Suspended ceiling Grilyato

Suspended ceiling Grilyato

Suspended ceiling Grilyato

Ceiling Grilyato - modern and stylish

Ceiling lattice Grilyato opens a new perspective on the architecture of suspended ceilings. Due to its geometric structure and the variety of colors, ceiling Grilyato provides a variety of options design space.

Has excellent resistance to atmospheric influences, good corrosion resistance, light resistance and durability of decorative coatings.

Ceiling Grilyato convenient and easy to install, durable and waterproof, as made of aluminum.
The design of the ceiling allows Grilyato

Grilyato ceiling. The ceiling of the lattice to hide the communications, but provide a quick access to space for potolkom.Umenshit volume of the room, hide all the engineering and technological wiring in the ceiling void

Unimpeded access to the plenums (lattice easily removed) to serve the engineering systems in the operational phase

Reduce noise in the room. Effective sound absorption or thermal insulation is obtained by mounting plates from mineral glass with podstavochnye film, based on the lattice

Multivariate solve the lighting system. The room where the ceiling is used Grilyato can illuminate not only in modular fixtures 600x600 or independent lamps, embedded in the cell of the lattice, but also the fixtures installed in the ceiling space, which makes it possible to get interesting visual effects of light and shadow.

Grilyato ceilings - it's an unusual design decision ceiling. Its characteristics ceiling simultaneously satisfies many requirements: high fire, improved ventilation plenums, high resistance to wet and corrosive environments, the possibility of easy removal.
Scope of application knows no bounds:

Suspended ceiling GrilyatoTorgovye Malls

The corridors and halls

Airports and railway stations

Waiting rooms and offices

Cafes, restaurants, bars

Suspended ceilings Grilyato (honeycomb lattice or ceilings) shall consist of arrays collected from the U-shaped profiles ("papa" and "mother"). Gratings are mounted on the bearing rails 600 mm (bearing C60), 1200 mm (bearing S120) and 1800 mm (bearing C180).

The bearing guides C180 attached to each other by means of the connecting element. Mounted system has the effect of continuous open surface with a square mesh.

Luminaires for ceiling Grilyato

Cells can be of different sizes: 40x40 mm, 50x50 mm, 60x60 mm, mm 75h75, 86h86 mm, 100x100 mm, 120x120 mm, 150x150 mm, 200x200 mm.

The height of a U-shaped profile can be 2 major standards: 40 or 50mm.

The plates are made of aluminum strips with thickness up to 0.5 mm in different kinds of decorative coatings, performed at the factory method of baking. The coating thickness of 20 ± 4 mm.

Color: white, metallic, chrome, gold, superhrom, superzoloto.

Weight ceiling 6.0 ... 2.0 kg / m depending on the cell size and height of the profile.
Suspended ceiling Grilyato: installation