Russian Hero IV Lebedev: How to develop strength

RECOMMENDATION I.V. Lebedeva ("Uncle Vanya")

(From the book "Strength Training", 1916)
Note: Almost all the information below (with rare exceptions), applies to this day, despite Huge path of science, passed during this time. / PS /

"My teacher, Dr. VF Krajewski, the assurances of many opponents of heavy weights, that" can be ruptured, "replied:" If you can lift a weight, then you do not nadorvetes, and if you can pick it up, it is also not nadorvetes because I did not pick up. "It was pretty clever, but not entirely true, since, doing heavy weights without knowledge of the basic laws of weightlifting, and can be ruptured, and destroying health. Meanwhile, the basic laws of the heavy (weight-lifting), lifting a very uncomplicated .
Here they are:
1. Do not lift weights abruptly (especially, do not release them sharply from the ground) and you do not nadorvetes;
2. Do not hold your breath while lifting weights (and up to her);
3. Do not strain your muscles for nothing other than those that perform the desired "work": for example, squeezing and pushing with two hands do not need to compress the neck rod firmly, with every movement with dumbbells voltage is only required for a raise, lower a weight should be the same quite easily without any exertion;
4. "Work" always smoothly, without sudden movements, even when pushed all the rates of movement should be smooth;
5. Do not get nervous or during the "work" or to start working, that is not afraid of the weights, Assure yourself that you have to raise a weight that you can not not pick it up.

If assimilated these rules, not the least harm from weightlifting you will not, and will doubtless great benefit: increased strength, muscle development and conscious of their strength. Everyone can become a factor of two or three more, and heavy weights - one of the most powerful ways to make a person stronger.

When doing weights must make a distinction between lifting and lifting a training record. In the quest for records to be very careful. Newcomers to the best in a year or two to drop any thought about records. Strengthen and harden your body workouts in multiple sports - the most diverse, and only then proceed to record training. If the "record is not", do not worry and do not give up on exercise: in essence, nothing in the world will not change what you do not raise 10 pounds more, and benefit from training still you will be big.

Concerning mode of life, "the human body does not suffer embarrassment, but every excess is harmful." As for food, we strongly advise you not to eat meat: it brings to your body food putrefaction and form uric acid, poison the body. The basic rule for a meal: chewing as slowly as possible. Drinking alcohol and smoking - do not advise it. Sleep - 7-8 hours. Dress is not wrapped up and not wearing warm clothes. Fresh air and water (showers or washing) - required for each person who wishes to be strong and healthy.

Here is a training scheme for the amateur, weightlifter, suggesting that he - is free all day.

Get up at 8 o'clock in the morning. Air bath 5 - 10 minutes.
The Free Movement - 5 minutes.
Dumbbells easy - 10 minutes.
Stretching the rubber - 10 minutes.
The Free Movement - 5 minutes.
Running (at least locally) - 3 - 5 minutes.
- Air bath (yet calm heart), shower (douche or sponging the whole body). Go to bed, closing with a warm blanket to sweat. Stand up and wipe with water at room temperature with a cologne or alcohol.
Eat 2 - 3 boiled eggs and drink 1 - 2 cups hot milk with sugar.
- Chew slowly, and drink milk in small sips, holding his mouth.
Dress and go for a walk. Walk quickly, but distinct, steady pace. Sometimes go into a run. Walk lasts 1 - 2 hours.
- After coming home loan if there is a ring or bars, gymnastics on them, and if not, Squeeze yourself in their chairs.
Every 1 - 2 days increase the number of repetitions.
Training with tires - 10 minutes. Jumping - 5 minutes. Air Bath - 3 minutes. Rubbing of the body.
- Two hours after breakfast - heavy weights workout, one day devote squeezing and pushing out the other - the expulsion and tearing, the third - one squeezing.
- By these movements necessarily every day to add: push-lying on the times, squatting on his toes with a barbell on your shoulders behind your head and pulling at the biceps. Then, holding a barbell grip bottom, bend and unbend his hands in the wrist joints.
- Training with weights is a very light weight; example, an athlete can squeeze two arms 72 kg - training must begin with 32 kg and finish with a weight of 56 kg.
- Ongoing training kettlebell - one hour.
Dumbbells - 15 minutes. Running - 5 - 10 minutes.
Rubbing of the body.
The walk.
- Do other sports: swimming, soccer, rowing, cycling, and winter - skates or skis. Lunch - a lot of fruit - raw and cooked. After 2 hours after dinner - training in the fight with a partner: first power, then - at the reception. Lasts 1 hour, with breaks. Then gymnastics for devices (simulators) or voluntary movement - 5 - 10 minutes. Rubbing the body cologne. The walk. Coming home - drink hot milk with sugar, but not dinner. In 12 hours - to sleep.

At the same time heavy weights do - three times a week every other day. The best kettlebell workout - split weight. If you can take boxing lessons, then enjoy a free day in boxing. One day a week - a complete break from any exercise, but studies in other sports in the open-excited spirit: football, etc. Needless to say, that among the athletes are very few lucky ones who have had the opportunity and leisure to devote your entire day training . But his spare time, on a smaller or larger size, every person in the morning, afternoon and evening.
- Make yourself at the above sample, a short circuit workout so it was no less diverse. Two years later, you will be strong and fully developed athlete and then you can start a special training. "