-dimensional shapes.

In the offices of the companies where there are computers, printers, copiers, lighting and other electrical appliances and produces large quantities of heat are widely used suspended shelves with a cooling system. They do not help solve the problem of interpretation increases in air temperature, but also improve the overall health and increase the efficiency of staff. The presence of special acoustic liners can reduce indoor noise levels and create a comfortable environment. Aluminum ceilings thanks to good Fluorescence improve illumination in the room. Also in the ceiling, you can insert a variety of lighting fixtures. Plasterboard ceilings and modular ceilings have a fairly good fire resistance.

The ceilings are easy to care and maintenance. By setting his apartment ceiling suspended unit, you can not worry about what you will flood the neighbors. Since the metal panels, tapes and strips will have to just wash and cardboard-gypsum panels replace or putty. In this case, replacing the separate elements, you do not violate the integrity of the structure. Also removable modules will provide you with instant access to communication systems and wiring, which is hidden under the ceiling. Suspended ceilings can be installed in any season, and the installation process does not cause any trouble and dirt owners of premises.
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The use of false ceilings will allow:

Make it invisible, but accessible, and various engineering systems and communications - for example, ventilation and heating equipment, electrical and computer wiring.

Embed them in the modular lighting.
Set them in place and grilles on them heads of fire extinguishing systems.

Base level raised ceiling and, conversely, to create embossed ceiling with a flat base.

Look: a stretch ceiling you can not do anything in the fire. It does not save you, because it is thin, he just pulled to the surface. And in a false, you can easily accommodate special devices to respond quickly to emergencies. In case of fire from it will automatically pour souls, as soon as possible to extinguish the flames. Suspended ceilings - a necessary and beautiful thing, it will fit perfectly in any home decor, whether it be office or office interior, rooms receptions in large office buildings, conference and congress halls, industrial buildings of all kinds, sports halls and swimming pools and even an ordinary kitchen or bedroom.

It is known that the ceilings consist of ceiling tiles. They are made on the basis of natural raw materials, using the new technology, resulting in:

shape retention, even in very humid areas. The maximum deflection of only 2 mm at a temperature of 32 deg. C at a relative humidity of 90%

perfect light reflectance of 92%. The degree of reflection that fully complies with the requirements of modern high-lighting equipment

impressive acoustic suppression of sound to 39 dB, which is higher by 25% compared to conventional plates

they are harmless to the environment. We use only natural materials. No asbestos and formaldehyde.
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