Diet for weight loss - "Stone Age Diet"

Diet for weight loss - "Stone Age Diet"
The diet of the Stone Age.

This diet is undermining the foundations upon which all modern dietetics, then there is a provision that calories must be considered. The diet of the Stone Age is the assertion that the loss of calories the body does not lead to permanent weight loss. To comply with this diet to eat more natural, natural products and less fats and sugars. Many manufacturers of finished products claim that their products contain essential nutrients, but in fact you should avoid all processed foods, because all the natural vitamins and minerals in them may be lost. Sometimes manufacturers add artificial vitamins and minerals in their products, but this is not the same! Stone Age diet rule the sugar in its pure form, vegetable fats and simple carbohydrates contained in foods such as white bread and most breakfast cereals are ready. The diet is based on the consumption of large amounts of fiber, only this time the emphasis is done on healthy eating, and not just for losing weight. Recommended unpeeled fruits, vegetables, grains, green vegetables, legumes, herbs and roots. Nutrition is designed so that you gradually lose weight without losing energy.

A typical menu for a day

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins in water and adding concentrated apple juice.

Lunch: Thick vegetable soup and a bagel from a "rough" flour.

Dinner: Vegetable curry of potatoes, pumpkin and carrot with unpolished rice.


- This diet does not deprive a person of the products he needs for energy.

- At present, scientists recommend eating more protein and less fat and sugar, which carries out this diet.

- Do not waste time counting calories.

- Diet is flexible enough

- Diet allows extended compliance and provides a good weight loss.


- As processed foods and ready meals are not allowed, almost all have to buy raw, and then prepare yourself, that is time-consuming.

- You have to put to rest long-term eating habits and taste exotic foods such as tofu, beans sprouts, leguminous and cereal crops.
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